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08 Jun
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Châteauroux I | 2017 KBDB-RFCB 26771





Oedelem: To have a look at the fastest Chateauroux racer we had to drive to Oedelem, to the Sijselestraat n°90 at Paul and Nancy Bellaert. Their hen ‘Angel’ showed no mercy with her competitors and made that her boss is now part of the history books in pigeon sport. ‘A dream coming true’, starts Paul off telling his story, ‘you have to know that I’ve been working at my son’s house for more than 7 months now’. I’m a ‘handy-man’ as they say and the down part of this is that they can use you for everything. Mason, carpentry, floors,…just name it…almost every free minute I’m spending on the new building of my son. I already told my wife that I didn’t have to expect much of our pigeons this year as I couldn’t give them any punctuality. And look…on the first national race that ‘Angel’ went to, she wins the 1st national !


Let’s talk a bit about this national winner “Angel” (B16-3137219). “Angel” is a marvellous hen, almost perfect by hand, not too big and an unseen character head. What made her to give everything is something Paul will never know for sure although he has his presumption. ‘My hens were being coupled around Saint-Nicholas, just as every other year. Due to lack of time I let them pair freely which doesn’t go very easy all the time. This is how ‘Angel’ didn’t want to pair up at all…she was just sitting there watching the others. When the other hens were already breeding, I took her out of the loft and placed her alone with a random cock on a separate loft. The right decision as it was love at first sight and I must admit that she still is very much in love with her cock. Probably she got her motivation out of this.


I started off with 12 hens but one got lost very quickly. These 11 hens are on a loft with boxes, but these boxes are made that they only have 10cm free sitting space. So they can never be in one box together. At the bottom of the loft I didn’t foresee something special so they can pair up on the floor. When they do this I lock up one of the hens in her box. 

In a matter of motivation the hens can see their partner for about 15 minutes before basketing and after the race they can cuddle until the day after.

The hens train once a day…but not a lot. They leave for about 10 minutes but once they’re back, they can’t wait to go inside again.

Our food is from Matador. The combination ‘Start’ + ‘Race’ and the feeding up with ‘Long Distance’ seems ideal to me. I used to feed them up with ‘Turbo’ but personally I believe the mixture is to ‘energy rich’ and that’s why I changed onto the ‘Long Distance’ mixture.
Side products are amongst other from vet Schroeder while I also make use of Belgasol and Probac 1000.

Veterinary Pascal Lannoo has been consulted twice this season and I had to give them already twice Soludox in their drinking water. The last time was about 2 weeks ago.

The bases of my hens are from Luc Van Hoecke (Oedelem). I also have a great breeder from Vandenabeele. He is a son of a brother Bliksem. Recently I got some pigeons from  Noël Peiren (Zedelgem – daughter 1st Internat. Soustons) – Hugo Vlaeminck (Ruppelmonde – strain “Ronaldo”) and Gino Clicque (Wevelgem). My national winner is born out of two original Clique pigeons.

Paul and Nancy… a big congratulations from the entire Herbots team with your 1st national victory…who knows what’s next !


Stefan Mertens

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