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Cahors | 2017 CC 5740



Mol: Cahors is one of the long distance classics that every long distance racer wants to highlight on his palmaris. Cahors is statement, a classic and will never be won by a ‘pancake’. On Cahors, the class of the pigeon will always show. Despite the fact that the pigeons were released on shorter distances and got higher speed levels, the 5,740 Cahors racers had to take a rougher trail. Especially the first 200km there was a strong head wind, afterwards the Cahors racers felt a Western wind and from Paris on there was a strong South-West wind waiting in their advantage. These different wind directions made that only 4 pigeons managed to exceed the 1,200m/m. Again…Cahors doesn’t know any mercy !

The grand winner on one of the longest distances of the country (795km) was “Den Theo” (B15-6090155) of the combination Faes-Wils from Mol. “Den Theo” got a speed of 1,252.12 m/m and left the pigeons from the Desbuquois Brothers (Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos – 1,230.60 m/m) and Delrue Patrick (Fize-Fontaine – 1,230.09 m/m) behind.

Combination Faes-Wils exist out of Ronny and Henri Faes, Albert Wils and Jef Scheveneels. A quartet that is being advised by Ulrich Lemmens and all these advices resulted in big successes as in the last 2 seasons no less than 6 provincial victories could be pinned onto the score board.

The strong bases of this colony is formed with pigeons from Ronny Faes, Ulrich Lemmens and Ivo Renders.


The season of 2017 was started off with a group of 40 couples which are being raced on total widowhood. Half of January they could raise a small nest and once they were separated the widowhood was a fact, no more second coupling.

In a matter of nutrition they have all their faith in the Galaxy mixtures of Beyers. At home coming the “Recuperation mix” from Jaap Koehoorn will be added in the drinking pot and they get the products of the range of HERBOVET (Raf Herbots) aside that.  The medicine cupboard remains closed. The believe in natural products is this big that they don’t need any antibiotics to get and to keep the good form on the lofts.

Before basketing, the cocks and hens will never see each other, but after a race they can cuddle until the next day.


If we have a closer look at the pedigree of the national Cahors winner, it strokes us immediately that his father is “Ivo” (B11-6171674) from Ivo Renders (Geel).

“Den Ivo” is already father/grandfather of next racers:

1             National Cahors ’17                       5,740b.
1             Momignies                                       259b.
7             Provincial Narbonne
12          National (z) Chateauroux              6,027b.
12          Momignies                                       1,836b.
12          Soissons                                            919b.
16          Provincial Agen
47          National Argenton                         27,267b.
57          Provincial Blois ‘16         
60          National Montélimar                     3,624b.
78          International Narbonne
118        National Chateauroux                   18,604b.

6th Ace bird Long Distance Molse Fondclub ‘15

Something we know for sure…we haven’t seen the last of this combination yet as the motivation of these guys has to give without a doubt top results on provincial and national level.

A well-meant congratulations from the entire Herbots team and onto the next successes ! 

"DEN THEO" B15-6090155: 1st NATIONAL CAHORS 5,740b. 

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