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14 Jun
17 Jun 07:00
Brive | 2017 BV-EB 9.123


Knesselare: Brive national has his winners…winners of a severe race…warm and North-East wind…only the lofts that have their pigeons in top condition are able to compete in these weather circumstances. In this kind of weather, pure class will show without a doubt. A loft that has class and where the pigeons are in top shape is without a doubt the champion loft of Team De Jaeger Freddy. On National Bourges they started off with the 2nd national against 20,701 year birds but now on Brive they hit the rose: 1st National against 9,123 pigeons !

Winner on duty was the proven racer “Mariano” B15-4014080. This marvellous blue cock is a crack who managed to gather many top results :

               1             National Brive                                 9,123b.
               3             National Chateauroux                  29,591b.
               85          National Chateauroux                  9,540b.
               113        National Argenton                         18,363b.
               167        National Limoges                           6,946b.

On Brive they clocked at 16h44m38s for a distance of 657km, good for an average speed 1,115.87 m/m. They beat the pigeons of De Vos Nicky (Asper – 1,148.62 m/m) and Vincke-Dobbelaere (Beernem – 1,147.64 m/m).


The ‘Trinity’ from Knesselare is without any doubt part of the top of Belgian Pigeon sport. Their current list of honour is one on a very high level with as highlights: 

1st General Champion Entente Belge 2015 and 2016
1st National ace bird Great Middle Distance KBDB 2014 with “Carla”
1st National ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2015 with “Warrior”
2st National ace bird Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2015 with “Fury”
1st National Brive 9,123 old birds
and so on….

How did this team come together? Well, Freddy had proven more than once in the past that he had the right feel for pigeon sport and had more than one title or victory. But he was looking for something more and was prepared making an extra investment for this. He had some difficulties due to some health problems in taking care of the entire platoon by himself and that’s why he was looking out for some reinforcement in the form of a team that could help him out with his pigeons.

He looked and found Frank Morren and Marijn Laureyns…this is how ‘Team De Jaeger’ arose. Freddy supervises, coaches, steers and especially enjoying the results. He is a person that can delegate and give trust and gave this to his companions Frank and Marijn. Frank makes sure everything on the administrative side is running perfectly and helps out if necessary in taking care of the pigeons. He also represents his team on several events and celebrations. He makes sure they’re ‘visible’ enough and is therefore the contact point for many within this threesome.

Marijn is, since a few years now, the full time caregiver of the colony. With Marijn, Freddy made sure he had someone on a high level to take care of his birds. Marijn is a guy of deeds, not of words. A lot of experience, a lot of top results on his own loft and most of all a winners mentality. Knowledge and experience and a lot of mordant united in one person and with result.  Marijn is at his best in the lee and does things in a determined way and with a clear view for the perfect caring of the racing team.

The base of this success colony goes back to the old strain of Freddy De Jaeger which already had amazing results. This strain was being accomplished with pigeons from late Roger Florizoone, the top purchase of champion “De Tulle” ( Hofflack - Fr), Marc & Geert Pollin, Jos Thoné, Marcel Aelbrecht, pigeons from Marijn, Filip and Nicolas Norman, Chris Hebberecht, Etienne Meirlaen and not to forget the superb bloodlines of the colony of Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem where the successful breeding line of the “Tsunami” is inherited of.


Secrets don’t exist according to Freddy, you have good pigeons, you make them healthy, you test them and you select very hard. For the season of 2017 they have a team of 60 old widow cocks, 60 widow year pigeons and about 40 racing hens.

The difference can be made with a true good fancier as Marijn …one that has that bit sharper observation, motivation, guidance that others don’t have and then you become a champion !

On the medical side they have veterinary Wim Boddaert that comes for a weekly (preventive) check – up. They discuss further medical guidance with him.

The feeding is also something they take good care off. The used fodders are mainly Versele-Laga and Matador but within this range they variate very strong according to the needs of the pigeons. They feed rather lightly and the last 5 feedings they make the food heavier.

The caring is correct, need and especially base on a very strong observation of the pigeons in group and individually. Marijn tries to ‘read’ the teams and pigeons individually and gets the best out of them doing this.

It is always a pleasure in meeting these champions…their first national victory is a fact, but we are convinced many more will follow. The entire Herbots team wishes this them by heart. 

"MARIANO" B15-4014080

1st NATIONAL BRIVE 9,123b.
113th NATIONAL ARGENTON 18,363b.
167th NATIONAL LIMOGES 6,946b.

Stefan Mertens

Number of pigeons


Local Oude/Vieux Jaar./Year. Jong./Jeunes Tota(al)  
Vlaams Brabant          
GOOIK 92     92  
BEERSEL 79     79  
KAP,O/D BOS 76     76  
HERENT 225     225  
TIENEN 270     270  
TESTELT 88     88  
BEGIJNENDIJK 19     19  
  849 0 0 849  
Brabant Wallon          
MONT-ST-GUIBERT 22     22  
NIVELLES 88     88  
RAMILIES 252     252  
WAVRE 42     42  
  404 0 0 404  
WIJNEGEM 59     59  
BEVEL 48     48  
STABROEK 40     40  
OUD-TURNHOUT 58     58  
HERENTALS 69     69  
RETIE 53     53  
HOUTVENNE 55     55  
MOL 88     88  
BEERSE 24     24  
SINT-JOB-IN-'T GOOR 146     146  
MECHELEN 73     73  
SCHILDE 78     78  
  791 0 0 791  
Local Oude/Vieux Jaar./Year. Jong./Jeunes Tota(al)  
STEENBRUGGE 208     208  
AVELGEM 67     67  
ROESELARE 146     146  
GISTEL 153     153  
KORTRIJK 175     175  
REKKEM 236     236  
VLAMERTINGE 290     290  
WAREGEM 151     151  
KORTEMARK 359     359  
RUISELEDE 126     126  
IEPER 175     175  
  2086 0 0 2086  
AALST 167     167  
DENDERMONDE 68     68  
NINOVE 186     186  
LOKEREN 189     189  
SINT-GILLIS-WAAS 105     105  
ZOTTEGEM 209     209  
EEKLO 388     388  
MOERBEKE 276     276  
GENT 107     107  
RONSE 182     182  
  1877 0 0 1877  
MAASEIK 113     113  
ST TRUIDEN 144     144  
TONGEREN 236     236  
ZONHOVEN 138     138  
LANAKEN 99     99  
  904 0 0 904  
Local Oude/Vieux Jaar./Year. Jong./Jeunes Tota(al)  
LESSINES 213     213  
SOIGNIES 105     105  
ATH 195     195  
ESTINNES-AU-VAL 320     320  
TOURNAI 215     215  
LEUZE-EN-HAINAUT 138     138  
PONT-A-CELLES 166     166  
FROIDCHAPELLE 107     107  
MARBAIX-LA-TOUR 38     38  
GIVRY 90     90  
  1587 0 0 1587  
COUVIN 64     64  
FORVILLE 71     71  
FALISOLLE 53     53  
  255 0 0 255  
LIEGE 39     39  
VISE 55     55  
HERVE 205     205  
HANEFFE 49     49  
  348 0 0 348  
ARLON 22     22  
  22 0 0 22  
TOTAL 9123 0 0 9123  


Below you can find the results

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