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24 Aug
26 Aug 10:00
Argenton III | 2017 OVV 21884


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National Argenton with the young pigeons, a classic in Belgium. Again no less than 21,915 young pigeons were at the start of the race, we had to wait until 10 o’clock until the fog disappeared in Argenton and the pigeons could start their race. It became a hard race nevertheless the first pigeons got a nice average speed of 1,355 m/m. The winner is tandem Jean Marc Thibaut and Sophie Boons from the Wallon part of Belgium, Sombreffe. The winning pigeon is a young blue hen 1143246/2017 which was clocked at 16h03. Only 4 minutes later they clocked a second youngster which was good for the 3rd national. These are also the 1st and 3rd fastest pigeons against 25,927 pigeons in total. It is a dream that again comes true for this top colony who already had national ace birds on the short middle distance as Olympiad pigeons.

Argenton I.Prov 1,650 youngsters : 1,2,31,41,80,84,94,129,138,160,… 17/25
Chateauroux I.Prov 1,218 youngsters : 14,22,26,31,37,72,73,74,101,… 14/18
Bourges I.Prov 3,252 youngsters :
2,3,12,22,87,146,267,298,… 13/24

1143246/2017 Blue Hen
1st NAT ARGENTON 21,915 youngsters
Fastest of 25,927 pigeons

Father 8021509/2013 Blue
Original Etienne De Rauw

Gr.F. 4210639/2010 Blue Lowieken
      Won 20 Nat (z) Limoges 3,986b, 41 La Chatre 1,151b, 114 Nat Limoges 14,271b,
      116 Nat (z) Brive 3,271b,125 Son Mona Lisa x “310/09” Lisa
Gr.M. 4101506/2011 Blue Mannequin
      Daughter of “644/05” Raf x “712/08” Iris

Mother 3025050/2015 Blue
Original Gaby Vandenabeele

Gr.F. 3067001/2014 Flash Bliksem
      Son of “387/09” New Freddy – 1 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB x “013/06” Daughter Bliksem
Gr.M. 1274335/2012 Amalia
      Daughter of “303/07” Son Leo x “215/00” daughter Olympia 44 – 1st Olympiad bird

1143267/2017 Blue Hen
3 NAT ARGENTON 21,915 youngsters
3rd Fastest of 25,927 pigeons

Father 3141606/2016 Grandson Super Romeo
Original Gaby Vandenabeele

Gr.F. 3067004/2014 King of Aces
      Son of “052/12” Super Romeo 1 Nat Ace bird LD year birds KBDB 2013 x “333/10”
         Amalia 1 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 2011
Gr.M. 4245885/2011 Bibi
      6 Nat Ace bird national races Vanrobaeys
      23 Nat Chateauroux 15,902b – 45 Nat Bourges 16,859b
      Daughter of “571/08” Witpen Gaby x “703/09” Daughter Liesken

Mother 8006196/2011 ½ sister Niko
“Niko” won 1 Nat Ace bird SMD KBDB 2014 – 4 Nat Ace bird SMD KBDB 2013
Olympiad pigeon Cat. B Budapest 2015

Gr.F. 8005774/2009 Lewis
      Super breeder
      Inbred to super breeder “754/01”
      Son of “754/01” Old Pros Roosen x “185/02” Mother Kimi 1 Nat Ace bird Middle Distance
Gr.M. 5020438/2010 Audrey Pros Roosen
      Daughter of “502/08” Son Flits x “595/08” daughter Freddy

System youngsters

The young pigeons raced 6 short distance races as preparing flights (until 170km). Afterwards they only race one middle distance race and this was 2 weeks before Bourges I. Jean Marc thought it was ideal as he now had the time to rest the youngsters a bit before the national races would start off and let them race a short distance race before Bourges. This is good for the confidence and it’ll become hard enough afterwards. And he was right as in the preparing races they mostly had tail wind but as from the nationals it was totally different. After the short distance race the week before Bourges I, the sexes were being separated and were played on sliding doors. This might have been very late but this way I had a lot of couples.

So the pigeons raced Bourges I and Chateauroux. This was heavy duty for every youngsters and that’s why I decided to give them a short distance race of 170km in recuperation on their way for Argenton.

They trained daily twice and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays they were taken away if possible to 40km. They could stay together then for about an hour.

At basketing they come together for two to three hours and the motivation boxes are being put open and nest dishes are being placed on the lofts. But according to me it is even better to leave them even longer together so they could stay together for at least 4 hours before Argenton.


I use Versele-Laga mixtures. The Champion Plus mixtures mixed together with the Black label mixtures are super for me. I also like the Aveve mixtures which I mix amongst each other as there is no grain present and it takes care of some variation.

Next to this I always give a yellow drop against tricho before basketing and I used this year ‘Clina-gel’ to keep the eyes optimal. I didn’t know any problems by doing this but I did put time in it to keep it away, in which I succeeded.

Congratulations with this amazing result from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

1143246/2017 Blue Hen

Clocked time : 16:03:46
Distance : 492,944km
Average speed : 1355,11 m/min

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1143267/2017 Blue Hen

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