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24 Aug
26 Aug 10:00
Argenton III | 2017 OVV 3976
Old & Yearling


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Deneys Demitri (Liedekerke) : ‘Maria’ wins national Argenton old and yearlings.

The last national race for both young pigeons as for the old pigeons are known as difficult races. For the youngsters it is just a matter of experience, condition and getting out of the pack. For the old ones it is a matter of still being motivated and having enough feathers to get to these results.

Argenton of last Saturday announced itself as an honest but no obvious race. There was almost no wind, the temperature in France arose quickly and by the though morning fog the pigeons could be released rather late. So, the winners were to be die hard pigeons.

The first once were relatively well spread over the width of the country and it seemed that the centre or the middle line, was the best location. For top pigeons the location is mostly good.

Also in Liedekerke at Dimtri Deneys and his father Ivan. This father-son tandem have been top already for several years now on the short distance and middle distance. Father Ivan (55 year) and son Dimitri (29 years) are a golden duo. On nice, well cared for lofts near the house of Ivan, they’ve built in the past a strong base of racers. On this space the plans are now being made that Dimitri will built a house and settle definitive on this location.

‘Maria’ (BE16-2126258) is a real top hen

They had high expectations for the race out of Argenton. It was written in the stars that they had a lot of change being at the head of the race. The past weeks (in fact already the entire season), the pigeons were in real good shape and especially yearling hen ‘Maria’ was ready for it.

At 16h26 she came in as a rocket, but … a neighbour just let out his pigeons and she went along with them for about two minutes before she came down. With a speed of 1,316.77 m/m she still had time left to win the national victory with the old and yearling pigeons (these are being assembled nationally).

She was 3rd basketed of 6 hens which won locally 1st,6th,13th,16th,29th and 30th against 147 pigeons (5/6).  National she is the fastest of 4,012 pigeons.

‘Maria’ is a nice blue hen who was motivated extremely on her nestposition with a youngster of 10 days old). During the taking of the pictures she was eager to get loose again to get on to her nest.  

She isn’t a one off luck. She didn’t miss this season once as from the first race on Quièvrain onto Argenton. Two weeks ago she won on the national race out of Chateauroux the 58th national, next to other head prizes. You can have a look at all her results underneath.

Her father is ‘Flying Bullet’ (Roelandt-Mille) with blood of the ‘Jonge Schicht’ from Reynaert. The mother is a hen from Hanssen from Holland with blood from Lamers, Meulemans, Vandenabeele.

Her half-brother became 6th national ace bird short middle distance and 1st provincial ace bird Vlaams-Brabant in 2013.

Her other half-brother was the 11th national ace bird and 2nd provincial ace bird in 2014.

They started of the season with 2 old and 4 year bird hens. They could breed 5 days and were raced on the widowhood afterwards. They could come onto a nest and were basketed with a youngster of 10 days on Argenton with an amazing result.

The first three days in the week they get super diet, and afterwards sports mixture, both at homecoming as at basketing they get electrolytes in the water. Twice a week they get their own tea mixture in the water. Nothing much else aside a correct and punctual caring and a good observation in behaviour.

Dimtri and Ivan have been present for a few years now on the middle distance and short distance races. The last years they got reinforcement and crossed them in to be able to race head prizes on the greater middle distance…and this with result.

‘Maria’ isn’t the only one that was to be found very accurate at the head of the race. They normally also got the 19th national ace bird KBDB GMD year birds with another hen. The quality of the pigeons extends also very quickly broadwise.  

Driven, motivated, goal oriented are the words that will take them to the top again.

Meanwhile they can enjoy the national victory from ‘Maria’ !

Congratulations from the entire Herbots team!

Geert Dhaenens


2126258/2016 MARIA Blue Hen

Clocked time : 16:28:49
Distance : 511,824km
Average Speed : 1316,36 m/min

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Geert Dhaenens

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