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Jos and Jules Engels, Putte World fame for an extra-ordinary pigeon strain Part 1: The legacy of Flor Engels

Flor – in fact Florimond – Engels started off his career as a fan of his older brother Jef who raced the pigeons in a descent way; especially on Quiévrain and Noyon. Flor was the youngest of the big Engels family, born in 1909. It was only after the second world war (1947) that Flor started racing on his own. So you could call it, ‘a late calling’, but one with an amazing start.

Combination Lokhorst, Doornspijk, and their 'Magic' pigeons!

Father-son combinations are often successful, the past has already proven that more than once. The father-son combination at the Lokhorst family is no different. Father Wijnand (56y) and son Robert (27y) are a well-oiled machine where the ambition, enthusiasm and ‘being a real pigeon fancier’ is equally present with Robert as with Wijnand, Robert just goes that little bit further if you would ask my opinion.