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Ulrich Lemmens, Balen, his vision – Part I

Ulrich Lemmens, to pigeon fanciers standards, he’s still very young, but in the meantime he did became an old-timer in this business along the way. He just doesn’t keep himself busy with his own loft, also the lofts of Faes-Wils, Ivo Renders, the brand-new ‘UKF-Youth-team’, … are under his wings. He travels around the world to give lectures and to promote the pigeon sport, is busy with a huge building project and besides all of this he found the time to get married to his beloved Eef in 2016. Luckily he is still very young and able to manage all of this ! Nevertheless it was about time to have a chat with this guy and to put some opinions, considerations and feelings in writing….