Specialist on the Rhône races, Barcelona and Perpignan
- for those that prefer the hard work !!!!

(Total Auction on Saturday February 13th + Sunday February 14th 2016)


Those fanciers that follow the results of the LD-races, especially the races like Montelimar, Orange, Marseille, but also the heavy LD-races like Perpignan, Narbonne and Barcelona, surely know the name Vanlaer-Vandingen.  They never looked for publicity but they always prefer to enjoy the arrival of their “Iron racers”.

They breed towards the “smaller type” with very soft feathers, very well closed and they also like eyes full of fire.  Their birds also need to be able to spend some time in the basket and afterwards they have to be able to “work”.

When most fanciers thought that the birds wouldn’t be able to arrive home the day of release, they usually clocked in Geetbets.  A race with wind ahead, at a speed of about 1.000 m/m, it’s only for the very best, the strongest, the true LD-racers.  Well, that’s what we find here ! 


The tandem

Rita Vanlaer - Raymond Vandingen… but also their son Karl …. They all grew up with the pigeon sport. Being a retired official of B Post (2011), Raymond always dreamed about his free time but “respiration problems” decided otherwise.  Many visits to different specialists, didn’t solve the problem.  And he knew it himself, when he spend one hour on the loft, he had problems afterwards. In spring 2015, he already knew enough.  He kept on looking for solutions but there were none.  The verdict “to continue without pigeons” was the only solution… His son Karl will continue on his own loft in Nieuwerkerken, all though he doesn’t have enough free time to everything as it should be done.

The present pigeons have been severely selected at the end of 2015 and reduced till about 66 % of the complete colony. If you can be present on these two auction days; part 1 in St.Truiden and part 2 in Forville, you’ll se for yourself that these are birds of great class ! Selected by the basket and based on quality pigeons!


The base of these top pigeons. 

The Saffier 3010627-95, a direct Robert Venus, .. inbreed to the world famous Supercrack, Crusson (421-68) (Saffier was breed out of grandson x granddaughter Supercrack)

This exceptional cock; the Supercrack, won in his career 3 x 1 National ! : 1 Nat St.Vincent’72 - 1 Nat Barcelona’74 - 1 Nat Narbonne’74 ….  Exceptional!  But also the descendants  of the  Saffier produced many top pigeons.

One of the most important sons was probably the “Spirit 2373608-98,” which won 50 Nat Barcelona - 199 I.Nat Barcelona.  A ½ brother of him (also a son of the Saffier won 7 Nat Barcelona )

The Spirit became a true crack on the breeding loft; his children won 3 x top 100 national on the long distance.

89 Nat Agen

96 Nat Orange

96 Nat Narbonne 

Mother of the Spirit was the 2278139-97, “’t Schoontje”, which is also mother of 13 Nat Souillac, 50 Nat Barcelona 

She was daughter of Sacramento II, also of the loft Robert Venus x 277-93, M Monette. (Marcel Monette owns a top colony, specialised on Barcelona with at the base, among others, the strain of the Kleine Brinkman (Buellens & Son, Heverlee) as well as the old base Thomas Peeters As ….

That’s the reason why, we often find the strain of the Spirit throughout this auction.


Herman BRINKMAN, Tuk

In 2002, by a colleague of his work, Karl got the 2343686-00, a late youngster of 2002 with an old ring, a Buellens and Son, Heverlee, out of the strain of the Kleine Brinkman (27, 93, 111 Nat Barcelona).  He became father of several top racers among which 43 nat. Montélimar, 57 nat. Agen, 189 nat. Tulle and 3 x top 300 nat. Barcelona. … By this reinforcement and the successes, Karl contacted Herman Brinkman and as well eggs as late youngsters out of the top of this colony, moved to Geetbets…

In those days, the base of the Brinkman loft were the pure VANDER WEGEN pigeons by Eijerkamp and later on, also the Golden Breeder of Vertelman, would become very important (hereby the red colour of the Jantje Theelen birds).

Among these Brinkman birds, we find the Golden Breeder (bought as an egg) 5193364-08 Golden Breeder II. 

He became a true super breeder and father of the Rode St.Vincent, (1) - the Orange (2) - Goldie 733 (3) - Goldie 913 (4) - Vale Bordeaux (5) -  Goldie 670 (12) - Goldie (712 (13) - Goldie 713 (14)  Goldie 385 (56) - Donkere Goldie 769 (62) -  Goldie 148 (75) - Goldie 470 (80) - Goldie 735 (85) - Goldie 662 (99) - Goldie 848 (100) - Goldie 849 (101)

So also father of:

13 Nat Orange 4443 p

18 Nat. Orange 3874 p

85 Nat. St.Vincent 5374 p

80 Nat. Bordeaux 4866 p

Iron LD-racers !

The Golden Breeder II was son of the NL 05-1979364, Rode Bergerac, H Brinkman,  a top-racer with 56 Nat Pau and father of  Red Devil - 1 Nat. Orange - 16 Nat Limoges - 57 Nat Ruffec, … father of Blauw Mooi Oog : 28 Nat Orange - 70 Nat Cahors - … the Rode Bergerac was a son of the NL 90-2269046, Golden Breeder, Vertelman (Rode 50 x VdWegen) x Sister Snelle Ria, grandmother of the Vroege Vogel (3 Nat Ruffec, 4 Nat Limoges)

Mother of the Golden Breeder II was the NL 07-4291422 – Daughter of the 1100 hen, H Brinkman Daughter of the Blinde NL 02-2305953, (out of son Miep Miep 981-00 x Granddaughter Blauwe kweker) x the 1100 hen, Cas van de Graaff, Sister of Mother Paarsborst,


Besides the Golden Breeder, there are also some other direct Brinkman pigeons, which descendants do very well.

Some examples:

The NL 08-5193368 Mighty Kras, Herman Brinkman,

Son  of the NL 03-4242657, Mighty Man - 1 NAT NPO Brive 899 km was the only bird that arrived home, the day of release!

Strain Vale Jan, Trutje Theelen via Eijerkamp x daughter of Sister Hermanator , Mother of Mighty Kras was the NL 07-1249080, Daughter Fly Guy , Brinkman, her father won 4 + 11 Nat St.Vincent - 20 I.Nat St.Vincent x Daughter Brinkie Girl


The  5193366-08 Daughter Barca 004, Herman Brinkman

An extra breeding hen, mother of Black Husky, but also of 99 Nat Narbonne’13, ..(Mighty Barcelona) - she was daughter of the NL  00-1260004, Barca 004 - Brinkman, 32 Nat Barcelona - 78 I.Nat Barcelona (1306 km) - 49 Nat St.Vincent (1157 km) - son Jompa ( 24 Nat St.Vincent + 48 Nat Bergerac) x Daughter 5 Nat St.Vincent

Mother of the 366-08, was the  NL 00-4207329, Krasse Kweekster, Brinkman, Mother of 4, 11, 24, 40, 52, 82, 102, 145 National --- Granddaughter Niekie



The Luc HERBOTS, Zepperen pigeons !

A true reinforcement!!!

The results of this “Heavy LD-colony” of the last years, are phenomenal!

In 2015 - 1 Prov Barcelona 1239 p - 1 Prov St.Vincent 383 p - 2 Prov Marseille 353 p … always top National - International – but already in 2013 1 Prov St.Vincent 532 p. …

This loft is mainly based on the old base Van Der WEGEN !

Top-pigeons like the Super Blauwe 776-97, of his Late father Gerard HERBOTS

100% A & L Van Der Wegen

1 I.Nat Ace 2-years classification Barcelona '01-'02

11 Nat Barcelona 13021 p 45 I.Nat.

35 Nat Barcelona 13161 p - 107 I.Nat.

and the 5190736/00 Rosa

2 Primus Inter Pares '02-'06 
Top- racing and breeding hen,

74 Nat Barcelona hens 3012p '04

100 Nat Barcelona hens 3135p '05

136 Nat Barcelona hens 2927p '02

169 Nat Barcelona hens 2652p '03

637 Nat Barcelona 11802p '06


From Luc HERBOTS following birds moved to Geetbets:

5203455-07 Lucia, she became an excellent breeding hen and became mother of the Rode St.Vincent, (1) - the Orange (2) - Goldie 733 (3) - Goldie 913 (4) - Vale Bordeaux (5) -  Goldie 670 (12) - Goldie (712 (13) - Goldie 713 (14)  Goldie 385 (56) - Donkere Goldie 769 (62) -  Goldie 148 (75) - Goldie 470 (80) - Goldie 735 (85) - Goldie 662 (99) - Goldie 848 (100) - Goldie 849 (101)

So also mother of:

13 Nat Orange 4443 p

18 Nat. Orange 3874 p

85 Nat. St.Vincent 5374 p

80 Nat. Bordeaux 4866 p

Iron LD-racers !

Father of Lucia was the 5165259-05, G Wpen,

½ brother of the 681-07, 1 Prov Narbonne 1,000 p - 85 Nat Narbonne 7156 p  grandson 776, Pr.I.Pares Barcelona’01-’02

Son of the 580-03, Inbreed 776 (out of the 776 x Granddaughter 776) (the 776 was Pr.Pares Barcelona  over the period 2001-2002, he won 11 Nat Barcelona 13021 p - 45 I.Nat. - 35 Nat Barcelona 13161 p - 107 I.Nat. )  - x Sister Miss Barcelona 199-99, Miss Barcelona won 4 Nat Barcelona hens.

Mother of Lucia was the  5165254-05, Luc Herbots, Zepperen,  

Daughter of the NL 04-0467173, Grandson Donkere Barca, A & L VdWegen

x the 5253146-00, Sister 776, Pr.IPares Barcelona - (pure VdWegen)



Some numbers of the last few years


1° Heavy LD, Old General Obrafo

1° Heavy LD East

1° Heavy LD 1+2 Obrafo Kumtich

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Old

8° Super LD 1+2 Oude Brab.Un.

13° Rhône races 1, +2 + 3 CFW Old

25° Nat Ace Barcelona’13-15

27, 30° Nat. Ace Rhône

27, 43, internat.ace-pig Marseille 12-15


1° Heavy LD Obrafo Best loft Old

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Best loft Old 1+2

1° Heavy LD Obrafo East Best loft Old

1° Heavy LD Obrafo East Best loft Old 1+2

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich Best loft Old

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich Best loft Old 1+2

1°+2°Asduif zware fond Obrafo

1°+2°Ace-pig Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich

1°+2°+6°+7°Ace-pig Heavy LD Obrafo East

5°+7° Ace-pig Super LD Brab. Un.

14°Ace-pig pipa ranking St-Vincent 2012-2014

18°Ace-pig pipa ranking Agen 2012-2014

19°Ace-pig pipa ranking Montauban 2013-2014


Montauban 815km 126p. 1°-5°-13°… (local 10/14) 

Agen 823km 80p. 1°-11°-12°-13° (local 4/5

Orange 754km 149p. 4°-7°-26° (local 3/8

Barcelona 1079km 305p. 4°-10°-12°-19°… (local 9/10)

St-Vincent 937km 116p. 1°-3°-4°-15°-19° (local 5/8)

Marseille 870km 67p. 2°-15°-16° (local 3/7)

Narbonne 878km Yrl 44p. 1°-2°-3°-4°-9° (local 5/12

Narbonne 878km Old 88p. 4°-9°-19°-25° (local 4/8)

Perpignan 936km 140p. 1°-9°-12°-19°… (zone East 8/15)

9 of 10 (90%) prizes on a very heavy Barcelona

3°Trophy of the Flanders international

2°Trophy of the Flanders national

Winner Trophy of the “Fruitstreek”

Winner of the Trophy of the Flanders province of Antwerp + Flemish Brabant

1°Ace-pig pipa ranking Orange 12-13

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Best loft Old

1° Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich Old 1+2

1°Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich Best loft Old

1° Ace-pig Heavy LD Obrafo Kumtich

7°Ace-pig pipa ranking St-Vincent 12-13


1° St-Vincent 940km - 2°provincial

1°+2° Marseille 870km - 2°-9°provincial

1°Orange 754km - 5°provincial

General Champion Heavy LD Obrafo East

General Champion Heavy LD OBRAFO


A beautiful group !

When you’ll take these pigeons in your hands, you certainly will be amazed of the quality. Thee family Vanlaer Vandingenen surely knows a lot of breeding pigeons and you’ll notice this.  They’re fanciers that prefer inbreed, to hold on to the good strains, cross breed, inbreed, keeping the strains as pure as possible and this is an important force of this colony. These pigeons are very good in the hand; very soft feathers and strong muscles. Besides these important aspects, they also have beautiful eyes, which is a quality they prefer to hold on to by the breeding…. In fact, it’s a kind of “the work of a lifetime” which will be presented in a public auction. These fanciers tried to climb the ladder bit by bit, like it should be done.  The true LD-fanciers will have an exceptional opportunity here, to conquer pigeons of noble origins and besides this, closely related to some super LD-cracks. A wonderful colony of which, everybody can take his profit; as well the big ones as the small ones.

Take a good look to the results, the top-pigeons, their children and their family and persuade yourself!