The tandem Van Hove – Uytterhoeven from the Antwerp town Putte, the region that has many famous fanciers and where the competition is killing, have been since many years the top fanciers on the great middle distance and the long distance races. It used to be especially Gust and Mit who took care over the pigeons, now Geert takes the bigger part onto his account.

They spilt up work so Geert has to take care of the old and yearling pigeons and the second round of youngsters and Gust keeps himself busy with the 1st round of youngsters and the breeders. In order to get along with time and to have all the administration in order, Geert is the perfect guy to have, also in the search for the best breeding couples and as the decision taker in a matter of motivation and game systems. Pigeon sport evolves and they go along to make sure they can continue competing at the top !

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Most important titles  2014-2017

2017 : 31 x 1st  
2016 : 29 x 1st

8 x 1st Provincial
5 x 1st National (z)
5 x TOP 10 during the 3 last 3 Olympiads 2013-2015-2017
1 Best pigeon of Belgium LD old birds 2016 ( over 2 races )
2 National Champion GMD KBDB 2014
4 National Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB 2016
4 Olympiad bird Cat. G Nitra 2013
5 Olympiad bird Cat. G Budapest 2015
6 National Champion GMD old birds KBDB 2017
6 Olympiad bird Cat .D Brussel 2017
7 Olympiad bird Cat. G Nitra 2013

Breeding basis

During the 80’s and 90’s the strains of the ‘Golden Boy’ and the ‘Bange’ where the terror of Belgium. When Mit took her ladies out or went to the nationals with her youngsters it was to set an amazing result. The base was very broad back then as they sold very few of their real top birds and moved them after their career onto the breeding loft. This together with siblings of these top pigeons made that their base was very broad. Now still in 3rd – 4th and 5th generation they have great results out of these two golden breeding lines crossed in with others off course. The input of a son ‘Bliksem’ from Gaby Vandenabeele was a hit in the rose and the last few years the strain of Vervloesem had its impact on our results. We have from this colony more than one top breeder which gave us our new super racers and which can prove themselves now on the breeding loft. Hopefully these will become the new “Golden Boys” or “Bange” super breeders.

System old and year birds

The racing team is being raced on the classic widowhood, mostly about 40 widow cocks and about 35 hens. In the month of December they come together during 3 to 5 days. The pigeons get a good form really quick once they start to train again, so when the weather allows it they start carrying them rather quick so they can compete by the first races end of March. Rather race them in good weather then taking risks in the preparation to spoil the entire season by one race.

The basic condition is very important during the preparing months, that’s why they train pigeons in March and April twice a day. In Spring and during the season itself this is only once a day.

In a matter of motivation no tricks are being used, mostly they go to the race without any motivation at all. The cocks do get to see their nest dish and the hens are being chased into one loft to be basketed.

After the race they always get to see their partner but will be separated already at about 16h-17h and the preparation for the next race can be started up. Afterwards the hens move again onto the resting loft where they can eat and recuperate.

The hens race every fortnight a national race, also those on the long distance races. In between they always race an inbetweener, especially the hens who will do a provincial race. But everything depends on the weather, when it’s bad they won’t be basketed but will be carried away on Mondays.  

At the end of the season the racing pigeons come onto a nest position to be able to peak on the last national races. Sometimes this is during breeding when they are being coupled a bit later, sometimes on youngsters. Everything depends on how long they keep up the widowhood system and how their condition evolves.

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Toppers of the colony

6103526/2011 “Black Power” Chequered cock

Won 5 x 1st

  1                       Noyon                                       117b
  1                       Blois                                         161b
  8          S. Nat                                                 1,108b
  5          Nat(z)    Chateauroux                          3,537b
35          Nat                                                   22,254b
  5          Nat(z)    Argenton                               2,398b
37          Nat                                                     7,046b

Proven top breeder

Father of
“192/13” 68 Nat (z) Argenton 3,809b – 84 Nat Chateauroux 12,071b
“635/15”3 Prov Blois 947b – 10 Nat Argenton 18,363b – 33 Nat (z) Limoges 2,695b – 233 Nat Montluçon 10,753b

Father 6156036/2006 Pukkel Pat ( Orig. Vervloesem R & P )
Top racer with 51 prizes

Gr.F. 6507787/1995 Black
          Son of “899/90” Chequered x “578/90” Granddaughter Sony Houben
Gr.M. 6503031/2002 Blue
            Daughter of “399/93” Nest brother Rode As x “359/93” Daughter 010

Mother 6065100/2008 Miss Golden Boy I
Super breeding hen
Mother of “155/13” 7 Prov Gien 2,231b – 97 Nat Issoudun 16,615b
Mother of  “087/12” 55 Nat Gueret 15,007b
Mother of “088/12” 20 Nat La Souterraine 7,176b
½ sister “Miss Tornado” 4 Olympiad bird H.F. South Africa 2001 – 7 x 1st

Gr.F. 6081753/1994 Golden Boy – Old founding father – 6 Nat Bourges 51,950b
          Son of “210/90” Woody x “106/91” Golden Girl
Gr.M. 6052102/2006 Miss Explosion
           Mother 7 Nat Bourges 37,357b
           Daughter of “069/99” Pacorabane 4 x 1st x “211/03” Miss Hot Shot
           43 Nat La Souterraine 13,988b – 60 Nat Vichy 11,510b

6250241/2013 Kidding Boy Cock

  3                                        Sourdun                  487b
  5          Nat(z)                    Tulle                     2,037b
13          Nat                                                     5,731b
15                                        Noyon                     993b
18                                        Souppes                  529b

Father 6263293/2011 Pattaya ( Orig. Vervloesem R & P )
Super breeder
Father of “196/14” Da Ya Na
1 Best cock long distance Herbots Ranking (+600km ) 2 races
6 Olympiad bird Cat. D Brussel 2017
Won a.o. 1 Momignies 790b – 2 Nat (z) Limoges 3,089b – 8 Nat Tulle 6,101b – 11 Nat (z) Argenton 6,093b – 99 Nat Chateauroux 6,692b
Father of “041/14” Baccara
Won a.o. 47 Nat Montluçon 16,982b – 48 Nat Tulle 8,621b

Gr.F. 6231025/2004 Blue Le Mans
          Won 1 Prov Le Mans 2,671b – 5 Prov Blois 1,163b – 5 Prov Le Mans 798b
          20 Prov Blois 1,012b – 25 Prov Le Mans 748b
          Son of “051/00” Vale x “232/03” Blue 100% J & J Engels
Gr.M. 6246541/2008 Chequered white pin Daughter Bak 13
           Daughter base breeding couple Bak 13

Mother 6065106/2008 Miss Temptation
22 S. Nat Chateauroux 10,719b – 35 Nat Argenton 25,830b – 95 Nat Bourges 41,783b
Sis “Queen Gueret” 1 Nat Gueret 2,410b – 62 Nat La Souterraine 13,965b
Sis “Princes Gueret” 4 Nat Gueret 2,410b – 83 Nat La Souterraine 13,965b
Sis “Miss Bronze Shadow” 16 S. Nat Chateauroux 4,611b – 31 Nat La Souterraine 4,659b – 39 Nat Limoges 16,012b

Gr.F. 6086097/1996 Old Tornado
          Son of “753/94” Golden Boy Founding father x “704/93” Annabel
Gr.M. 6035084/2004 Miss Angelina
           Won 4 Prov Bourges 1,881b – 73 Nat La Souterraine 16,297b
           Daughter of “161/98” Bolero Brasil x “202/99” Miss Madrid

6097052/2014 Honeymoon Hen

    8        Nat         La Souterraine     18,588b
  80        Nat         Gueret                16,262b
146        Nat         Tulle                     8,621b
418        Nat         Chateauroux       25,710b

Full sister of “Miss Happy”
1 Prov Ace bird GMD KBDB 2014
5 Olympiad bird Cat. G Budapest 2015
Won o.a. 6 Nat Argenton 9,970b – 43 S. Nat Vierzon 5,715b - 92 Nat Bourges 24,019b

Father 6116201/2009 Blanco Bak 13
9 Nat Chateauroux 22,718b

Gr.F. 6360878/2008 Bak 13 ( Orig. Vervloesem R & P )
          Full brother “Mistral” Super racer
          Son base breeding couple Bak 13
Gr.M. 6037420/2005 Miss Ranis
           Sis 1 Nat La Souterraine 13,988b
           Daughter of “001/00” Copacabana x “158/00” Miss Trinity

Mother 6065196/2008 Bliks Firelight V
10 S. Nat Vierzon 8,869b – 17 Prov Bourges 2,802b – 17 Nat (z) La Souterraine 1,506b – 27 S. Nat Chateauroux 7,871b – 36 Nat La Souterraine 4,459b – 50 Nat (z) Chateauroux 6,149b – 65 Nat (z) Bourges 9,146b – 86 Nat Argenton 5,763b

Gr.F. 3230965/2004 Bliksem Gaby – Gaby Vandenabeele
          Son of “062/98” Bliksem x “273/02” Dagmar
Gr.M. 6098146/2000 Zitterke Bange
          Won 24 Nat Gueret 9,277b – 33 Nat La Souterraine 5,168b
          Daughter of “153/86” Jonge Bange x “008/97” Sis Tornado

6097196/2014 Da Ya Na
1 Best pigeon LD Herbots Ranking (+600km ) over 2 races
6 Olympiad bird Cat. D Brussel 2017

    1                       Momignies                              790b
    1         Prov        Limoges                                 512b
    2         Nat(z)                                                3,089b
    2         Prov        Tulle                                      476b
    8         Nat                                                    6,101b
    2                       Souppes                              1,247b
  11         Nat(z)     Argenton                             6,093b
    5                       Souppes                              1,176b
    5                       Momignies                              544b
    7                       Soissons                                 392b
    9                       Melun                                  1,079b
  61        Nat                                                   29,925b
  99        Nat         Chateauroux                         6,692b
209        Nat         Tours                                  24,097b

BE14-6097196 logo

Father 6263293/2011 Pattaya ( Orig. Vervloesem R & P )
Super breeder
Father of “041/14” Baccara
Won a.o. 47 Nat Montluçon 16,982b – 48 Nat Tulle 8,621b

Gr.F. 6231025/2004 Blue Le Mans
          Won 1 Prov Le Mans 2.671b – 5 Prov Blois 1,163b – 5 Prov Le Mans 798b
          20 Prov Blois 1,012b – 25 Prov Le Mans 748b
          Son of “051/00” Vale x “232/03” Blue 100% J & J Engels
Gr.M. 6246541/2008 Chequered white ping Daughter Bak 13
           Daughter base breeding couple Bak 13

Mother 6116093/2009 Miss Royalty
16 S. Nat Vierzon 4,298b – 16 S. Nat Argenton 2,578b – 37 S. Nat Chateauroux 6,281b – 67 S. Nat Chateauroux 5,077b – 90 S. Nat Montluçon 5,068b – 54 Nat La Souterraine 5,542b

Gr.F. 6383564/2007 Jo Prins Charles I
          Son of “687/96” Prins Charles x “150/06” Juwel Golden Boy II
Gr.M. 6052242/2006 Blika Fireligth III
          Daughter “965/04” Bliksem Gaby x “146/00” Zitterke Bange


In a matter of nutrition we place all our faith onto the mixtures of Beyers, during the season we use 3 different ones. These are Recup, Sport and Energy. At the beginning of the season and during the week it is especially Recup and will grow heavier towards basketing. For the medical follow up we visit every month An Havet in Blanden. We will never cure blindly, only on medical advice and after a check-up. We mostly purify our racing pigeons before the racing season against ornithes and they get two days something against coccidiosis. During the season itself they give once a month something against trichomoniases. And we only use a recuperation supplement on the day of home coming which exists out of proteins and the day after they get amino acids over their food. During the week we don’t give anything in the drinking water or over their food.

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