The national longer middle distance and long distance are the most favourite ones for Van Eynde – Goovaerts from Putte in  Antwerp. Marc and Joseph have been racing together since years now, something that is unique in pigeon sport. They live in a populous area what pigeon fanciers is concerned with amongst other Engels Jos & Jules, Vandewouwer Gaston, De Troy Wim, Van Hove – Uytterhoeven,… all top fanciers in Belgium. Now this year Van Eynde – Goovaerts, made it to an unique high level, they simply were the best on the national races with their national victory on Montluçon and beside this victory a lot of top national quotations and the 2nd best old bird on the national races over 5 and 6 races !

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 1 Nat Montlucon          10,753b ( fastest of 20,214b )
 1 Nat (z) Bourges           2,197b
 1 Nat (z) Blois                2,035b ( fastest of 7,129b )
 2 Nat Chateauroux        9,540b
 2 Nat (z) La Souterraine 2,053b
 3 Nat Chateauroux        9,540b
 3 Nat Bourges               7,614b
 5 Nat Montlucon          10,753b
 5 Nat La Souterraine      7,631b
 7 Nat Chateauroux        9,540b
 9 Nat Bourges             19,889b
13 Nat Bourges            19,889b
18 Nat Argenton           18,363b
18 Nat Tulle                   7,322b
20 Nat Bourges            19,889b
24 Nat Argenton            9,228b
31 Nat Chateauroux     14,762b
35 Nat Chateauroux       9,540b
39 Nat Bourges             10,173b
46 Nat Argenton           18,363b
48 Nat Bourges             19,889b
50 Nat Argenton           12,449b
58 Nat Chateauroux     14,762b
64 Nat Argenton           18,363b
78 Nat Argenton           18,363b
86 Nat Argenton           12,449b
87 Nat Tulle                   7,322b
91 Nat Bourges             10,173b
98 Nat Chateauroux      14,762b

Golden breeding base

Their breeding loft is built up with pigeons from their competitors. In the eighties-nineties they went to late Flor, Jos and Jules Engels. The children of “Den 231/86”, “Den 178/94”, “Den Argenton”, “Den Dikke” moved to their loft to build up a base where especially racing and breeding had to be the 2 characteristics. In 2004 they again went for some reinforcement, this time to Berlaar and the strain of ‘Kaasboer’ from Gaston Vandewouwer also made it onto their breeding loft and also the following years several birds moved to Putte as they became really good friends. At this moment about 80% of their breeders are from these 2 basic strains. These were crossed in with birds from Dirk Van Dijck ( strain “Bourges”, “Kannibaal”, “Rambo” ), Vervloesem & Zoon ( strain “Bak 13” ), Jos Maris ( sister “Vriend” superbreeder Koopman ), Luc Daans, Matthias Coel ( strain “Paulien” Albert Derwa ), Wouters – Wouters ( strain “Barbara” and “Argenton” ), Albert Derwa ( strain “Paulien” ) and Gaby Vandenabeele ( strain “Rudy” ) through Gaston Vandewouwer.

Their best breeding couple was discovered by matching these 2 bloodlines.
“6356585/2004” Tornado Cock is a son of “827/93” Son 231/86 J & J Engels coupled to “154/00” Daughter Bourges Dirk Van Dijck coupled to a sister 1st National Argenton from Engels. This cock was being coupled to “6341163/2005” Kaasboerin and Tornado Hen. She is a direct hen from Gaston Vandewouwer and a direct daughter of base breeder “Kaasboer”. This golden breeding blood is found very rare worldwide but here it was a hit in the rose. This couple bred through the years many top pigeons in different generations. That is the strength of this blood strain, they perform very well on the racing loft and afterwards they also become very good breeders !

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61+62+65 BE05-6341163

Click here for the complete base breeding lines of the loft Van Eynde - Goovaerts

Parents of

“6181175/2009” Tornado Queen
  Won herself 1 Prov Chateauroux 1,936b ( fastest of 4,742b ),
  51 Nat Bourges 9,781b, 59 Nat Bourges 24,676b
  She is one of the best breeding hens on the loft

6181175-09 klein
  Mother of Tornado Ace “216/11”
   38 Prov Bourges 3,068b, 49 Nat Limoges 17,735b, 57 I.Prov Tulle 2,907b

6262216-11 klein

  Mother of Inbred Tornado “098/13”
     Mother of“350/15” 7 Nat Chateauroux 9,540b

6095098-13 klein
Mother of Tarzan “260/11”
  4 Nat (z) Argenton 1,227b, 15 Prov Bourges 3,068b, 29 Nat    
  Limoges 17,735b, 58 Nat Chateauroux 4,758b, 119 Nat Bourges
  31,719b, 121 Nat Argenton 16,325b, 147 Nat Argenton 20,383b

6262260-11 klein
Grandmother of National Barbara “360/15”
    48 Nat Bourges 19,889b, 50 Nat Argenton 12,449b

6178360-15 klein

“6163794/2010” Tornado Tim
  Won himself 34 I.Prov Blois 2,572b, 136 Nat Chateauroux 25,263b

6163794-10 klein

“6163710/2010” Tornado King
  Father of Asterix “814/12”
  5 Nat (z) Argenton 1,544b, 18 Nat Chateauroux 6,005b, 31
  S.Nat Blois 3,282b, 58 Nat La Souterraine 19,155b, 106 Nat
  Chateauroux 19,106b, 118 Nat Bourges 22,663b, 163 Nat
  Bourges 11,883b, 237 Nat Argenton 22,463b

6225814-12 klein
  Father of Obelix “815/12”
  20 Prov La Souterraine 1,588b, 21 Nat Chateauroux 19,691b,
  22 Nat Bourges 22,663b, 34 Nat La Souterraine 19,155b,
  125 Nat Chateauroux 6,005b, 163 S.Nat Vierzon 10,480b

6225815-12 klein
  “Obelix” has proven himself already as a top breeder
     Father of Obelia “411/15” 18 Nat Tulle 7,322b
     Father of “083/16” 58 Nat Chateauroux 14,762b

Asterix and Obelix are 2 fantastic racers in different seasons ! This is unique in Belgium when you have pigeons who deliver top results on the National racers over 3 years ! Both brothers do this ! High quality and these 2 nestbrothers are the future superbreeders !

“6163878/2010” Miss Tornado
  A superb breeding hen in different generations
  Grandmother Argentina “6178412/2015”
     18 Nat Argenton 18,363b, 218 Nat Montluçon 10,753b
  Grandmother of New Tornado King “6178315/2015”
     48 Nat Argenton 18,363b, 87 Nat Tulle 7,322b,
     173 Nat Bourges 19,889b

6163878-10 klein

6178412-15 klein

“6163795/2010” Tornado Tom
  Won himself 1 I.Prov Blois 2,572b, 3 Prov Blois 1,210b,
    62 I.Prov Bourgs 5,767b

“6225605/2012” Tornado 605
  Father of Prinses Jana “447/15”
     1 Nat Montluçon 10,752b ( fastest of 20,214b )

The last 2 cocks from this super couple are from 2012. The mother doesn’t fertilize anymore since then.

“6225875/2012” Tornado Junior I
  Father of “809/14” 148 Nat Tours 24,097b
  Father of “007/16” 15 Momignies 701b, 30 Momignies 554b
“6225838/2012” Tornado Junior II
  Father of “365/15” 9 Momignies 463b, 23 I.Prov Blois 2,035b,
    136 Nat Chateauroux 9,540b

 6225838-12 klein6225875-12 klein

“6356585/2004” Tornado Cock has been coupled also to other hens and this also with success.
This is how he is together with “221/09” Daughter Grandson Kaasboer father of “6050966/2014” Tornado Mieke
  19 Nat Chateauroux 5,868b, 21 I.Prov Vierzon 1,029b,
  30 Nat Argenton 2,418b, 53 Nat (z) Chateauroux 1,971b,
  252 Nat Bourges 14,496b
In 2015 he was coupled to  “603/12” Sister Miss Vierzon and together they are the parents of “408/15” Wout who won in  2016
     1 I.Prov Blois 2,035b and fastest of 7,192b.

Toppers the season 2016

6050831/2014 Ace Woman Hen
2 Nat Ace bird longer middle distance KBDB 2016 ( 5 races)
2 Nat Ace bird longer middle distance KBDB 2016 ( 6 races)
6 Nat Ace bird longer middle distance KBDB 2016 ( 4 races)

  5 Nat La Souterraine        7,631b  581km
 24 Nat Argenton               9,228b  543km
 30 Nat Bourges               14,496b  467km
 48 Prov Gien                     6,646b  397km
 71 Nat (z) Chateauroux    6,692b  515km
124 Nat Argenton           13,629b  543km
201 Nat Bourges             19,736b  467km
420 Nat La Souterraine   18,588b  581km
460 Nat Montluçon           9,462b  541km

6050831-14 klein

Father 2036351/2012 Blue Frans I – Direct Wouters – Wouters - Brother “111/11” 3 x 1st

Gr.F. 2079817/2005 Den Argenton Won 4 x 1st
      1 I.Prov Argenton 3,879b, 1 Sens 291b, 1 Sens 173b,
      2 Prov Blois 2,405b
Gr.M. 2075914/2006 Sister Ballon K Hennes
      Granddaughter Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele

Mother 6181246/2009 Sister Miss Argenton
Super breeding hen
Mother of “344/15” Ruben 35 Nat Chateauroux 9,540b
Mother of “345/15” Aurelie 78 Nat Argenton 18,363b
Grandmother “469/15” Bourgeske 69 9 Nat Bourges 19,889b
Sister of “Miss Argenton” 4 Nat Argenton 20,844b, 29 Nat Gueret 12,587b

Gr.F. 6155580/2006 Blue Son of “Super Woman”
Gr.M. 6341174/2005 Chequered 2nd Ace bird Long Distance 2006
      Granddaughter “178/94” J & J Engels

6178315/2015 New Tornado King Cock
 46 Nat Argenton        18,363b  543km
 87 Nat Tulle                 7,322b  645km
173 Nat Bourges         19,889b  467km

6178315-15 klein

Father 2110198/2013 Inbred Paulien Direct Albert Derwa

Gr.F. 2090197/2011 Son Primo 3 West European Ace bird Cat.D
      2011 x “Miss Belgium” 1 Prov Ace bird longer middle
      distance youngsters 2010
Gr.M. 2061133/2007 Paulette is sister “Paulien”

Mother 6225888/2012 ½ sister Kim
Co-breeding Vandewouwer x Van Eynde – Goovaerts

Gr.F. 6257240/2003 Father Kim Gaston Vandewouwer
     Father of “Kim” 1 Nat Gueret Daughter “TORNADO KOPPEL”

6178360/2015 National Barbara Hen
 48 Nat Bourges           19,889b  467km
 50 Nat Argenton         12,449b  543km
 85 I.Prov Blois              2,035b   452km

6178360-15 klein

Father 6225760/2012 Chequered co-breeding R & P Vervloesem x Van Eynde – Goovaerts

Gr.F. 6233182/2006 Blue top breeder  
      Grandson “178/94” Den 178 J & J Engels
Gr.M. 6231436/2004 Daughter Bak 13 R & P Vervloesem

Mother 2189157/2013 Daughter brother Barbara – Direct Wouters – Wouters

Gr.F. 2035781/2009 Brother Barbara Super racing hen at Gaston
      Vandewouwer. Won 2 S.Nat Vierzon 11,062b, 3 Nat Argenton
      11,001b, 17 Nat Gueret 2,953b
      Grandson “Kaasboer” Gaston Vandewouwer
Gr.M. 2075986/2006 Sister Ballon K Hennes
      Granddaughter Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele    

6178469/2015 Bourgeske 69 Hen
  9 Nat Bourges         19,889b  467km

6178469-15 klein

Father 4000199/2014 Son Kamiel Co-breeding Vandenheede x Vandewouwer

Gr.F. 6111599/2009 Kamiel Gaston Vandewouwer
      Son “Kaasboer” x “Geerinckx Duivin” mother Laura
      1 Nat Bourges 17,138b ( fastest of 39,614b )
Gr.M. 6244682/2006 Daughter Morgane F & J Vandenheede

Mother 6095152/2013 Blue ½ sister Ace Woman

Gr.F. 6320827/2007 Blue 827
      Grandson “178/94” Den 178 J & J Engels
Gr.M. 6181246/2009 Sister Miss Argenton
      Mother of “Ace Woman” Best racing hen 2016

6300704/2014 Jolien Bourges
  3 Nat Bourges         7,479b   467km

6300704-14 klein

Father 6163646/2010 Den 46 won 48 Nat Argenton 4,126b

Gr.F. 6385735/2007 Den 735 Brother Olympiad Gaston
      2 Olympiad bird Cat.D Dortmund 2009
Gr.M. 6320922/2007 Blue sister Superboy Bourges

Mother NL 3055000/2011 Super Girl
Sister “Superboy” Cees Schroevers

Gr.F. 6385690/2007 Grandson Kaasboer Vandewouwer
Gr.M. 6341253/2005 Blue 253 Vichy Duivin won
      19 Nat Vichy 11,022b, 52 Nat Bourges 12,549b, 53 Nat Argenton 4,091b

Buelens Kim