Ulrich Lemmens, about being a pigeon ambassador and his ‘Gust’-dynasty…

Saturday 23rd of September, the long expected day, the open house of his pigeon ranch! After years of working, planning, organizing, the big day finally came and everybody who was interested could go and have a look in Balen. Ulrich wouldn’t be Ulrich if he hasn’t figured it out completely. First it were only rumors and all of a sudden it was in the national newspaper and on national TV, a chain reaction took place, unseen promotion for our beloved pigeon sport.

Lemmens interview

More than 700 people were to be expected on this Saturday the 23rd of September in Balen, after all the promotion made that last week, finally more than 1,000 interested people came over to check out the brand new pigeon loft and it’s amazing pigeons from Team Lemmens. If it were 250 people or over 1,000 people, nobody could tell the difference, everything was this well organized and Ulrich and his lovely wife Eef welcomed everybody with a big smile, like they have never done differently than welcoming so many people in their house.

Lemmens_Ulrich & DDLLemmens_Ulrich & ThibaultLemmens_USA

To summarize the day: at arrival over the red carpet everybody was welcomed with a glass of cava or fruit juice where after the journey through the lofts could begin. First of all people came into the amazing breeding loft with the many breeding boxes, words came short for the fine installation that is being placed there and many took pictures and were measuring up things maybe to try this at home. In this breeding loft you had also the opportunity to have a look at the quality pigeons that are being sold online at this moment, but we’ll talk about them later on. Coming out of the breeding loft you could go and have a drink or eat something or you could go straight ahead to the brand new racing loft. A lot of space, a lot of air, beautifull shining pigeons, big aviaries in front of the loft, and so on….and again you could see people looking at it with amazement, taking pictures and yes, measuring again. No pigeon fancier there that doesn’t dream of having an installation of that kind. And when going home, everybody could take a goody bag home! The weather gods were happy that day which made it a very nice sunny day and everybody could sit back and relax and discuss the pigeon season and the new lofts of Ulrich and Eef.
Well done Ulrich and Eef, and I think I can speak for every one that came over: thanks a lot for the warm welcome and the opportunity to have a look at it!

The ‘Gust’-dynasty

We almost forget that the ambition of it all is the fact that Ulrich wants to create the ultimate all-round pigeon. They have so many references of offspring of his world famous ‘Gust’ and now he invested together with Mr. Hild in extreme long distance pigeons like f.e. the 1st National ZLU (4 International Barcelona 17,729b) Barcelona ‘Prins Barcelona’ and already a superb breeder and father/grandfather/… of underneath results:
1 National Perpignan
1 International Barcelona
1 National Barcelona
1 National Munchen
1 National Bordeaux
1 National Cahors

Lemmens_Prins Barcelona

There’s also ‘De Heilige Geest’, an amazing ELD pigeon who won ao.
1 Ace Pigeon South and North Holland
1 National St. Vincent 2016
3 National Ace Pigeon ZLU 2016
who is also a grandson of the 1st NPO Montauban (950km !) and an amazing breeder with offspring winning ao.
1 NPO Tarbes
2 National Narbonne
2 National Tarbes
4 National St. Vincent
8 National Perpignan
9 National Marseille

Ulrich - Marathon Collection - P1

So not only great racers but also proven breeders and I must say real quality in your hands as well. These unique breeders reflect in beautiful bred youngsters that are now online for sale in an online auction on www.herbots.be and to quote Jo Herbots who has rated these pigeons one by one ‘a quality of young pigeons that you don’t find often….’.

Next to the youngsters 2017 in the auction, we can find 10 year bird pigeons 2016 offered in part III of the auction, all original Ulrich Lemmens but raced at Tom & Ante Platteau in Ternat. To highlight a few of them I would like to start off with BE16-2004911, this fine young cock is a son of ‘Brother William’, Best Young pigeon over 3 National races in 2012. This year bird has a nice palmaris with no less than 4x 1st prize and 5x 2nd prize !

1 – 1,661 Noyon

1 – 1,701 Noyon

1 - 500 Noyon

1 - 436 Noyon

2 – 1,118 Noyon (After Loftmate)

2 – 1,037 Noyon (After Loftmate)

2 - 391 Noyon

2 - 322 Noyon

2 - 504 Souppes

4 – 2,437 Souppes

15 - 42 Argenton

30 - 401 Bourges

55 - 559 Noyon

144 – 1,547 Noyon

He is not the only one who can win 1st prizes, another example is BE16-2004938, a grandson of base breeder ‘Gust’ on fathers’ side (father ‘V.I.P.’) and a grandson ‘Yvan’, 1 National Ace Bird KBDB original Herbots on mothers’ side. Two strains who have proven being able giving along their fabulous genes in many generations. And his palmaris looks like this:

1 – 1,118 Noyon

1 – 1,037 Noyon

1 - 391 Noyon

1 - 322 Noyon

5 - 500 Noyon

5 - 436 Noyon

6 – 1,701 Noyon

7 – 1,661 Noyon

7 - 139 Quievrain

9 - 135 Noyon

15 - 422 Noyon

24 - 534 Souppes

36 - 334 Noyon

39 - 450 Souppes

70 – 2,869 Chevrainvilliers

And off course, we can't forget to mention that there's a direct child from 'De Gust' is being offered in this auction. No words, just credits!

As you can see, you will find the blood of the ‘Gust’ in all three parts of the auction. Part I gives the best of the ‘Gust’ reflected in beautiful youngsters, Part II is full with extreme long distance blood splashed over with a drop of ‘Gust’ blood and Part III is the proof that ‘Gust’ blood doesn’t give only nice pigeons in your hand but also wonderful racers.

We, the entire Herbots team, wants to congratulate Ulrich in what he has achieved so far in pigeon sport and we’re sure of it we haven’t heard the last of him yet!

Good luck with the auction!