The star of the Waasland, Gunter ROTTIER, is forced to end his fabulous career as a fancier!

For many fanciers of the East Flanders, and also further away, this news will be as a little bombe that explodes! Gunter Rottier (age 44) from Sinaai is forced to quit the pigeon sport. With pain in his heart, all pigeons will be sold because of familiar circumstances. Because Gunter wants to spend more time with his wife and children, he can’t take care of his pigeons like he should when he wants to compete at the provincial and national top. So, after good and long thinking, he decided to sell his total colony.

For some years now, Gunter’s racing team sweeps the competition and this as well on the short distances as on international level. Last year, he even flirted with a 1st national on the international race from Agen but he finally ended as 2nd national and a as a “consolation prize”; 1st provincial East Flanders. Normally, this 2nd national Agen had to be the start of a new chapter in the fancier-career of this young champion. On the short distances, little middle and heavy middle distance races, he proved his birds belong to the top. His list of honour of the “Golden Rings” of the Waasland are the best prove of it. In a few years time, the Rottier colony won a gold, silver and two bronze rings but a sportsman like Gunter (he played football at a good level for years), regularly has to be stimulated with new challenges. That’s why he started to concentrate on the long- and heavy long distance races. Besides the fabulous strain of “Goldie” (more about it later on because this exceptional hen deserves her own chapter), also long distance pigeons came to reinforce the breeding loft. No doubt that Gunter would succeed here and certainly not after his 2nd national Agen!  But destiny decided otherwise.

The phenomenon “Goldie” (N°1)


The basic hen of the colony, the chicken with the golden eggs, the hen with the superior genes…. I could continue for some time but all I want to say is: “ Goldie” is a super hen!  This blue white feather hen, the 4002854/10 first showed her class on the racing loft, where she scored with one super result after another and hereby, she won some nice titles.

4  Prov. Ace-pigeon MD 2011

1 “Golden Ring of the Waasland” Little LD 2011

1  “Super Pigeon” LD Yrl. 2011

1  “Ace-pigeon Little LD”

Her prize list really is astonishing!

1 Vierzon 462 p

31 Prov.    4366 p

2 Nat. Z. Bourges  4873 p                                  

23 Bourges’12   3703 p                                      

136  Nat.  20589 p

197  Nat. Bourges’11   20544 p                        

25 Châteauroux’12   6148 p                             

87 Nat.  16749 p

62 Nat. Poitiers  13813 p                                   

148 Nat. Châteaur.’11  25263 p                       

457 Nat. Argenton’12  12390 p                        

515 Nat. Châteaur.’13  22254 p                       

777 Nat. Argenton’11  19782 p              

In the pedigree of “Goldie”, we only find “big” names together with a lot of super racing pigeons! Her father, the “Oude Houben” comes of the national celebrity Luc Houben from Itegem. In this “Oude Houben”, we find the “Barcelona” of Jos Joossens and two national winners of Luc Houben; the “David”, 1st national Brive 23.142p. and 1st national Limoges 19.676p.. The “Dikke Witpen” (mother of “Goldie”) comes of the famous duo De Schepper-De Temmerman. She certainly can be called a top breeding hen. Besides being mother of “Goldie”, she’s also mother of the  “946-08” : 9 Etampes 346 p – 7 Châteauroux 342 p – 6 Tulle 113 p and of  “221-08” : 3 Souillac 106 p – 8/8 from Vierzon till Souillac. Father of the “Dikke Wipen”, “De Topper”, is a 100% Vandenheede, which succeeded to win a 1st prize three weeks in a row and this from Dourdan, Blois and Châteauroux!  So he didn’t steel his name of topper! This crack was paired to a top racing hen, the “Linde”, with 80 national Argenton and 226 national La Souterraine she proved her capacities too! So you can see that “Goldie” has it all; a beautiful list of honour, a fabulous pedigree but most of all, she passes on her racing qualities. She can be found in almost 70% of the Rottier-colony.  She’s already mother of the 11th national Limoges and grandmother of 2nd national Agen!  The smart ones among us surely have noticed that the “Goldie”-genes pass on very well in first, second and third generation!

The “Bourges-hen”: 1st Bourges 6416p. (N°25)


Another top hen! It’s already exceptional to have one top hen but Gunter was a lucky one to have two like these. There’s also the fact that these two hens were of the same age and so they participated to the same races and this sometimes led to fabulous results. Those that came to “watch” the pigeons on Saturday, all knew…..when one of these two top hens arrived, the other one soon arrived too! It was as if “Goldie” and the “Bourges hen” had their own mutual battle. Besides her  national (zone) victory against more than 6000 Bourges-racers, qhe also was crowned with a “Bronze ring of the Waasland” little LD.

Her prize-list:

Bronze Ring Little LD 2012

1 Bourges’11  6416 p

17  Nat.     24676 p

3   Vierzon    477 p

6   Vierzon    639 p

12 Châteauroux   3833 p

45  Argenton  2348 p

58   Nat. Tulle’10  8323 p

Father of the “Bourges hen” or 4006549/09, was a direct Maurice Kusè and he especially owned the golden strains of the Jef Houben-pigeons. Mother of the “Bourges hen” was the 4178867/06 and also a special hen, in fact you can say; like mother like daughter. Like her daughter, she also won the Bronze Ring, which she earned after many fabulous top results: 1st Poitiers 197p.- 3rd Argenton 320p.- 5th Châteauroux 296p. – 8th Bourges 276p. etc. When you can buy a feather here, success will be assured !

The “Leo Heremans”-collection

Probably the most famous and most wanted pigeons on earth. Already many pages have been written of the Leo Heremans-pigeons. And rightly, because those that were able to get descendants of these birds, immediately saw their results rise. Also Gunter knew this and for some time, he was searching for some origins that fit well to what he wanted! This means, pigeons that are able to score at the top as well on the short- as the long distances. He soon found out that these Heremans-pigeons were perfect on the middle distance races but after his 2nd national on the international race from Agen, these all round origins proved to be able to handle it all. And yes, the father (Winners O’Nine, N°47) of this 2nd national Agen is a Leo Heremans-cock.

Very soon, Gunter was persuaded about these Heremans-pigeons and so he started to look for descendants of the best Heremans-strains. He only bought pigeons in which as many as possible Heremans toppers were to be found and so he bought descendants of the “Olympiade”, “Euro”, “Superduifje”, “De Jan”, “Di Caprio”, “Safier”, “Den As”…to put on the breeding loft.  Here follows more information of some  Heremans- toppers!

“Olympiade” won among others

Olympic Pigeon SD Lievin 2003

2 Nat. Ace-pigeon SD Old birds KBDB 2001

Besides this, he also was a super breeder! His descendants won prizes like :

1         Nijvel  7422 p

1         Quievrain      2675 p

1         Hasselt           2112 p

1         Quievrain      1943 p

1         Quievrain      1928 p

2         Nat. Bourges           14571 p

3         NPO Chantilly          8175 p

3         Venlo 6904 p

10       Nat. Bourges           48553 p

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon SD Young birds KBDB 2012

1 Olympic Pigeon All Round Nitra 2013

2 Nat. Ace-pigeon Germany 2012

2 Olympic Pigeon Cat. F Poznan 2011

4 Nat. Ace-pigeon SD Young birds KBDB 2011


“De Jan” won among others:

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon Young birds Ave Regina 2002

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon Young birds Duivenkrant 2002

2 Nat. Ace-pigeon Yrl. Ave Regina 2003

2 Nat. Ace-pigeon Old birds Ave Regina 2004

He was ((great)grand)father of :

1 Olympic Pigeon All Round Nitra’13

1 Ace-pigeon Tienverbond Young birds

1 Ace-pigeon Quievrain

2 Nat. Ace-pigeon Germany 2012

2 Olympic Pigeon Cat. F Poznan’11

2 Olympic Pigeon Cat. F Nitra’13

2 NPO Orléans       10909 p

2 Nat. Bourges        14571 p

+ several first prize winners.

“Euro” won following prizes and titles:

1 Quievrain   2687 p          

1 Quievrain   2516 p          

2 Quievrain   4924 p

4 Quievrain   2120 p          

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon De Reisduif 2003 Young birds

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon Ave Regina 2003 Young birds

1 INat. “Acepigeon Western Nations Cup Vitesse”

He was (grand)father of :

1 Pommeroeul        18952 p       

1 Laon                      10548 p

1 Chateaudun         8855 p

1 Tullamore             8822 p

1 Nanteuil                8414 p

1 Nijvel                      8356 p

1 Strombeek                       8000 p

1 Mantes la Jolie    7945 p

1 Hapert                   7861 p

1 Tours                     6565 p

1 Venlo                     6392 p

1 Olympic Pigeon Germany Young birds

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon Canada 2013 SD

1 Nat. Ace-pigeon WHZB 2007 Young birds
1 Nat. Ace-pigeon Holland Young birds
2 Nat. Ace-pigeon WHZB One-day LD
2 Olympic Pigeon Poznan Cat. F

2 Olympic Pigeon Germany Cat. G....


The “super wittekes”

Those that followed the Rottier colony a little bit, know the “super wittekes” of Gunter. These white birds come from the tandem VdBorre-De Backer but their origins are to be found with the famous duo Vos-Jennes. These top fanciers of the province of Flemish Brabant, became “world famous” with their supersonic white pigeons. When you take a close look to the auction program, you notice that these white birds can be found in almost all birds. The descendants don’t always are white but they can race very well!  The following toppers are the best prove.

“Nafi”: 4061753/14 (N°3)

Via her father “Obi Wan”, “Nafi” has some  “Wittekes”-blood in her veins;

1   Jarnac  31 p

2   Vierzon 331 p

11 Vierzon     304 p

14 Limoges  258 p

39 Issoudun 386 p


“Schoon Donker”: 4264618/14 (N°14)


Her name “Beautiful Dark” makes you think otherwise, nevertheless she’s family of the “Wittekes”.

99       Cahors               3328 p

157     Libourne  2951 p

361     Vierzon    5825 p


“Witteken”: 4002891/10 (N°15)


This top hen was a fabulous racing hen but at this moment, she already showed her breeding capacities too. She’s mother of “Schoon Donker” and “Witteken” herself comes out of the “Witten 800”, a direct VdBorre-De Backer.

Bricon Promissing LD 2011

4  Angerville  580 p

8  Prov. Limoges  3548 p

20  Nat.     15679 p

9  Châteauroux  364 p

9  Bourges    317 p

10   Montluçon  3716 p


“Witte Cahors”: 4061779/14 (N°63)


Another white crack hen out of the “Witten 800” (direct VdBorre-De Backer).

4      Nat Z. Cahors 3328 p           763 km

25    Gueret    341 p

29   Vierzon   331 p

97    Bourges   1046 p

220 Brive 2757 p

“Witpen Poitiers”: 4210947/08 (will be sold together with her granddaughter in N°55)

This strong lady proved, that even on provincial level, she could be the fastest. On her father’s side, we find Antoon Reynaert (strain Figo) and the “Sprint” of Albert Marcelis, via Ron Prumpeler. Her mother, Wit 611/07, is a direct Vd Borre- De Backer.

1 Prov. Poitiers 2652 p

3 Blois 117 p


Again two fabulous racers !

It wasn’t easy to make a choice between these different top pigeons to present you but I thought that following pigeons deserve it.

“Froome”: 4088704/13 (N°66)


This fantastic LD-racer immediately proved his capacities with top results from  Cahors, Libourne, Agen, Châteauroux and Brive.  Hereby, he became one of the cracks on the racing loft. His racing career was crowned with a 4th place in the classification of the “Golden Rings of the Waasland” Fond 2015.

3       Cahors  112 p

38    Libourne  2469 p

134  Agen   3648 p

262  Châteauroux  6692 p

333  Brive 8674 p

In the pedigree of “Froome” we find, on father’s side (Glamour Boy).  Especially  Janssen/ Camphuis-pigeons via Eijerkamp.  His mother, “Geeloogske”, is a daughter of the basic cock of the colony, the “Maurice” (Mauric Kusè).

“Klein Blauwke”: 4001448/12 (N°74)


The last one I’d like to present, is “Klein Blauwke”. In 2014, she became 1st Ace-pigeon Little LD Old birds SGW and 6th in the “Golden Ring of Waasland”. Her father is the “Blauwe Antigoon” of Frans De Geest. Her mother, Blauwke Sprint is another special hen. She’s a direct Eric Berckmoes out of the strain “Sprint”. This “Sprint” made Albert Marcelis world famous after he won 1st Olympiad in 2003.

1      La Souterraine  109 p

6       Bourges                                     347 p

30    Châteauroux   3571 p

35     Bourges                                  1751 p

133  Vierzon 6298 p

In this exceptional auction, you find descendants of national and even international stars like Joël Verschoot, Benny Steveninck, Dirk Van Dyck, Gerard De Bruyn, Wilson Dekens, Stickers-Donckers, Paul Huls and Gunther Smet.

Make sure you come and take these super birds in your hands…..

Kris Steeman, Zele