Tandem DEWAELE-DESEYN GINETTE (Ingooigem) 1st national champion long distance year birds KBDB 2016

And off we go to Yvegem, like they call Ingooigem locally. With view on the shopping mall ‘Molecule’ we find the house of Ginette Dewaele (76y). Ginette is, like they say in the West-Flemish dialect ‘een dulle’, meaning ‘brave’, ‘stout-hearted’, ‘brisk’…she worked hard her entire life, has raised 6 children and burst from energy and enthusiasm. Her husband passed away 4 years ago and before she also took care of her parents who lived in the same house. She never was afraid of being bored after a very active life. She cleans the house and the property thoroughly and everything is always very tidy and neat.

In the past she raced the pigeons together with her husband and all the lofts are still present.

The other side of the tandem is Barry (Ivan) Deseyn. Barry is 62 year, and comes out of the pigeon family Deseyn-Vandemeulebroucke from Vichte and was looking out to race the pigeons again after their total sale in 1989. Barry retired 5 years ago and after a long career as a truck driver and not too much time to practice his favourite hobby, he could start over again. Ginette and her husband go back a long time with Barry and from one thing came the other. They agreed racing together again. And this was obviously a very good decision.

A well-oiled team

What is a tandem when the chain hasn’t been oiled good enough and the gears creak? Well, you can find the opposite over here. Clear appointments were made, each his tasks and a good understanding leads into wonderful results.

At the sale of the very successful tandem Deseyn-Vandemeulebroucke (1 national Limoges, 1 national Narbonne and many more), 16 pigeons were sold in recall. This breeding loft was Barry’s and this is also the base of the pigeons of their current racing team.

The 15 breeding couples reside at Barry, where off a few of them in a breeding box. They are being coupled early and the eggs of the best couples are being replaced to the feeding couples so they can have about 50 early youngsters. They race the entire program, pigeon sport as a pure hobby but every week until the ‘Round of Belgium’. Other blood strains in this colony are: Battaille Ivan (now tandem Deprez-Battaille) from Zwevegem, tandem Dubrul-Verbeke from Kuurne, Secember Dirk from Waregem (short distance pigeons), Devlaminck Eric from Hulste, Devlaminck-Vandecasteele from Hulste and the old strain from Sylvère Toye from Otegem (strain ‘Zatopek’ and ‘Goudklompje’).

The racing pigeons reside at Ginette. The racing team exists of 35 widow cocks (15 old ones and 20 year birds). These don’t breed before the racing season, but after the racing season they can raise a nest. By not letting them breed before the season, they will keep their feathers longer during the season. In Winter they stay separated and fly out at normal and clear weather. To keep off the Winter condition Ginette keeps the feeding in control. The widow cocks live onto 4 lofts (2 lofts for the year birds and 2 lofts for the old ones). Year birds that succeed in their exam can move onto the old birds loft. There is a vision in this way of handling. Barry and Ginette like to race as from the very first race and train when the first Spring days arise, a first loft of old pigeons. This team can be used for the 1st races. The other 3 lofts are being trained a bit later and are being used for the nationals.

Clean, cleanst, ….Ginette

This is about the sequence we had in mind after our visit. The word ‘spotless’ isn’t strong enough to describe the condition of the lofts. The lofts are being cleaned at least twice a day, the youngsters loft even three times a day. Ginette likes to have everything in order and also has a very good contact with her pigeons like this. A part of the lofts (of the youngsters) which was empty during our visit, were spic & span. Everything is being cleaned, scrubbed with bleach and seems new, totally once a year, sometimes even more than once a year. This kind of discipline is being used for the global caring of the colony. She is being helped by Barry who is meanly responsible for the breeding, races, which pigeons will be basketed and also the social aspect (!) of the pigeon sport. Barry loves to be around and among pigeon fanciers in the club. The PR also needs to be ok, says a winking Barry.

Training, racing, feeding, caring

The widow cocks train once a day early in Spring and twice with good weather. They can train freely (but with closed windows) and in the beginning of the season Barry likes to get a ball into the air to get some spirit in. The training is the barometer, they don’t have to train long but there has to be ‘schwung’ in it and have to explode above the loft when they are in condition.

They race as well middle distance, long distance and extreme long distance and this with a small colony. This asks for a consequent handling in matter of feeding. Also this looks very logical over here. The pigeons who are about to be basketed that week are being provided with a note that has the first letter of the day of basketing on (W for Wednesday, T for Thursday and so on…). This is how Ginette knows how she has to prepare the pigeons for basketing. They only have 2 kinds of fodder namely a sports mixture and pure barley. The fodder is being bought together with a few other fanciers at Bonduelle. Good, decent food. In the quiet period of the year they get 50/50 sport and barley. As basketing is getting closer this becomes 100% sport with one spoon in the morning and one spoon in the evening. The day of basketing they get as much as they can eat with a treat of small corn.  They are being spoiled daily with 2 or 3 peanuts and a sniff of candy. As Ginette cleans the lots twice a day, all the leftovers are being removed in time

They basket really quiet (as they have many home stayers) with a short ‘smell’ of their nest dish. The year birds know the game rather quick as they are being raced on sliding doors as youngsters and know the widowhood even before they become a year bird.

Not a lot of fuzz with supplements, the pigeons do get Columbine tea every fortnight and electrolytes at homecoming. Mostly and preferably they poor fresh water into the drinking pots.

The medical follow up is limited and in hands of Pascal Lanneau. Before the season there’s a check-up and preferably not treated. Tricho is being suppressed individually by administering half a tablet Flagyl. At a race where they have to be in the basket for 3 days they also get half a tablet of Flagyl. The pigeons don’t suffer from many other ailments. At basketing and homecoming the pigeons get a drop in the eyes to avoid inflammations or eye injury.

The youngsters are being raced on sliding doors. In 2017 10 young cocks will be coupled to old hens on a small loft. The youngsters team is being darkened from the end of February till the 21st of June from 17h30 till 8 o‘clock in the morning. The young cocks race from 300 to 400km (provincial races). The young hens are being raced fully on the national flights. The youngsters who have raced the nationals are being raced on the ‘Round of Belgium’ in the after season as well.

Which results do you need to become the 1st national champion long distance?

The national championship was won with underneath results:

9th of July    Limoges       143rd ,530th  national        6,946b

16th of July   Jarnac          47th ,162nd     national        3,904b

30th of July   Tulle             18th ,50th       provincial      1,176b


In 2016 they won some local, provincial and national classifications namely :

1st champion Belgium LD year birds (won with 5 different pigeons)

1st champion year birds club Rekkem national races

1st General Champion club Ingooigem old-yb-youngsters short distance and middle distance

1st champion youngsters lngooigem  short distance and middle distance

1st champion Round of Belgium Ingooigem 1-2-3-4 signed

2nd champion old Ingooigem short distance and middle distance

4th champion youngsters national races Avelgem

4th champion youngsters Westflemish Union

Ace bird youngsters middle distance Ingooigem-Anzegem

Ace bird youngsters Round of Belgium


The three musketeers

There are 3 brothers on the lofts in Ingooigem who raced a nice palmares.

The father of these pigeons is the ‘Blauwe Pol’ (BE11-3165542) and the mother is ‘Battaille 01’ (BE11-3112701) direct Ivan Battaille from Vichte.


Wietse (BE12-3036227)

Argenton                2nd prov        1,266b

Argenton                1st loc             231b

Arras                      5th                178b

Clermont                5th                250b

Agen                      22nd prov      799b

Tulle                       49th prov       1,028b

Poitiers                   54th prov       2,621b

Clermont                153rd prov     6,891b


Willem (BE12-3036228)

Brionne                  2nd                 373b

Tours                     3rd prov        5,679b

La Soutteraine        5th prov         1,598b

La Soutteraine        8th nat          11,236b

Tulle                       14th nat         5,976b

Poitiers                   52nd nat        12,379b

Tours                     64th prov       6,400b

Limoges                 86th nat         7,221b


Mathieu (BE15-3012514)

Argenton                3rd prov        3,339b

Argenton                2nd lok            459b

Clermont                9th                5,482

Chateauroux           44th prov       4,392b

Chateauroux           3rd                  218b

Tulle                       50th prov       1,176b

Chateauroux           64th prov       5,614b

Argenton                86th prov       1,907b


A few nice results 2016


Local            11,23,253 (3/3)       818 yb

Prov             64,144,1513 (3/3)   5,614b



Local            2,10,153 (3/3)         459b

Prov             3,33,834 (3/3)         3,339b



Local            8,17 (2/2)               113 old

Prov             22,90 (2/2)             799b

Local            1 (1/2)                              79 yb

Prov             5 (1/2)                              642b

Nat               5 (1/2)                              2,932b



Local            10,28 (2/2)             142yb

Prov             49,161 (2/2)           1,243yb



Local            23,41 (2/3)             324yb

Prov             86,204 (2/3)           1,907yb



Local            38,66 (2/2)             260yb

Prov             164,266 (2/2)          1,159b



Local            9,19 (2/2)               120yb

Prov             28,80 (2/2)             772yb



Local            13,15,36,44,51 (5/6)         222 y

Prov             149,165,714,873,1119 (5/6)        1,119 y



Local            20,21 (2/2)             173 old

Prov             48,49 (2/2)             1028b

Local            8,21 (2/2)               179 yb

Prov             18,50 (2/2)             1,176yb



Local            13,38,53,75 (4/6)    388 y

Prov             67,148,234,267,828 (5/6)  3,368 y



Local            5,13,17,56 (4/6)      176y

Prov             35,76,86,354,611 (5/6)     1,887b


What will 2017 bring? There isn’t a lack of enthusiasm when you see Ginette and Barry. They are sharpening their knives all quietly to make a top season once again, but to outdo a national title will be huge challenge !