Top colonies from the entire country bring together their very best! 
Sunday December 10th 2017, Beersel, exposition from 12h00, auction at 14h00. 
With top fanciers from the entire country:

Nibus J.1-1


No need to present this Walloon legend.  Every year again among the champions.  A long fancier career with top results, with National victories, Mont Ventoux …. Olympic Ace 2017 Marathon - Ace SD LCB - 3 Nat Ace LD KBDB’16 - 6 Nat Ace Heavy LD KBDB’16 …. Again this year; 8 Nat Champion Heavy MD Old KBDB’17 …

This loft ios based on top pigeons among which; the As Bordeaux - 2 Nat Bordeaux - the Gilbert - Kleine Didi Etienne Devos - Bergitt G Devooght – Florizoone.  More recently the Vandenabeele pigeons, the Roodhooft hen, Nouwen-Paesen, Vve Caro, Bolle G., Ch.Hebberecht, Roodhooft



DANNY SENDEN, Schakkebroek

Fascinated by the GEERINCKX pigeons; more than 25 direct !!!

And of course top results! Every year again, Danny and his brother Luc win +- 40 pure first prizes !

On provincial level, they often scored with the victory and this with only few pigeons in competition.  They won provincial victories from: 3x Châteauroux, Bourges, Argenton 2261 p - ( 3 National 23904 p) - Montauban  (2 National ) … Miss Soullac won 2 provincial victories: 1 Prov Souillac in 2011 and 1 Prov Tulle in 2012 …..

A colony with high standards and a very strong selection!


Van Avondt Danny & Nick logo 


The “Million loft” with the 2 top brothers; Million and Super Million, even more quality appeared. Danny saved this golden blood and created a top breeding loft and hereby results at the highest level these last few years. With the award of 1 NAT  CHAMPION Heavy MD Yrl KBDB 2017 and other top results like 1 Br.Un. Blois 3.122 Yrl 2017 - 1 I.Prov Argenton 3.355 Young 2016 - 1 I.Prov La Souterraine 2.645 Young 2016 - 3 Br.Un. Châteauroux 1.708 Young 2016 - 4 Nat Argenton 19.592 Young 2016 - 4 Br.Un. Châteauroux 1.708 Young 2016 -4 Br.Un. Vierzon 1.942 Yrl 2017 - 7 Br.Un. Châteauroux 3.449 Yrl 2017 - 8 Br.Un. Châteauroux 3.449 Yrl 2017 - 10 Br.Un. Châteauroux 3.449 Yrl 2017 - 10 Br.Un. Bourges 2.870 Yrl 2017… 1 National Ace LCB 2017 !!!!!!
Before, with father Henri, the Million and the Super Million brought them national fame but because of his higher age, Danny and his son Nick took over on the new lofts in Wespelaar. At the beginning with youngsters, which did very well on the national races last year.  In 2017, for the first time with a team of yearlings and immediately 1st National Champion Heavy MD KBDB. An entry through the great gate, only few are able to do this but here it’s still thanks to the solid base of the Million and the Super Million. An exceptional strain and all 5 pigeons in this auction have this blood in their veins ! A colony that will settle on national level like never before!



What a colony!  Already many years at the top of the pigeon sport. Last season 2017, the only Belgian colony with 3 pigeons among the 15 best of Belgium on the Heavy MD.

2 Olympic Pigeon Cat. B Poznan 2011
3 Nat Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Yrl KBDB 2017 - 3 Nat Champion LCB MD Old/Yrl 2015 - 4 Olympic Pigeon Cat. B Poznan 2011 - 5 Nat Ace-pigeon MD Yrl KBDB 2015 - 8 Nat Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Yrl KBDB 2017 - 8 Nat Ace-pigeon MD Yrl KBDB 2016 - 15 Nat Champion MD Old/Yrl KBDB 2015 - 15 Nat Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Yrl KBDB 2017

The sensation of 2017 on the heavy middle distance with 3 National Ace-pigeons ! It’s good that Serge decided to focus again on the national races, on which he used to score super and less good on the little middle distance races.  The base is still the same; to begin with the Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons where we arrive with  "Phantom" and the Olympic pigeon "Speedy Gonzales" and so we continue to the new generation, which is created with the pigeons of Rudi Desaer...
We present here 5 late youngsters of 2016, out of the very best of the colony and ready to be paired.


Maurice Van Rillaer logo


1 NAT CHAMPION SD Old birds KBDB 2016
The sprint king of Brabant ! Maurice Van Rillaer; in 2016 he was chosen as DAL-fancier after being crowned as 1st National Champion SD Old KBDB 2016. And this with only 30 pigeons that can stay here in winter, a mini colony but hard to compete with!   For the first time, Maurice presents 5 youngsters in an auction, all out of the base of his colony, build around his basic pair "Aerts" x "Timmermans". The one and only pair at the base of a super colony. Maurice doesn’t like pedigrees and administration, only results are important here!



No need to present this duo. Every year again, they score with top results like  1 Prov La Souterraine 2.437 Young 2014 - 3 Prov Ace-pigeon MD Old KBDB 2016 - 3 Prov Ace-pigeon MD Old KBDB 2017
Frans and Agnes Wouters, a fancier pair for years just like their birds. About 10 years ago, they won 1 S.Nat Argenton with their "Den Argenton", a super racer of which they still pick the fruit. Afterwards, they collaborated with Gaston Van de Wouwer and here they got "Barbara" and again, the pigeons of Gaston score with good results.
These origins keep on going and most of all on the middle distance races, they’re at their best ! Just like the "806/14" with 8 pure first prizes and 2x among the 3 best provincial ace-pigeons in the last 2 years ! Especially for this occasion, a sister of this crack will be presented in this auction! Just like the 4 other birds, they all have the very best of the colony in their pedigree.