Top colonies from the entire country bring together their very best!
Sunday December 10th 2017, Beersel, exposition from 12h00, auction at 14h00.
With top fanciers from the entire country:



Again a fabulous season with a National award

1 Nat BOURGES Youth 2017

These last few years, the Alaerts family has become famous within the pigeons sport in the province of Limburg. These last few years, they won several provincial victories and every time very high on national level!

We can talk here about “one family” of fanciers.  These two young boys get a lot of help of their father and especially of their grandfather Romain Maes, who died on October 21st 2017.

A top colony with a National triumph in the category of “Youth”.

But there are more top results on their prize-list like 1 Prov. Châteauroux 1118 p (2016) - 1 prov. Bourges 2622 Yrl’15 (3 Nat Bourges 19735 p) - 1, 2 Prov Sourdun  - 1 Prov Orléans (Gien) in 2014 and also winners of the car in the province of Limburg  - 1 Prov Montluçon 1st provincial Montluçon 1733 p….

The colony is based on the top breeder ‘Rambo’ (2° prov. Bourges 2012, 12° Nat.Z Bourges 2013) and his daughter ‘Sky’ - 2 x top 10 National: Châteauroux (9° Nat Châeauroux 18604 p - 5 Nat Gueret 12516 p….) The strains of the Kannibaal Van Dijck and the “Kaasboertjes” Gaston Van de Wouwer.  When you’re able to win a provincial victory every year again against a lot of pigeons, you can talk of super class !


JOZEF BRACKE, Brakel-Zegelsem

“Mister Full Try”

Jozef will remain famous thanks to his “red birds” – the strain of the famous

 “Full-Try : B 00-4443884” which became in 2004, 1 Nat Ace Heavy LD KBDB  with a coefficient of 0,87%.

38 NAT. Barcelona’04  12.275 p

20 NAT. Perpignan’04   6489 p

It was a confirmation of his capacities.  As a 2-year old, this exceptional LD-racer won 31 NAT. Barcelona’02  13.021 p - as a 3-year old, 601 NAT. Barcelona’03  11806 p.

Super class!

But this was not the end, it was just the beginning!  The Full Try moved to BIFS, the golden blood stayed in Belgium.  Now, after a few years, we notice the enormous impact of this one bird within the pigeon sport !  During a period of 10 years, many top results have been won by children and grandchildren of this super breeder.

Ivan Vanvuchelen from Grazen won 1 Nat Tulle’13 against 7333 p, Erik Limbourg bought this top pigeon and he became father of several ace-pigeons (like 1° Ace LCB this season comes out of this Tulle …), Ronald Lodewijckx from Tielt Winge, 1 I.Nat Marseille’14 - 12158 p also strain of the Full Try …. With Jos Thone, with Ulrich Lemmens, with Gaby De Meulemeester and of course also on the loft of Jozef, they still score with fabulous results ! These last few years, Jozef hold on to these origins by doing inbreed.

Hilde Ceulemans logo 


What a super year 2017!  Top results like 1 Bourges 6545 j - 1 Châteauroux 3449 Yrl - 1 Châteauroux 1961 Yrl - 1 Bourges 1858 Yrl. …2 Nat Z Châteauroux 6276 Yrl - 5 Nat Bourges 12416 Yrl - 8 Nat Châteauroux 14815 Yrl - 11 Nat Bourges 38357 j - 12 NAT Champion Heavy MD Yrl KBDB all of this in only one fabulous season 2017! 

A woman at the top in the “Brabantse Unie” with 4 victories in this Union in 2017 on the heavy middle distance. Top class on the loft of Hilde Ceulemans. She could celebrate 2x on Bourges and 2x on Châteauroux and of course many other top results and this for some years now. At the base of the breeding loft we find pigeons of Eric Goovaerts. A few years ago, she won 2nd National Argenton.  This bird moved to the breeding loft of the Herbots family, where it’s responsible for excellent descendants!  This colony already provided many among us with good pigeons and now 5 pearls will be sold, straight from the heart of this loft.


De Troy Wim logo
WIM DE TROY – Berlaar

Dominates on the Nationals Heavy middle distance with super results like 1 NAT Champ Heavy MD Young KBDB’16 - 1 Nat La Souterraine 16613 Young’16 -1 Prov Vierzon 1.132 Old 2017 -1 Prov Blois 1.012 Old 2017 - 2 Nat Ace-pigeon Heavy MD Old KBDB 2017 - 2 Nat Champ Heavy MD Young KBDB 2013 - 2 Prov Bourges 3.621 Yrl 2017 - 9 Nat ChÂteauroux 14.762 Young 2016 - SUPER !!!!
Wim de Troy from Berlaar (province of Antwerp), National Champion Young birds KBDB '16 and last year, the National victory from La Souterraine. This year, 2nd  National Ace-pigeon Heavy MD KBDB with "Blue Moon". Top on the heavy middle distance against all Belgium. On the breeding loft, we find the origins of J & J Engels ( strain 178/94 + Den As + 231/86 ), Van Eynde - Goovaerts and basic cock; the "863/08", direct Joseph Goovaerts ( the one and only Kaasboer ). For those that want to win on national level, this is the opportunity!

DESBUQUOIS BR. - Kappele o/d Bos

A dominating LD-colony with prizes among which 1 Nat Libourne 3.697 Yrl 2016 - 1 Nat (Z) Cahors 1.627 Old 2017 - 1 Br.Un. Cahors 694 Old 2016 - 1 Br.Un. Jarnac 401 Old 2016 - 1 Br.Un. Agen 310 Yrl 2016 - 1 Prov Perpignan 333 Old - 1 Nat Ace-pigeon Barcelona 2012-2013 - 2 Nat Cahors 5.639 Old 2017 - 2 Nat (Z) Cahors 3.328 Old 2016 - 4 Nat (Z) Jarnac 2.234 Old 2016.

When we talk about the long distance, we think of the Desbuquois-colony !
When we say Barcelona, we think about the Desbuquois Brothers of Kappele o/d Bos (province of Brabant). They breath Barcelona and they often scored very well on this race. But also the LD-races are their area, on which they scored at the top: 1 National Libourne, 1 Prov Agen, 1 Prov Perpignan, 1 Prov Cahors and all of this over the last 2 seasons without their top results from Barcelona. For this auction, they specially selected 5 red / pale top-birds out of the very best of their colony ! If you want to participate to the Spanish classic race, here is your chance!