Rony Calus (Knokke-Heist): 1st National ace bird short distance KBDB year birds 2017

Rony Calus, Knokke-Heist has been a bit a well-kept secret, a hidden pearl, outside the spotlights, but with class full pigeons that bulk with top results.

This makes me think about the old days in pigeon sport. Pigeon sport was for many fanciers a hobby and their colony was built up with a very small amount of pigeons. Well…at Rony’s we see these amounts coming back…Rony only has 7 breeding couples, about 20 widow cocks and about 40, maximum 50 youngsters. There isn’t the space or need to keep more pigeons. Hobby fanciers used to race mostly short distance and middle distance races. Due to lack of space the selection was really hard and resulted most of the time in a killing competition. It was on or off, there wasn’t a lot of time for compassion or time to: ‘we should try it again’. This way of racing is still the basis of many pigeon strains that perform extremely well on the middle distance, longer middle distance and long distance. This was and still is the base of the iron strong reputation that Belgian pigeons now have abroad..

Rony together with Kurt... celebrated as 1st National ace KBDB short distance year birds


A pure hobbyist…but with super pigeons

Rony has been retired since a few years now. As a former construction worker it wasn’t easy to take care of pigeons as it should. But as from the moment he could take care of them day in day out, he left nothing to the coincidence. His current base of pigeons are mainly pigeons from Gustaaf Standaert from Knokke-Heist who is still best friends with Rony, accomplished with some pigeons from Brauwers-Monte and Medard Degroote, also from the neighbourhood. Unknown names? Possibly, but men with top pigeons on the short distance races.

Rony formed himself a team where he can strike out really hard to the competition on a weekly base. In a nutshell…small occupation, small installation, but guided with a superb caring…and this mixture leads to maximum results! It is rather easy….when Rony baskets his cocks he doesn’t basket them for less than the 1st prize…there is no lower goal…and it mostly works as well. When asking for the base of this, Rony answers ‘in faith’: ‘receiving pigeons from fanciers who mean well and then select, select, select really hard’. As simple as ever !!

Rony isn’t a guy that lays awake about the many classifications, coefficients, and so on. He wants to race, to win and that’s it. This is how he probably mist out more than once, top classifications for ace birds or championships.

Tours provincial 2014…the first acquaintance with the larger public.

The provincial race out of Tours, raced in spring, is in West-Flanders the preparing race for the first national race out of Limoges old birds. The top lofts make this race the parameter for the coming long distance season. The ones who want to compete have to be ready and aim for head prizes. This kind of race was the one on 17th of May 2014. A tough, honest race, where the pigeons could show their shape. It became a real spectacle where everybody praised the stunt of loft De Saer from Ruiselede. Out of the 6,400 old pigeons, Rudi won the 1st, 2nd, 3rd with a top speed of 1,118m/m. But…Rony won against 2,964 year birds and only 3 basketed pigeons, the 1st prize with his 1st given with a speed of 1,196,6 m/m. The fastest pigeon out of 9,364 pigeons named “Abo Volo”, was on the loft of Rony in Knokke. He beat Gino Clicque (2 & 3), Rudi De Saer (4), Rik Cools (5)…need there be more sand?

In 2015 Rony also won the 1st Provincial Chateaudun with “Sea Biscuit” against 3,601b. Spicy detail, “Sea Biscuit” is a full brother “Abo Volo”  (winner out of Tours).


Kurt Platteeuw and the beer mat

It didn’t fell into deaf ears what Rony and his pigeons managed to do, but as it happens sometimes this result wasn’t celebrated with a lot of articles and pedigrees…to draw big attention.
And what didn’t work on the internet, did work on a beer mat. The story…Kurt and Raf Platteeuw out of Rumbeke don’t have many things to prove anymore in pigeon sport. They sold a few years ago almost their entire colony and needed to take off with a fresh new start and Kurt has the habit of going where no one else has gone before. He doesn’t look for the ‘good ones’ within the ‘big’ names. On one certain day a pigeon fanciers friend gave him a beer mat with the results of Rony Calus. Kurt didn’t hesitate for a second and went off to Heist and had a constructive chat with Rony.

As Rony doesn’t have the space to keep more pigeons, a nice and correct agreement was made between the two lofts. Platteeuw got in 2015 a round of late youngsters out of the breeders and racing pigeons and it was a hit in the rose immediately as Platteeuw won in 2016 the national victory on Chateauroux with hen “Emmanuelle”. “Emmanuelle” (B15-3115969) was also fastest against 30,000 pigeons and was a direct pigeon from the loft Rony Calus. She shined as a late youngster 2015 with a national victory with less than one year old of age. We remember the comments on this victory; ‘Platteeuw races every week with a lot of pigeons and one like this that wins, luck and coincidence does still exist.’ But the Platteeuw’s knew better. Kurt managed to see the bigger picture and knew that these pigeons were real first prize winners and that it was a firm strain with a lot of potential. These are pigeons that can also perform on the long distance races (see the year bird that classified himself this year amongst the national ace birds long distance).

In the meantime the breeding pigeons and racing pigeons have been bought by Kurt and Raf and Rony can go and get the youngsters he needs to race with and the rest of the breed stays in Rumbeke. This is how also ace bird ‘Cannibal’ is on the loft of the Platteeuw family.

A few top results of the past seasons

  • 2014 Provincial victory Tours Year birds and fastest of 9,364b with “Abo Volo”
  • 2015 Provincial victory Chateaudun with “Sea Biscuit” against 3,601b (in the meantime a proven breeder, father of “Varenne”  double provincial winner. “Sea Biscuit” is a full brother “Abo Volo”)
  • 2015 Best old bird short distance West-Flanders with “Sea Cove”. His 22nd best result (without doubles) is a 9th prize against 992b, not a simple guy.
  • 2016   4 provincial victories
    • 2 provincial victories with “Varenne”,   son out of “Sea Biscuit” : 1st provincial Chateaudun old birds 2,115b and 1st provincial Chateaudun year birds 2,040b
    • 1st provincial Chateaudun 1,894b with “Vourasie” (youngsters)
    • 1 provincial victory Chateaudun old birds 1,273b with “Ourasie,”  father of  “Cannibal” (national ace bird short distance year birds KBDB 2017)
    • 1st national Chateauroux with “Emmanuelle” (at the loft of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw).
  • 2017
    • Champion West-Flanders at the WVV in the category of year birds and general champion with the year birds in Zone A1.
    • For the first time in history a pigeon out of West-Flanders wins the title of Ace Bird of Belgium Short Distance year birds with “Cannibal”.
    • 12th national ace bird long distance year birds KBDB with “Sea Surfer” (at Raf and Kurt) which proves that these pigeons can take on the long distance races.

“Cannibal” BE16-3046631: 1st National Ace bird Short distance year birds KBDB 2017

Ace birds are the cracks amongst the cracks, the most regular toppers amongst the toppers in their category. And the ‘Cannibal’ from Rony is one like this. This black year bird had a super season:

  • Clermont           1st      567b
  • Clermont           1st      282b
  • Clermont           2nd      1,063b
  • Clermont           2nd      738b
  • Arras                 3rd      694b
  • Clermont           3rd      636b

“Cannibal” comes out of a family of winners.

His father is “Ourasi” (BE14-3064414) who won himself head prizes

  • Chateaudun       1st      1,273b          1st provincial
  • Chateaudun       1st      104b
  • Arras                 2nd      104b
  • Pontoise            2nd      85b
  • Clermont           4th      660b
  • Clermont           4th      939b
  • Fontenay           5th      1,096b
  • Clermont           9th      2,165b
  • Chateaudun       10th    413b
  • And a lot of other head prizes…
  • He is the brother of pigeons who won in total 15x 1st prizes

His mother is “BE14-3064405” who won herself :

  • Arras                 7th      1,326b
  • Fontenay           15th    388b
  • Fontenay           58th    313b
  • Clermont           77th    747b
  • She is the sister of pigeons who won in total 20x 1st prizes

“Cannibal” is a medium sized pigeon, with a bright and vivid eye, a soft plumage and a wringer, but especially…a head racer !


It all started off with one base breeding top pigeon who got the name “The Godfather“ and out of him two top breeding couples were distillated:  

Base breeding couple n°1 :  Cock (BE09-3038968) is still present on the loft of Platteeuw, the hen is a daughter out of “The Godfather“. This couple took already care for a strong offspring like f.e. :

  • “Poroto” (BE11-3026504)   4x 1st prize winner on Tours
  • “Sea Biscuit” (BE12-3044650)   5x 1st prize winner with a provincial victory against 3,601b
  • “Varenne” wins on his turn 2x 1st Provincial
  • The best pigeon at Rony’s also comes out of this couple and the best youngster at Platteeuw’s as well.
  • “Abo Volo” ( BE13-3021812)  1st provincial Tours and fastest against 9,364b
  • “Moeder Cannibal” (BE14-64405) 1st national ace bird KBDB 2017 short distance year birds
  • Offspring of this couple managed to win in total 20 x 1st prize

Base breeding couple n° 2 are parents of 15 x 1st prize where off 2 provincial victories. Speaking of class…

The rough diamond has been discovered and isn’t hidden any longer for the outside world.

We like to congratulate Rony and Kurt with this ace bird and the marvellous results and are convinced that this cooperation will lead for more top results.