ROGER MYLLE, too modest within the pigeon sport!

Every year again, this fancier and his partner Jeannine, score with top results on the heavy long distance and within the championships. This season: 3° Entente Belge  Prize Norman Vercauteren – with the 1° marked over Limoges, Brive, Limoges Old / Yrl - St.Vincent – Perpignan, we find them on the 3rd place. With 6/6 ….4° All Round with 1° + 2° marked …. 3° Champion Old Inter West Vlaamse 2017 …. 

Mylle Roger  Hok Vj

Bellegem, is a part of Kortrijk, in the corner of the province of Western Flanders. Roger Mylle is a hard worker who started as a distributor of agricultural products but especially fascinated by potatoes. That’s why he created the firm Lydibel in 1988.  Because of his knowledge, he succeeded to make this enterprise to one of the most famous in Belgium and also across the border.  They prepare good quality products of potatoes. Some years ago, Roger retired and from that moment on, his two sons Bruno and Carlo are responsible of the firm.   Hereby, Roger had more time to spend with his beloved hobby: the pigeon sport. 

Roger Mylle is a fancier since 1975. At the beginning it all didn’t went very well, certainly not as he dreamed it to be… no top results. Nevertheless, Roger keeps on searching, he’s a man with a lot of character who wants to reach the top!

In 1977, he won 2 I.National Lourdes but a few years later he had to stop because of his “potato business”.  His pigeons moved to Roger Vereecke, who succeeded very well with these birds!

The base.

In the daily care-taking and in the love for the pigeon sport, he found his partner “Jeanine”, a woman with a passion for the sport and a hard worker too.  This duo does all to get good results and it keeps them young!

They participate to the races with a group of +- 80 widowers; 50% old and 50% yearlings. They mainly focus on the national LD-races and they even prefer the International races.

The old origins in cross breed with the new toppers

The hypermodern loft here in Bellegem, is a dream and also the birds on it, are class pigeons!  They have a very strong base. The old base has been reinforced with the very best of Belgium.  When we think about the old famous LD-origins; the inbreed Stichelbaut pigeons via Frans Labeeuw, the best of what the LD-master Sylvere Toye had to offer and these reinforced with the character LD-racers of the late Etienne De Vos.

These three “origins” form the base of the Mylle colony although they never stand still here in Bellegem and every year again, they look for some reinforcement. Some of the new arrivals come from Gino Clicque, Joël Verschoot, Eric Huys , Noël Claerhout and  Danny Vagenende.

Nevertheless, nowadays we can talk about their “own origins”, selected on “character”, “resistance” and pigeons with a lot of “endurance”.  They want to get home on the day they’re released and they keep on going!


Some toppers of the last few years




1 Pau’11       256 p

2 NAT 2338 p

230 Nat. Brive’09   17456 p

346 Nat. Montauban’09    7203 p

491 Nat. Narbonne’09      7156 p

13 Orange 327 p

Sire : 3249755-02, De Marc , M Vandaele - extra breeder, son of the Oude Lucien 213-99, father of the 1/156 Arras - 1/333 Clermont - 1/352 Clermont - , Luciano : 1/416 Chartres

Dam : 3203903-98, Houttekier

 3174055-06 de eric



1 Argenton 327 p

3 Prov. 1273 p

1 Poitiers 324 p

2 Limoges 3421 p

6 NAT 19373 p

2 Tulle 190 p

6 Prov 698 p

51 NAT 5124 p

11 Limoges 2300 p

25 NAT 10448 p

Sire : 3117067-04, Father Erik,

Dam : 3215438-03, Mother Erik, M Vandaele




1 Prov Ace Heavy MD’10

1 Tulle’10     183 p

16 NAT 8323 p

9 Limoges’10 3079 p

85 NAT 14211 p

9 Argenton’10         3250 p

22 NAT 14211 p

20 Tulle 1831 p

191 NAT 5124 p

Sire :  3206082-07, Father Libello - S Toye

Gr.S. : 3204554-04, Grandson 1 Nat Bourges’88 - strain 1 Nat Perpignan

Gr.D. : 3204565-04, Daughter Paris, which won 1 Prov Limoges 2222 p - 3 Souillac 133 p x JLN Houben

Dam : 324405-03, Mother Libello - E Devos

Gr.S. : 3001320-99, Super Didi - Brother of the famous Kleine Didi , Etienne Devos

Gr.D. : 4203814-99, Kapoentje Didi – daughter of Sister Kleine Didi




1 La Chatre 386 p

1 Prov. 1615 p

2 Argenton 113 p

45 NAT 7358 p

3 Bourges 339 p

27 Nat Z 4807 p

197 NAT 17138 p

29 Souillac 2507 p

139 NAT 5667 p

368 Nat Argenton 19816 p

Sire : 3008199-01, Father Jonas - Houttekier

Dam : 3044545-99, E Huys


3040907-12 “Mario”

1 Montluçon 332 p

1 Prov. 1840 p

1 Nat Z 2744 p

2 NAT 14230 p

4 Montluçon 2836 p

4 Fontenay 101 p


3004108-13 “Pau-Joel”

1 Prov Narbonne 527 jp

29Nat Narbonne 2835 p

Sire: 3003346-06, “De Mathieu- de Pau” : an exceptional LD-racer with: 13 national Orange 1270 p, p 230 national Brive 17456 p, 312 national Montauban 7203 p, 2 national Pau 2338 p, 200 national Tarbes 10695 p, etc…..

Gr.S.: 3249755-02, “Vandaele” : basic cock of the loft and father of the “Mathieu-De Pau”, a fabulous racer with prizes like 2 National Pau 2.338 p.

Gr.D.: 3203903-98: Hen L. Houttekier with origin Verheye – Waregem.

Dam: 3047921-11: bought with Joel Verschoot from Ingelmunster.

Gr.S: 3047921-11: origin Sylvere Toye and son “Red Opium” , 1st Ace-pigeon National LD-trophy with 27.31%.

Gr.D.: 3127265-09: Daughter “Blauwe Noel”, Half-brother “Figo”, Olympic Pigeon in South-Africa. Super breeder, father of pigeons like the “Pijl”, 2 x 1st Provincial Châteauroux – origin Wilfried Vandemaele from Heule.

de Vincent 

3047804-11 De Vincent

A phenomenon.


4 Cahors 166 p

83 NAT 7140 p

6 St.Vincent 86 p

45 NAT 3240 p


9 Pau 177 p

175 NAT 1980 p

4 St.Vincent 91 p

40 NAT 3037 p


8 Pau 150 p

38 NAT 1661 p

1 St.Vincent 78 p

10 NAT 2562 p

6 Narbonne 112 p

226 NAT 4092 p

5x top 100 national,

4x TOP 50 National

He became

Best Belgian pigeon St-Vincent 2015-2016

Best International pigeon St-Vincent 2015-2016

Best Belgian pigeon St-Vincent 2014-2016

2nd Belgian old bird 3 international races 2016

4th European old bird 3 international races 2016

2nd provincial ace-pigeon Heavy LD West-Flanders 2016

11th classified national KBDB ace-pigeon Heavy LD 2016

6th in stand Olympiad 2016 category marathon

2nd ace-pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon Championships Bruges 2016

Sire : 3076207-10, pur Stichelbout – top breeder, son of the Ludo, brother Pr.Ipares Barcelona x 780-03, daughter Montauban, strain Primus I.Pares Barcelona

Dam : 3013833-07, G Maroy - daughter 2 S/Nat Poitiers -


Super year 2016

5th national champion KBDB Heavy LD 2016

11th classified national KBDB ace-pigeon Heavy LD 2016

2nd Belgian old bird 3 international races 2016

4th European old bird 3 international races 2016

2nd provincial ace-pigeon Heavy LD West-Flanders 2016

4th champion Inter-Westvlaamse cat.old birds

6th in stand Olympiad 2016 cat.marathon

2nd ace-pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon Championships Bruges 2016

Best Belgian pigeon St-Vincent 2015-2016

Best International pigeon St-Vincent 2015-2016

Best Belgian pigeon St-Vincent 2014-2016

3rd champion Heavy LD local Rekkem 2016

6th champion LD local Rekkem 2016

4th general champion local Rekkem 2016


This year, we’ll present you several strong selected and inbreed pigeons of this colony. Inbreed and directly out of the phenomenon; the Vincent.

They will be present in the auction of “St.Niklaas” in Beersel – the “Christmas-auction” in Nivelles or in one of the two LD-auctions in Ramillies !!!

If you want to win, if you need iron LD-racers on your loft, this is the ideal moment!