The new championship “Rhone Kitano Cup” continues, the 2nd race of the championship was Montelimar. Just as last time on Valence it again was a very tough race and is the winner of pure class. The winner old birds is 2156809/2014, a strong blue cock that belongs to the tandem Flossie Morren from Geetbets. Already for 3 years in a row you can find this pigeon shining on Montélimar! He won locally the 1st prize against 272 old birds and the 83th national against 4,652 birds in total

The basketed 7 old once and clocked 5 of them.

Montelimar 272 old : 1,3,17,… 5/7

Flossie Morren logo

Peetermans Cornelius from Scherpenheuvel won the year bird competition, his year bird cock 2075944/2017 is the best out of 145 year birds. National, she won the 86th prize against 2,042b.

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The race was open until the next day and on Sunday we paid them a visit and they all got a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne and a voucher to go to a restaurant.

Winner old

2156809/2014 Blue Cock

  1                   Montelimar ’18       272b
85       Nat                                   4,652b
  2                   Montelimar ’15       130b
49       Nat                                   4,000b
  3                   Montelimar ’17       100b
38       S.Nat                                1,732b

2156809-2014 logo

2156809-2014 vleugel logo

Father 2010996/2009 Chequered
½ brother to “063/08” Hufki
Super racer with ao. 30 Nat Montelimar 3,868b, 68 Nat Valence 6,236b, 79 Nat Valence 6,542b, 89 Nat Montelimar 3,624b

Gr.F. 2167930/2008 ‘Hulk’ Blue white pin
          Top racer on the one day long distance
          Won o.a. 5 Nat (z) Souillac 1,186b, 75 Nat Agen 4,971b, 99 Nat (z) Brive
          5,934b, 190 Nat (z) Limoges 5,269b, 202 Nat Agen 5,507b
          Son to “720/95” Nierske x “806/07” Godo
Gr.M. 5117862/2005 Light chequered
            ½ sister “Fenomenale” Camiel Nulens ( same mother )

Mother 5180267/2004 Blue

Gr.F. 5132502/2003 Son ‘Superboy’
          Son to “838/01” Superboy 2 x 1st Provincial Chateauroux
Gr.M. 5057879/2000 Blue white pin Bastijns

ped 2156809-2014 logo

Winner year birds  

2075944/2017 Blue Cock

1               Montelimar      145b
86       Nat                      2,042b

2075944-2017 logo

2075944-2017 vleugel logo

Intermediate ranking Rhone Kitano Cup

1.     Matterne Clement       20 pts
2.     Oliviers – Devos          18 pts
        Flossie – Morren          18 pts
        Roosen Willy               18 pts
5.     Vandeborne Elza         15 pts

Buelens Kim