Impressed! I got to see some pigeons from the youthfull brothers Alaerts from Ham...

... and I was really impressed !

What a quality they have.

Jonah&Noah Alaerts + logo-2016

A hen that made a real impression on us was “Olijfje” - 2120622-14. We already saw more then once quality hens who could perform extremely well in one season but this one does it 3 times in a row!

As a young bird she already managed to get a 126th National Argenton (561 km) against 27,267 pigeons in 2014! As a yearbird, she shines again from Argenton with the 8th Provincial against 1,721 pigeon, and one month later she got the 2nd Provincial Sourdun (309 km) against 2,314 yearbirds. As old hen she wins in 2016 the national openingsclassic from  Bourges (485 km) the 1st Provincial against 2,622 old birds, national 3rd against 19,736 old birds. With her Argenton prestations she became the 3rd Best Argenton racer over the period 2014-2015.

Her entire palmaris is impressive: with nummerous national Great Middle Distance races such as: : 290 Nat. Chateauroux (535 km) 25,710 b. - 900 NAT Montluçon (557 km) 16,982 b. - further 2x Bourges national - 2x Chateauroux national - Montluçon and in between also a 21st from Momignies (122 km) against 1,042 pigeons.

This tophen has gold running through her vains; on fathers' side we see the golden blood of the 'Kannibaal' (national ace cock and super breeder) from Dirk Van Dyck from Zandhoven and on mothers' side it is an inbred of the famous 'Pantani' (1 Nat Bourges and Olympiad cock) from Guido Loockx. Also his famous 'Prinses', also a 1st National Bourges winner, is to be found on mothers' side.

Olijfje isn't a loner, her 1/2 sister 'Bieke' won 1st Prov. Chateauroux against 1,118b wich was the 35th national against 14,762b.

This youthfull tandem, Jonah & Noah from Ham, became in 2014 totally independend pigeon fanciers. Off course, they get some help by their parents and grandfather. Trough reading and surfing the net they looked for the best breeding lines, got them on their loft and wrote a good trainingschedule.  This is to be followed by the entire family, accuracy and cleanness is to be found here, but also a lot of training. Next to this they try to invest year after year, not only trough new blood, but also to work their lofts. The pigeons need to feel good on the loft. A good environment is of great importance, space and oxygen, that's what it is all about. The placed aviaries next to the lofts with a breeding cloth, so the pigeons have the luxury to get fresh air always without being in a draft.

Total widowhood : this the game they play... This is how they try to get amazing results, also they look at drift, the needs of both cocks and hens, are they ready for it? What do they need? What do they want? And act like it accordingly.

Several TOP 100 winners on NATIONAL level … and against the mass

Olijfje isn't the only top bird in Ham! No, we got to see some other top birds, like for example Ella 2155305-15, a super with the 19 NAT Bourges 36,315 pigeons, … but also on the short distance with a 9th on Soissons against 245b - ... sister of the Provincial Car winner “Sally” with a 1 Provincial Gien 4,128 young birds. On fathers' side a direct Veulemans-Perilleux, again an inbred of the Platinium Pair (parents, grandparents of several different National winners). On mothers' side, again an inbred to the 'Kannibaal' and the 'Bourges' from Dirk Van Dyck!

We also have “Paulien 5064974-13” again top national, with a 45 NAT Chateauroux 18,604 b. - 48 NAT Chateauroux 7,479 b. - 70 NAT Argenton 3,110 b. - 123 Nat Argenton 19,303 b. - 138 NAT Gueret 12,516 b. - 179 NAT Issoudun 16,615 b... Look at this fast: 3 x TOP 70 National + several prizes per 100. Her inheritage: Ludo Claessens - Vindevogel x strain of the 1st Prov. Claes Maes.

Also the “677 Doffer ” - 2120677-14 wins twice top 100 National Bourges :

27 NAT Bourges 21,522 b. and afterwards again 35 NAT Bourges 7,479 b. Again the strain of the KANNIBAAL on fathers' side!

Another top pigeon with 2x TOP 100 NATIONAL is the “961”, this 5064961-13 hen got a 48 NAT Bourges 10,141 b. and 62 NAT Argenton 4,498 b. But also the short distance from Momignies is good for a 2nd against 119b.

Mentionning the short distance, their “TOMMEKE” 5060092-12, a pure Jos Thoné cock, strains Deep Imact (Olympiad), Sars ( zson 1 NAT Bourges Schellens), raced great out of  Soissons (220 km) met 1/1,217 b - 1/195 b - 1/237 b - 2/417 b - 5/391 b - 6/225 b… Tommeke is a proven breeding cock, he is the father of 5064972-13, this Tomma’s Girl won 2x top 100 National on her turn. - with a 63 NAT Bourges 18,826 b - 89 NAT La Souterraine 3,184 b. …..

2016 was again an amazing racing season with the provincial victory on the first national race Bourges and a provincial victory on the closing race Chateauroux against 1,118b....A national victory is waiting!