The new championship “Rhone Kitano Cup” in club “Obrafo Kumtich” started off. Valence was the first out of 6 races where this championship will be divided over. The winner here is immediately a top pigeon 2322246/2014 ‘Willy’ isn’t just another pigeon, he is always present on the races that count and won last year already the 8th National Perpignan against 4,620b. Now he wins again 1st prize locally against 290 pigeons and the 7th Provincial. This top pigeon can be found at the Brabant top colony Oliviers – Devos uit Kumtich.

In total, this colony basketed 11 pigeons and the expectations were set high, but they didn’t expect this to happen. They clocked 10 pigeons and the first 3 signed came in first. Nice detail, the first 3 pigeons are full brothers of each other.

On the day of the race itself we paid them a visit and the winner got a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne and a voucher to go to restaurant.

Valence 290 old : 1,4,10,27,28,… 10/11

Oliviers Devos logo

2322246/2014 De Willy Chequered white pin cock

    1              Valence ’18           290b
    7     Prov                             1,152b
  55     Nat                              7,884b
    1     Prov   Perpignan ’17       201b
    8     Nat                              4,620b
  25     I.Nat                          14,851b
    1              Narbonne ’16          66b
116    Nat                               4,113b
  11              Barcelona ’17         310b
280    Nat                               7,874b

2322246-2014 logo

2322246-2014 vleugel logo

Father 2182036/2012 Son Gaston

Gr.F. 2090302/2008 Gaston 2nd Ace bird LD Br. Union
          Son to “357/07” Eric Herbots x “487/07” Granddaughter ‘603 Steketee’
Gr.M. 2195067/2010 Sister ‘066’
           Daughter to “712/04” Son ‘Barca Steketee’ x “348/04” Daughter
           ‘603 Steketee’ Ace bird Ave Regina + Brabant Union

Mother 1028589/2011 ½ sister ‘D’Artagnan’ Dieter Ballman
½ sister “D’Artagnan” 4 + 64 Nat Perpignan and 112 Nat Marseille

Gr.F. 1003954/1999 Super breeder
          Son to “482/95” Top racer x “435/95” daughter base breeder
Gr.M. DV 321246/2009 Inbred ‘Limoges’ Carteus
           Daughter to “839/99” Son ‘Limoges’ x “398/97” Daughter ‘287’

ped 2322246-2014 logo

Intermediate ranking Rhone Kitano Cup

1.     Oliviers – Devos     18 pts
2.     Roosen Willy          12 pts
3.     Matterne Clement    8 pts
4.     Natens Leon            6 pts
5.     Cortoos Georges      5 pts

Buelens Kim