Mister Safeh

Winner Zone A2 WEST FLANDERS of Châteauroux III

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A year on his transfer to live in Belgium,the first national concours bourges wins 53 national yearling
Day in day out the most famous pigeons fanciers keep always the top ranks in any race organized.
Today we learned that Mister Khalid Safeh won the first prize at his club and at the provincial level as well.and Zone A2 FLANDRE OCCIDENTALE as well ( Châteauroux III).
To those who doesn't know Mister Safeh,he's one of the biggest champions well known in Morocco.
More than 100 prizes from the first to the 10th ranking in Casablanca,where one race release could achieve more than 40000 pigeons.
Not to mention his capacity to manage one of the biggest Association in Casablanca with more than 220 adherents.

Today in another glory to Mr Safeh effort to compete with best of the best pigeons fanciers with the below results in a short period not exceeding one year on his transfer to live in Belgium :

☆ 24/05 Bourges I Yearlings
☆ 4 reg 328p
☆ 21 Prov 3382p
☆ 53 Nat 19133p
☆ 11/08 Bourges II Yearlings
☆ 8 - 50 Prov 677p
☆ 18/08 Chateauroux III Yearlings
☆ 1 - 59 -70 Prov
☆ 60 national Belgium

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