The Barcelona classic of the year, for many amongst us a race with a worldwide appearance and where many of us are impressed if they can perform on this one. One who has been able to achieve amazing top results on this year after year and is standing high above the rest of the Barcelona fanciers is Lieven Buelens from Scherpenheuvel. From the 2000s until now he has been present on this race and to clock early is only goal. But when you have a look at the total he also always scores a high price percentage ! When you have a look at the past three years, he wins 2 x 2nd National Barcelona and is he wins once the Inter Pares Ace bird of Belgium over 5 Barcelona races ! What he managed to achieve over this short of period is an unique thing in pigeon sport.

Or even stronger, in 2014 he won 4 x TOP 23 National ! His first pigeon raced 1,083km in one day and was clocked at 22h27, his next 3 pigeons were clocked at 1h04 at night, 4h52 and 5h05 ! In 2016 the speed average was lower and the race even harder but yet again he won the 2nd National against 7,693 old birds and the 5th spot International against 17,732b. Top class of the highest level !

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That’s why he decided to put all breeders and proven racers until the season of 2015 in auction ! An unique internet auction with the best Barcelona blood in the country. This sale will take place on from 26/04/2017 14h00 till 04/05/2017 14h00 ( part I ) and 15h00 ( part II )


Topresults 2011-2016

1 Nat Ace pigeon Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2011-2015
2 I.Nat Ace pigeon Barcelona 2011-2015
6 I.Nat Ace pigeon Barcelona 2010-2012
7 Nat Ace pigeon Barcelona 2013-2016

  2 Nat Barcelona ’14      8.764b 
  2 Nat Barcelona ’16      7.693b
10 Nat Marseille ’16       2.166b     
11 Nat Barcelona ’11    12.170b 
17 Nat Montelimar ’15   1.512b     
18 Nat Perpignan ’11     5.591b     
21 Nat Barcelona ’14      8.764b     
22 Nat Barcelona ’14      8.764b 
23 Nat Barcelona ’14      8.764b     
31 Nat Montelimar ’15   1.512b     
45 Nat Montelimar ’15   1.512b
52 Nat Barcelona ’15      7.791b
66 Nat Barcelona ’13    10.542b
66 Nat Montelimar ’15   1.512b
68 Nat Barcelona ’11    12.170b
85 Nat Perpignan ’13    5.613b
85 Nat Marseille ’13       2.376b
99 Nat Marseille ’15       2.165b

On the breeding loft believing in the family of pigeons that have proven themselves !

The extreme long distance races and especially Barcelona is something unique where you just can’t basket any pigeon on. That’s why Lieven has based his breeding loft on pigeons which have proven themselves strongly on Barcelona or on the direct relatives of these pigeons. According to him you don’t have to look any further.

That’s why we gladly like to introduce to you the standard-bearers of this colony which have given true super breeders in 1st and 2nd generation.

2195609/2003 Den 609; was a pigeon who has shined as a 3-year old with a marvellous 16th National against 11,802b (81st International against 22,887b) and moved onto the breeding loft afterwards.

He became father and grandfather of many top racers        
Father of “887/07” 11 Nat Barcelona         12,170b ‘11
                              54 I.Nat Barcelona       26,068b
Father of “680/08” 18 Nat Perpignan           5,591b ‘11
                              94 I.Nat Perpignan       15,192b
Grandfather of “212/14” 2 Nat Barcelona     7,628b ‘16
                                      5 I.Nat Barcelona 17,732b

The other superb breeding line is the 2264717/2002, the one and only base breeder who owns 100% Antoon & Luci Vanderwegen blood
( Inbred to the “Beer” 1 Nat Marseille )

Father of
“165/09” 75 I.Nat Soustons    10,190b ‘10
He’s grandfather of
“782/11”  2 Nat   Barcelona      8,764b ‘14
               18 I.Nat Barcelona   21,169b
“772/11” 21 Nat   Barcelona     8,764b ‘14
               59 I.Nat Barcelona   21,169b
“247/14” 10 Nat   Marseille      2,166b ‘16
               21 I.Nat Marseille      9,620b
               31 Nat   Montélimar   1,512b ‘15

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The system at the Buelens house is well known, they always race widow cocks on the classic widowhood system. Only the year birds still act like fathers in their second birth year.

Mostly the pigeons race, the ones who don’t race within the top 100 National year after year, 5x Barcelona and then their racing career ends. Also now this is the case for the “Primus Inter Pares” winner, a 7 year old widow cock who showed up on time every time again, the prove of persevering and showing these pigeons can perform under any weather condition, from very fast to very hot as the 2015-edition. Lieven was already enormously proud of this pigeon that he proved himself 5 years in a row and if he wins the title of “Primus Inter Pares” it always is a nice extra thing. Now he can enjoy his racing retirement onto the breeding loft.
He prepares his pigeons always with some shorter races out of the Eastern racing line. Afterwards the entire platoon goes to Chalon, the ones who go to Barcelona race Valence as a last preparation and the two-year old pigeons race the entire Rhône valley.

What does happen here on the day of basketing?  

As every they come out for their morning training at about 20 past 5. He lets them train for about one hour and during that period he has fed their hens plentiful and straw is being placed onto the loft. Afterwards the hens can train as well and Lieven let them come in together like that and keeps an eye on all the pigeons to make sure they go into the right place. At noon they get food again and fresh water and around 17h the hens are taken away. They’ve been together for a long time by then with their partner, so he can basket them calmly.

Preparation as a year bird out of the East.

The year birds have a well filled program with mostly Eastern locations like Chalons, Montelimar and Narbonne. As a 2 year old they race twice from Chalon and the 3 Rhône races. Only as a 3 year old they get their first Barcelona, only in 2016 Lieven decided to go to Barcelona with a few 2-year old pigeons with the known result, 2nd National !

Top racers which are going to be in the auction

2083782/2011 Flying Home Blue Cock

 2 Nat   Barcelona    8,764b ‘14
18 I.Nat                 21,169b ( clocked 10h27 p.m. – raced 1,083km in 1 day )

BE11-2083782 KLEIN

Father 2228665/2006 Light chequered

Gr.F. 2364713/2000 Son of “611/95” Brother Mother Sarina
      x “690/98” Granddaughter 1 Int.Nat Barcelona Vanbruane
Gr.M. 2127161/2004 Light chequered
      Daughter of “663/98” Grandson 12 Int.Nat Barcelona Vanbruane x “455/99” Schoon geschelpt 

Mother 2052185/2009 Daughter Base Breeder Vanderwegen

Gr.F. 2264717/2002 Base Breeder Vanderwegen
      Son of “043/99” Grandson Beer 1 Nat Marseille and Vliegenier x “060/99” Granddaughter Beer
Gr.M. 2106318/2006 Berlijntje
      Daughter of “237/97” Grandson Weerlicht 2 Nat Perpignan G Devooght x “576/98” Hoge Blauwe 

2083772/2011 Nightflyer Blue Cock

21 Nat   Barcelona    8,764b ‘14
59 I.Nat                  21,169b ( clocked 1h04 A.M. ) 

BE11-2083772 KLEIN

Father NL 1507644/2009 Original Fons Van Ophuizen 

Mother 2052186/2009 Daughter Base breeder Vanderwegen

Gr.F. 2264717/2002 Base Breeder Vanderwegen
      Son of “043/99” Grandson Beer 1 Nat Marseille and Vliegenier x “060/99” Granddaughter Beer
Gr.M. 2106318/2006 Berlijntje
      Daughter of “237/97” Grandson Weerlicht 2 Nat PerpignanG Devooght x “576/98” Hoge Blauwe 

2083766/2011 Good Luck Morning Chequered Cock  

22 Nat   Barcelona  8,764b ‘14
60 I.Nat                21,169b ( clocked 4h52 A.M. ) 

BE11-2083766 KLEIN

Father 2029164/2008 Son Super 93 
Nestbrother to “2029165/2008” Super Barca 65
11 Nat Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2011-2013
Won 66 Nat Barcelona 10,542b – 452 Nat Barcelona 12,170b –
   708 Nat Barcelona 11,590b

Gr.F. 2199393/2004 Super 93
      Won 152 Nat Barcelona 13,503b and 152 Nat Barcelona 11,484b
      Son of “542/99” Lebegge x “253/01” Lebegge
Gr.M. 2088789/2005 Daughter Flikker
      Daughter of “151/96” Flikker Won 5 x Barcelona with 81 Nat Barcelona x “678/00” Emile Matterne 

Mother 2052117/2009 Daughter Ace Pigeon 41

Gr.F. 2110941/2007 Ace Pigeon 41
      3th Ace pigeon extreme L.D. Sans Peur Herent 2012
      Son of “745/05” Grey x “360/06” Daughter Dikke
Gr.M. 2106356/2006 Granddaughter Pau II

2043247/2010 Good Day Blue Cock

 23 Nat   Barcelona    8,764b ‘14
 61 I.Nat                  21,169b ( clocked 5h05 A.M. )
456 Nat   Barcelona 10,542b ‘13
991 I.Nat                 25,294b

BE10-2043247 KLEIN

Father 2046837/2007 Son Super 93

Gr.F. 2199393/2004 Super 93
      Won 152 Nat Barcelona 13,503b en 152 Nat Barcelona
      Son of “542/99” Lebegge x “253/01” Lebegge
Gr.M. 2088789/2005 Daughter Flikker
      Daughter of “151/96” Flikker Won 5 x Barcelona
      with 81 Nat Barcelona x “678/00” Emile Matterne 

Mother 2029742/2008 Mother Good Day – Original Peter Bours

2029169/2008 Chequered cock
1 Nat Ace pigeon Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2011-2015
2 I.Nat Ace pigeon Barcelona 2011-2015

Best results 2011-2015

  135 Nat   Barcelona ’13 10.542b
  280 I.Nat                      25.294b
  224 Nat   Barcelona ’14  8.764b
  430 I.Nat                      21.169b
  814 Nat   Barcelona ’15  7.794b
1728 I.Nat                      19.089b
1145 Nat   Barcelona ’12 11.590b
2279 I.Nat                       25.320b
1231 Nat   Barcelona ’11 12.170b
2874 I.Nat                      26.068b

BE08-2029169 KLEIN

Father 2106305/2006 Den Ballon

Gr.F. 532/98 Pau II. Son of “618/90” x “132/97” Daughter Gangster
Gr.M. 761/05 Daughter of “969/02” Vandebroek x “520/02”

Mother 2199329/2004 Mother Primus Inter Pares

Gr.F. 2241818/1999 Topbreeder
      Son of “047/96” W Peumans x “806/95” Sister 115
Gr.M. 6191947/2002 Vandenbroek – Bevel

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