In Lummen you can find the real short distance racers, we all know Mark Janssens with his 2 National Ace birds, and the others fanciers in the neighbourhood are too many to mention all of them but one we would like to mention is Jos Jughmans. Jos is a pigeon fancier with a small basket, he has only 13 widow cocks but crowned himself last year 1st National Champion old and year birds on the short distance races. You can only make a deep bow for such a small fancier and congratulate him !

Jos got to know pigeon sport through his father who had a butchery, Jos still lives in the parental house where it all started. The entire family lives very close to each other over here. Jos has been active in the construction world for years and only started to focus on the pigeons after his father passed away. This is the year 2001 that we’re talking about, after that he started to race by himself and the best racers moved to the  breeding lofts of his brother in law Jef Reynders. After Jef decided to move on to the middle distance the breeders moved back to Jos. After about 5 years he started to breed and race entirely on his own.

The national title has one down side, the best widow cock ‘Den 21’ became in 2016 the 6th National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB, one year later he became 7th National Ace bird KBDB and took care, together with ‘Den 38’ for his National Title. That’s why Jos decided to stop racing him and to place him onto the breeding loft. First he mourned a bit between all the other breeders so Jos decided to give him a breeding box. He paired up really easy and was happy again, unfortunately on a Winter afternoon Jos came onto the breeding loft and found him lying death on the floor. Jos suffered a lot on this loss but he can put it in perspective it as well, the last two youngsters were luckily being raised well and his son ‘Den 60’ is now the best racer of the season 2018. So he is taking up the roll of his father.

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Widow cocks

The 13 widow cocks are being coupled on the 6th of December together with the breeders. Then they stay inside until the beginning of March, from then on the trainings are being resumed. In the beginning they train once a day but from May onwards it is twice a day. On Sunday they can rest as all races in Limburg are being raced on Saturday since this season. They race on widowhood until half of August, afterwards they can raise a couple of youngsters.

Jos always tries to keep a lot of commotion in the loft in a matter of motivation, the first 3 weeks he doesn’t show a thing, afterwards all hens are being showed, sometimes one hen or all of them together all on the floor, but pairing up before a race is not done. When he notices that the shape is going down a bit he puts another cock in the boxes to get a fight started and this takes care of the right motivation.

After an easy race they see each other shortly (15 to 20 minutes) and at a hard race one hour to 1,5 hour. 

Last year he raced the entire season with 6 pigeons on 20 short distance races, so he could win a maximum of 120 prizes. He succeeded in winning 107 prizes with amongst them 17 x 1st prizes ! Top class, the other 6 or 7 widow cocks are being raced on the middle distance races.

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National Champion old / year birds KBDB 2017

Chimay              848b :           1          -           25
Chimay              425b :           1          -             3
Chimay           1,358b :           1          -           50
Chimay           2,032b :           2          -           40
Laon               1,576b :           7          -           10
Chimay           1,123b :           8          -           13

2168921/2015 Blue cock
6 Nat Ace bird short distance year birds KBDB 2016
7 Nat Ace bird short distance old KBDB 2017

  1        Chimay           1,358b
  2        Chimay           2,032b
  2        Chimay           1,065b
  3        Laon               1,358b
  4        Vervins           1,591b
  4        Vervins           1,176b
  5        Chimay           2,244b
  7        Laon                  976b
  8        Laon                  989b
10        Laon               1,576b
10        Chimay              571b
13        Chimay           1,123b
15        Vervins              544b
25        Chimay              848b
32        Chimay           1,465b

Father 5005966/2013 Son Brother Kim ( Mario Putzeys )

Gr.F. 6111591/2009 Brother Kim Gaston Vandewouwer
           Brother “Kim” 1 Nat Gueret 14,245b
           Grandson Kaasboer
Gr.M. 5056204/2007 Mario Putzeys

Mother 2044353/2014 Pierre Mathys hen trough Harry Gijbels

Gr.F. 5161803/2011 Top racer won 6 x 1st
Gr.M. 5027105/2011

In Lummen, his son “2178160/2016” is keeping up the reputation high, he can already present underneath palmaris :

 1          Laon               1,068b
 2          Chimay              297b
 3          Chimay              388b
 3          Laon                  137b
 6          Momignies      1,159b
 6          Chimay              301b
41         Momignies      1,454b
65         Chimay           1,825b

2178160-2016 logo

2168938/2015 Blue Cock
24 Nat Ace bird short distance old KBDB 2017

  1        Chimay              848b
  7        Laon               1,576b
  8        Chimay           1,123b
10        Chimay           1,065b
27        Laon                  976b
39        Vervins           1,216b
40        Chimay           2,032b
43        Chimay           1,825b
50        Chimay           1,358b

2168938-2015 logo

Father 5031607/2013 Guido Barberie

Gr.F. 5097769/2010 Top racer with 7 x 1st
Gr.M. 5042184/2008

Mother 5020559/2012

Gr.F. 5041640/2007 Jef Reynders
Gr.M.  6313590/2007


Every year Jos breeds about 40 youngsters that made there maiden trip last weekend to Momignies. They’re not being darkened and race their first races cocks and hens mixed. After a few weeks they’re being raced on sliding doors to race again afterwards on a nest position. Before the race they can come together for about one hour when they are on the  sliding doors system. After the race they come together again for a few hours and sometimes even until the evening.

The youngsters train just as the widow cocks once a day in the beginning but as from May they will also have to train twice a day. The youngsters train for about 10 times until 55km training tosses, but he doesn’t go to the next distance as long as they can’t get home before he does. 

Jos tries to train the young cocks very careful with as with the intention to shine as a year bird and old bird so they won’t go any further as Soissons as a youngster.

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In a matter of caring and feeding it all happens very simple. The cocks get at homecoming and the day afterwards 100% Super diet. Then 2 days moulting mixture and then another two to three days 100% Sports mixture before they go onto their next race. Beside this he gives them on a regular bases apple vinegar, naturaline and biochol during the season. Then there is also the ‘potato-water’, every fortnight during two days the boiling water of potatoes goes in the drinking pot. He does dilute it so the water can last for two days. Whether he does something to improve their condition during the season isn’t something Jos does in particular but his pigeons are super healthy the entire year around. Jos’s father used to handle this ritual and Jos has been doing that ever since.

The visit to a ‘small’ fancier has been very nice and we like to thank Jos for this. He is some one that lives pigeon sport together with his neighbour Danny Vuegen as a real hobby.

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The entire HERBOTS TEAM likes to wish Jos a big congratulation on his national title and like to wish him even more luck the upcoming seasons. 

Buelens Kim