The top colony Gustaaf & Jan De Bisschop from Asse is on track again, just as we are used to. Past few years the provincial and national races on the greater middle distance were there territory and this hasn’t changed this season. The troops were set ready for Blois and Vierzon, afterwards the first big test followed with a 1st and 6th provincial Bourges against 2,493 year birds as a result. Top class of a high format ! Especially knowing that the 1st two pigeons are full sisters of the National Ace birds “Bliksem Blacky I” and “Bliksem Blacky II”. These two made good weather in 2015 and maybe three years later they have something alike coming up. But that is something the coming races will decide, the shape is present and they can take on the pace and heavy circumstances.

With the widow cocks and hens on the classic widowhood

Both cocks and hens are being raced on the classic widowhood. The widow cocks could breed during the Winter period for 14 days while the hens were only being coupled for the first time in April. This is how they could start their season and are on widowhood only since 20 days now.

The hens raced a few short distance races and 1 middle distance race before heading for Blois, Vierzon and Bourges. The normal rule is that they have to make a race each week above 400km.  

The schedule for the widow cocks is slightly different, they had 2 middle distance races and got a weekend of last week. They are being set ready for the beautiful long distance races for the year birds that are about to come. The focus is a bid divided here but they want to battle with the best of the best.

In Spring they did train very hard, especially the hens could train over one hour. Now both sexes train twice a day during 30 to 45 minutes.

As a motivation they can always stay for half an hour with their partner before basketing. After the race the widow cocks stay together until the evening and the hens stay with their cock until the next morning. This to avoid the pairing up of the hens amongst each other during the week.

2033058/2017 Blue Hen

    1  Prov  Bourges                2,493b
    1  Fastest                         4,626b
  12  Nat                             19,063b
    6  Prov  Blois                     1,408b
    7          Noyon                      394b
  30  Prov  Vierzon                 1,628b
  96  Pajot Chevrainvilliers     2,655b
116  Nat    Chateauroux      12,150b

2033058-2017 logo2033058-2017 vleugel logo

2033214/2017 Blue Hen

  3   Pajot Chevrainvilliers  2,655b
  5   Prov  Blois                  1,408b
  6   Prov  Bourges             2,493b
48   Nat                           19,063b
40   Pajot Chevrainvilliers  1,110b

2033214-2017 logo2033214-2017 vleugel logo

Full sister of
2473142/2014 Bliksem Blacky I Chequered hen
1 Nat Ace bird GMD ( over 6 races ) Herbots Ranking
7 Nat Ace bird GMD ( over 7 races ) Herbots Ranking
8 Nat Ace bird GMD Year birds KBDB 2015

2273078/2014 Bliksem Blacky II Chequered hen
1 Prov Ace bird GMD year birds KBDB 2015
14 Nat Ace bird GMD year birds KBDB 2015


BE14-2273078 logoBE14-2273142 logo

Father 2131167/2009 Hannibal
Won himself 4 x 1st and 28 x TOP 10

Gr.F. 2027828/2003 De Oude Jan
      Son of “744/01” Old base breeder x “743/01” Base
         breeding mother
Gr.M. 2018043/2006 Mother Hanna
      Mother to “Hanna” 3 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB 2013

Mother 2002594/2011 Super Bliksem III
Direct Louis Van Den Eynde

Gr.F. 4019866/2004 Den Aelbrecht Direct Marcel Aelbrecht
      Son of “217/98” Nest brother Gustaaf x “071/03” Sister
Gr.M. 2211462/2010 Granddaughter Bliksem 100% Vandenabeele
      Daughter of “362/05” Son Bliksem x “641/09” Indira
      is daughter 1 Olympiad bird 2009

BE09-2131167 logo

BE11-2002594 logo

ped 17-2033058 logo

In a matter of feeding he only uses the Flanders Finest mixtures. At homecoming they get 100% breeding, on Sundays and Mondays it is 100% Light Plus, Tuesday morning 50% Light Plus and 50% Finish until basketing.

Besides this I also give amino acids, vitamins, Hepasan from ProBelFly, condition powder from Norbert Peeters and tea. Before the start of the season all pigeons were being cleared from trichomoniases with Tricho green and after Vierzon they got for the first time a yellow drop in the beak.

Best results 2018

05/05 Chevrainvilliers 2,655 year birds : 3,8,9,13,15,23,25,37,59,74,75,84,88,91,96,103,107,109,119,142,168,171,213,215,259,260,…50/77
12/05 Blois Br.Union 1,534 year birds : 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,18,19,22,23,24,40,41,49,53,68,73,75,84,93,113,135,…35/49
      Chevrainvilliers 3,008 year birds: 52,55,90,91,130,139,147,209,210,….16/28
19/05 Vierzon 377 year birds : 6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,23,24,25,32,34,36,… 40/76
26/05 Bourges Nat (z) 6,917 year birds: 6,16,41,145,167,399,531,585,681,698,… 17/42

The entire HERBOTS TEAM wishes Jan & Gustaaf a big congratulation with their results and a lot of success with the rest of the racing season !

Buelens Kim