When you have established a firm breeding base with amazing racing pigeons, they will do fantastic under any circumstances. This is certainly the case here, these pigeons compete with the very best every year at the national level in Belgium and Netherlands and are the cream of the crop.

Paul Jamar - Rummen

1 Nat Champion heavy middle distance yearlings KBDB 2015

His two top hens' 2189254/2014 " Karen and Karin 2 granddaughters from “6181005/2009”, and a direct daughter of the “TORNADO COUPLE” took home respectively the 22nd prize Nat. Chateauroux 18.658p,the 45th Nat Gueret 16.262p, the 97th Nat (z) Argenton 5.327p and the 35th Nat Argenton 4.498p, the 36th  Nat Chateauroux 18.604p, the 82nd Nat Bourges 18.825p, the 107th  Nat Gueret 12.516.

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Danny de Voogd - Yerseke (Netherlands)

This year, Danny took home the 2nd NPO Chateauroux 11.922p with the "6100691/2014." This superpigeon’s father directly descends from Van Eynde – Goovaerts their "6301425/2008" White Eye Tornado, a direct son of the "TORNADO COUPLE".

Smet Gunther - Lokeren

This year he won first 1 Nat (z) Chateauroux 8.663p with NL 1759605-2015. This pigeon comes from the dutch breeder Comb. De Kooning but the mother is of direct descent from Van Eynde - Goovaerts. She is a granddaughter of the base breeder "Kaasboerin" Hen "TORNADO TORQUE".

Vanderweerden Jos - Schepdaal

His best widower 2164755/2014, won 8th place on Prov Argenton 2.217p, 9th Nat (z) Bourges 7.739p, 17th Nat Chateauroux 25.710p and 37th Nat Chateauroux 22.815p.

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Michel Janssens - Wilsele

His best racing hen is "2172579/2014" who shone in the national races with 12th Montlucon 9.462p Nat 24 Nat Chateauroux 5.868p, 29th Nat (z) La Souterraine 864p, 123rd Nat Montlucon 16.982p, 293rd Nat Gueret 16.262p.

Her mother is a direct Van Eynde - Goovaerts hen which was taken as an egg. This is born out of a daughter of "Tornado Crasch" and son of "TORNADO COUPLE".

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Vanderweerden Jan - Brussegem

The best super widower 2060138/2012 of his loft has already flown four seasons and took home 2nd Prov Montlucon 1.025p, 3rd Prov Blois 1.515p, 5th Nat La Souterraine 18.676p, 5th Nat (z) Montlucon 2.373p, 7th Prov Vierzon 446p, 10th Prov Blois 871p, 11th Prov Chateauroux 2.114p, 87th Nat (z) La Souterraine 6.618p, 63rd Nat Bourges 19.736p, 368th Nat Argenton 22.463p.
The mom of this superpigeon is of direct descent from the line of  Van Eynde – Goovaerts.

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Iwens Tom & Jan – Sint-Katelijne-Waver
This year this new colony won first National Argenton out of 19.575p ( fastest out of 27.281p )with the 6113416/2016. This new star is the grandson of the “6095202/2013” Rambo a direct pigeon of the line from Van Eynde – Goovaerts. This pigeon is the son of the “735/07” and grandson of the “098/03” Kaasboer Vandewouwer.

Huysmans Gert – Balen
In the beginning of this year Van Eynde Goovaerts took home many prizes at Blois, but Gert also shone with the “6086496/2015” by winning 1st Nat (z) Blois 1.708p. This is a 100% Van Eynde – Goovaerts cock born out of the “Line Vriend x Luc Daans and Kaasboer”, Mother is “Inbreeding 399/07” Superbreeder Luc Daans

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Vandewouwer Gaston – Berlaar
Between Gaston en Marc & Joseph there exists a strong bond, that is why a lot of pigeons moved from Putte to Berlaar that improved the results of Vandewouwer.
“238/09” Son of “Son of 178/94 Engels” x “Vichyduivin”
He is a grandfather of the First prize Nat Nevers 11.579p ’13 ( Dockx L & G )
“822/10” Brother of Superboy Cees Schroevers is father of 2nd place prov Ace pigeon 2012
“736/10” “Line 178/94 Engels” is father of “Elleke” 1st place Union Antwerpen halve fond 2011
“228/09” Son “TORNADO COUPLE” is grandfather of prized pigeons of Norbert Ally

Cees Schroevers – Arnemuiden ( Netherlands )
In time Cees bought a young bird 6163775/2010 with the name Superboy from Marc & Joseph. A great bird with results at 1 Arras 897p, 2 Orléans 584p, 5 Morlincourt 1.173p, 6 Orléans 6.067p, 10 Sens 6.007p, 12 Peronne 1.528p, 41 Morlincourt 4.435p, 45 Orléans 4.515p, 97 Ablis 8.095p. These results made him 6th Nat Ace Pigeon Young Birds of the Netherlands and  became a Superbreeding base for generations. His sister “NL 3055000/2011” moved back to Putte en became the mother of “Jolien Bourges” 3 Nat Bourges 7.479p ’16.


Nobert Ally – Aarsele
The amazing pigeon “Gouda” 311204/2012 won 2 Prov Blois 3.317p, 6 Prov La Souterraine 2.856p, 17 Prov Blois 5.645p, 48 Nat Argenton 25.949p is a granddaughter of “6163823/2010” a direct daughter from Van Eynde – Goovaerts. This “823/10” is a daughter of “Blauwe Euro” x “Miss Argenton”

Another great pigeon “3111341/2012”, this crack won 4th Nat La Souterraine 11.236p, 12th Prov Tours 6.400p, 24th Prov Tulle 1.082p, 29th Nat Souillac 3.641p, 31st Nat (z) Gueret 7.174p, 47th Nat Limoges 8.303p, 58th Nat Argenton 25.949p, 63rd Nat Libourne 5.024p, 73rd Nat (z) Chateauroux 5.418p, 221st Nat Poitiers 12.379p is the grandson of “6181228/2009” Son of the “TORNADO COUPLE”

The 3rd and the best is “3126131/2015” New Schumi became 2nd Nat KBDB Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance of the Young Birds 2015.
This superpigeon won 25th Nat (z) Argenton 4.200p, 28th Nat Issoudun 11.984p, 65th Nat (z) Bourges 11.401p, 218th Nat La Souterraine 9.760p and is the grandson of “Gouda” ( Father side Blauwe Euro x Miss Argenton Van Eynde Goovaerts ) and  mother side is a granddaughter of “6181228/2009” Son out of the “TORNADO COUPLE”

De Troy Wim – Berlaar

This colony has several pigeons of direct descent from Van Eynde – Goovaerts which did extremely well:
6163863/2010 Colombus ( Son of “827/07” Grandson of 178/94 Engels ) is
Father of “125/12” 14 Nat Bourges 33.524p.
Father of “021/11” Superbreeder and grandfather of “444/14”
1 Nat Argenton 2.418p ’15 at Bart Henderickx in Berlaar, also grandfather of “560/14” 1 Nat (z) Bourges 7.739p ‘15
6467585/2004 Skyfall ( Engels x Dirk Van Dijck ) is mother of “014/10” 4 Nat Asduif heavy middle distance of 2010. 13 Nat Argenton 22.442p, 170 Nat Bourges 30.748p en 313 Nat Gueret 13.885p
6181231/2009 Scarlett ( Daughter of “730/07” Grandson of Kaasboer ) Mother of “Cleopatra” 2 Dourdan 1.678p, 19 Prov Chateauroux 1.862p, 98 Nat La Chatre 21.180p, 261 Nat Bourges 20.544p
Mother of “Mr Smith” 66 Nat Montlucon 22.875p, 137 Nat Chateauroux 22.254p
6225975/2012 Las Vegas ( Daughter of “Tornado Crasch” Son of TORNADO COUPLE x “Vichyduivin” )
Mother of “James Bond” 1 Souppes 841p, 2 Souppes 624p, 3 Souppes 816p, 3 Souppes 715p, 9 Souppes 552p, 10 Souppes 1.178p.
Mother of “Den Bond” 4 Souppes 841p, 10 Prov Vierzon 1.029p, 90 Nat Bourges 7.479p

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Creten Marcel – Sint Truiden
Won this year first S.Nat Nevers 5.823 young birds. Their  Prized pigeon is a granddaughter of “386/11” and also a daughter of Mieke matched to a grandson of Kaasboer. This is of direct descent of Van Eynde – Goovaerts hen.

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Goovaerts Marcel & Kristof – Baal

These young pigeon experts achieve many great results every year at National level also have the golden blood of Van Eynde – Goovaerts coursing through their veins.

6262229/2011 Daughter of Brother Kim x Granddaughter Kaasboer
Full sister 1 Prov Vierzon 1.827p ‘13
Direct descent Van Eynde – Goovaerts
Mother of “285/13” 62 Nat (z) Issoudun 3.340p
                             84 Nat (z) Argenton 3.809p
Grandmother of “222/14” 67 Nat Argenton 27.267p

6262552/2011 Granddaughter 178/94 J & J Engels
Direct descent Van Eynde – Goovaerts
Mother of “363/14” 45 Nat La Souterraine 18.588p

Van Hoof – Vanwijngaerden – Schriek

They got their old breeding base from Putte and have achieved many victories every year. Even now 2 golden breeders are of direct descent from Van Eynde – Goovaerts

Mother of “Eenoogske” won 3 S.Nat Chateauroux and 14 S.Nat Argenton.
Grandmother “The Boss” 43 Nat Bourges       20.589p
                                     62 Nat Chateauroux 15.367p
Father of “869/15” 83 Nat Issoudun 11.984p
                            88 Nat Argenton 12.449p

Father of “Siouxie” 10 Nat Gueret           14.470d
                           15 Nat Chatearoux       1.019d
                           18 Nat La Souterraine 21.258d
                         151 Nat Bourges           41.783d
                         178 S.Nat Argenton        6.410d
                         289 Nat Argenton         21.092d
Grandfather of “Black Pearl” 1 Prov Blois   2.156d
                            9 Nat La Souterraine  19.665d
Grandfather of “Zitterke” 1 Prov Issoudun    771d

Patrick Van Hoof klein

Vanvuchelen – Depre – Grazen

2186821/2014 won 2 S.Nat Montlucon     1.368d
                         204 Nat Bourges         30.180d
                         218 Nat Chateauroux  18.658d
                         458 Nat Chateauroux  25.710d

2186822/2014 won 11 Nat Chateauroux 22.818d

The mother of these 2 superhens are of direct descent of Van Eynde – Goovaerts ( Line Kaasboer G Vandewouwer )

Vanvuchelen Depre w

Ooms Ivo – Ham

Ivo won this year first provincial Limoges of 396 old birds. This widower has a mother with 75% Van Eynde Goovaerts blood coursing through her veins.

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Vanhoudt – Serre – Diest

This successful team improved their colony a lot of times with Van Eynde – Goovaerts blood.

Father of “017/11” 10 Nat Argenton 20.383p

6181232/2009 Daughter of grandson Kaasboer
Mother of “637/10” 10 Nat Bourges        30.748p
Greatgrandmother of “120/12” 63 S.Nat Vierzon  3.001p
                                               71 Nat Argenton 22.463p
                                             304 Nat Bourges   33.524p
6181176/2009 Son Miss Argenton
Father of “064/11” 89 Nat Argenton  4.757p
                    136 Nat Argenton        16.325p
                    283 Nat Bourges         22.663p                         

6262263/2011 Daughter of “Brother Kim” x “Daughter Tornado Couple”
Mother of  “377/13” 22 Nat Gueret            9.815p
                             59 Nat Gueret           12.516p
                           127 Nat Argenton       19.303p
                           159 Nat Chateauroux  18.604p
                           225 Nat Chateauroux  12.071p
                           388 Nat Bourges         18.826p

6341063/2011 Daughter of “Grandson Kaasboer” x “Daughter Tornado Couple”
Father of “172/12” 30 Nat Bourges          22.663p
                            71 Nat Argenton        21.493p
                            96 Nat Montlucon      14.230p

Vanhoudt - Serre KLEIN

Vervloesem R & P – Rijmenam

6358232/2003 Granddaughter 178/94 J & J Engels
Mother of “025/10” 1 S.Nat Chateauroux  8.094p
                            19 Prov Bourges         2.752p
Mother of “Le Mans” 1 Prov Le Mans
                              5 Prov Blois
                              5 Prov Le Mans
Mother of “026/04” 1 Prov Chateauroux   1.710p
                           45 S.Nat La Souterraine 3.482p
                           70 S.Nat Chateauroux    3.015p
                           97 S.Nat Argenton         3.879p
Grandmother of “042/11” 1 Angerville         927p
                                     7 S.Nat Nevers     6.058p
                                   17 S.Nat Vierzon    3.585p
                                   92 Nat Bourges    16.859p

6233178/2006 Grandson of 178/94 J & J Engels
Grandfather of “098/12” 1 Prov Montlucon     1.661p
                                    2 Dourdan                 1.995p
                                  39 Nat La Souterraine 11.236p 
                                168 Nat Argenton         22.463p  


Thijs-Peters – Maasmechelen

A breeding hen 6163888/2010 of direct descent from Van Eynde – Goovaerts. Daughter of “731/07” Grandson Kaasboer x “843/07” Daughter Miss Argenton.
Mother of “055/14” 1 Prov Gien 4.297p

Another breeding hen is 6163818/2010 of direct descent Van Eynde – Goovaerts and is inbreeding Kaasboer. Mother of “010/13” 1 Nat (z) Bourges 1.354p

Thijs - Peters met logo 

D’Haenens – De Block – Schelderode

This duo bought a cock out of “Tornado King” x “Super Jetje” and is a real breeding champion. 
Grandfather of “936/15” 9 Nat Issoudun 11.984p.
Grandfather of “042/16” 1 I.Prov Orléans 6.309p

Pag 36 D'Haenens De Block

Other famous lofts who have succeeded with these pigeons of Lossignol – Kemerlinckx, Engels J & J, Luc Tielemans, Van Eynde Rudy, Jos Pellens, Uytterhoeven – Michayx, Jos Maris

Buelens Kim