Herbots Kobe & Kato ( Velm )

They bought in the Winter of 2016-2017 a direct daughter from the golden breeding couple from Roger. She became immediately mother of “2059906/2017” 3 I. Prov. Chateauroux 676b ( 49 Nat 12,125b ) – 60 I. Prov. Bourges 2,515b. So a direct top result on the national races with the input of the golden breeding line.

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Brugmans Sabrina ( Halen )

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The input of the Buvens-pigeons took care of a real boost overhere. The first success came in 2014 when ‘Charlotte’ 5024923/2013 became the 1st National Ace Bird GMD year birds KBD 2014 with a  3 Prov. Chateauroux 2,119b – 7 Prov. Montluçon 1,900b – 35 Nat Bourges 10,114b – 43 Nat Bourges 24,019b. Her mother is a direct Buvens, a daughter of “Super 751” , a superb racing hen and a superb breeding hen as well. And again the successes of the golden breeding couple were being confirmed. In 2017 they benefitted again with “Black Ace” 1st S. Nat Ace Bird GMD CFW – 1 Nat Ace bird ‘Gouden Veer’ – 2 x 1st Ace bird LCB. She is a granddaughter from “Charlotte”, the good genes are given way generation by generation.  


The nest sister from Charlotte is 5024922/2013, she is an amazing breeding hen. She became mother of :
“2173168/2016” Greg 27 Nat Bourges 28,078b – 34 Nat Bourges 19,575b
“2173151/2016” Claudia 3 Nat Ace bird GMD Youngsters KBDB 2016 with a.o. 36 Nat Chateauroux 14,762b – 51 Nat La Souterraine 16,613b – 114 Nat Argenton 19,592b – 240 Nat Bourges 28,078b.
She also is already grandmother of :
“5024661/2017” 6 Prov. Orléans 5,713b – 82 Prov. Sezanne 6,497b
“5024616/2017” 1 Momignies 2,013b – 15 Soissons 1,213b
“5024617/2017” 1 Laon 428b – 15 Soissons 2,397b - 24 Momignies 2,013b
“5024607/2017” 3 Prov. Ace bird MD youngsters KBDB 2017

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Another sister “Charlotte” is 2163410/2013 who is mother of “5024677/2017”: 22 Soissons 2,397b – 33 S. Nat Bourges 7,245b

The nest brother of “Moeder Charlotte” is 5155897/2011. And he is on his turn father of  “5024640/2017” 16 S. Nat Bourges 7,245b – 88 Prov. Sezanne 6,497b.

Veenstra Pieter ( Drachtstercompagnie, Holland)

Also this Dutch colony knew which quality was to be found at Buvens, he invested in a direct daughter of the golden breeding couple. This is how hen 5025756/2013 moved to Holland and became mother of  1st Tongeren against 3,190b.


Morren Andrea ( Geetbets )

They possess the top hen 5004025/2007, mother of “2029081/2013” Marisa. She won 28 Nat (z) Bourges 3,167b – 66 Nat (z) La Souterraine 1,856b – 90 Nat Chateauroux 12,071b - 145 Nat Bourges 24,019b
She is a full sister of “705/06”, father of  “Cock Golden Breeding couple”, and also a full sister of “920/03” father 1st National Bourges 14,119b.

Buelens Kim