Geert De Clercq, Sleidinge, 1st National Champion KBDB Middle Distance youngsters 2017 !

1st National Champion KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017 - 6th National Ace bird KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017 - 9th National Ace bird KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017 - 10th National Ace bird KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017 !!!

After only 2 years of racing the young birds Geert De Clercq showed that his hard selection works out. Becoming this fast the 1st National Champion KBDB SMD YB 2017 is an achievement that can’t be won ‘by luck’ or ‘coincidence’, this is the result of amazing pigeons, a great management and it’s all about being a real pigeon fancier.

In our former report you could make acquaintance with Geert, his history and his way of working. Now we can get acquainted with his pigeons, he is offering 10 marvellous pigeons from his breeding loft. In their pedigrees you can find all the strains that Geert relies on to perform amazingly in the races and to win all the championships he won in 2017. There are for example 2 full brothers ‘Adonis Boy’, the 9th National Ace bird KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017, a ½ brother and sister of ‘The Boss’, the 10th National Ace bird KBDB Small Middle Distance Youngsters 2017, a son of the “Golden Pair” “New Gilbert” B13/2022077 (Erik Limbourg) x “Zuster Chipo” B12/4048821 (Benny Steveninck) who are the parents of ao. ‘Playboy Gilbert’ 1 West-European ace YB MD 2015 - 2 National Ace KBDB MD 2015 - ‘Power 003’ 1 National Ace HERBOTS Ranking LD 2015 - 1 Ace Brabant Union LD 2015. Let’s have a closer look.

Golden Pair” “New Gilbert” x “Zuster Chipo” B12/4048821

The BE16-4066044 ( N°1 in the auction) is a wonderful cock and is no less than a full brother of ‘Playboy Gilbert’ and ‘Power 003’, the proof that their parents are able to give their best genes onto their kids! You can read all about them in underneath picture, their parents, their offspring, …all of them top pigeons. A proven strain both on mothers’ side as well as by fathers’ side and two proven strains who’s blood really match and who can give even better offspring! Not only in first generations but grandchildren as well like f.e. ‘Adonis Boy’, the 9th National Ace bird SMD KBDB YB 2017 is a grandson of this ‘Golden Pair’, in this auction you can find 2 full brothers of this ‘Adonis Boy’ namely BE17-4202250 and BE17-6075368 ( a youngster bred by Geert De Clercq but ringed and raced by Vermeerbergen-Wilms)GDC_brochure 2018_3



BE17-4202105HR (002)


‘The Boss’

Another amazing racer from 2017 is ‘The Boss’, he became the 10th National Ace bird MD KBDB 2017 with underneath results:

1 Clermont 1,260b 213km
1 Fontenay 726b 341km
2 Fontenay 348b 341km
4 Fontenay 295b 341km
5 Fontenay 806b 341km
14 Fontenay 834b 341km

He is a son from ‘The Chateauroux’, a wonderfull racer on his own as he won f.e.
1 National Z Chateauroux – 4 National Chateauroux 6,850b, 4 Souppes 783b, 5 Souppes 662b,…and who is a grandson of a full brother ‘Beckham’, the famous Deno-Herbots-pigeon who proved himself to be an excellent breeder being the father of f.e. “Gina”: 1 National Ace bird GMD KBDB 2008 and so many other top racers.

In this auction you can find 2 daughter of this ‘The Chateauroux’ or to say it differently, 2 ½ sisters ‘The Boss’. The hens have different mothers. The BE17-4202186 has as mother a 100% Vandenabeele namely a daughter ‘The Kolonel’ (son ‘Returned Bliksem) x ‘Iron Lady’ – a superb breedinghen and a daughter of the 3rd National Ace bird LD KBDB 2006. The other ½ sister ‘The Boss’, BE17-4202108 has as mother, ’a daughter ‘Sun’, 1st National Ace bird KBDB YB 2013 x ‘a son ‘Miss Magic’, 1st Olympiad Bird Cat. D 2013 – 5 National Ace Bird KBDB GMD 2011. Again, the best of the best against the best of the best and this not only in pedigrees but also in beauty. Everybody needs breeding hens like these on their breeding loft to be certain of success!

4202108-174202186-17GDC_3138_brochure 2018_HR16

Geerinckx x Vandenabeele x Limbourg x Marcel Wouters

These 4 famous fanciers have become famous thanks to their amazing pigeons. Geert has been able to pick out the best of the best of the top strains which resulted in a strong, beautiful and proven strain. There are 2 sisters in this auction namely BE17-4202167 and BE17-4202171, both ½ sisters of ‘Witteke’ who won the 1st Semi-National Ace Bird KBDB GMD 2017 which come out of these strains. Their grandfather is ‘The New Gilbert, a base breeder on the breeding loft of Geert De Clercq and who is a son ‘Gilbert’, 1st International Bordeaux – 7 National Limoges, …
The ‘New Gilbert’ is father of ao.

‘Playboy Gilbert’:
1 West-European Ace YB 2015
2 Nat Ace KBDB MD YB 2015
1 Prov Ace KBDB MD YB 2015
1 Nat Ace As des As LCB 2015
1 Nat Ace Middle Distance LCB 2015
6 x 1st Prize !

‘Power 003’:
1 Ace bird Brabant Union LD 2015
1 Ace YL Fond 2015
1 Tulle 104 yl 628km - 127 National Tulle 8,621 yl
1 La Souterraine 895 youngsters 560km - 176 National 18,588 y
3 Noyon 183 jonge 177km - 29 Noyon Hoppestreek 1,479 y
4 Jarnac 108 yl 665km - 98 National Jarnac 4,559yl

The mother of these two sisters is no less then the proven breeding hen ‘White Geerinckx’ from 2011, she is already mother of ao.
2 Provincial Argenton 1,238b
8 Chateauroux 1,016b
1 Ace GMD YL CFW 2016
1 Ace GMD Derby Hainaut 2016
… and who is a daughter ‘National Treasure’ (1 National Z Chateauroux – 2 Nat. Chateauroux 17,109b) x ‘Argento’ (2 National Argenton 5,208b - 6 Provincial Montluçon 1,408b - 10 Provincial Chateauroux 2,500b - 27 Provincial Chateauroux 2,024b)

4202167-174202171-17GDC_3138_brochure 2018_HR28

There are no superlatives enough to emphasize the quality that runs through the vains of the breeders from Geert De Clercq, no wonder he is a champion! It all starts with quality and then all the rest…

Geert, thank you for your confidence in Herbots and good luck with this auction and off course the upcoming season !!!