Erik Limbourg, Brussegem, quality is showing off !

Only the top is good enough for Erik, good results aren't good enough, the results must be superb! Getting a lot of prizes, no, getting a lot of head prizes is his goal. Whether he is succeeding in  2017? You can make up your own mind in this article.

Erik started of the season with 30 old cocks, 65 year bird cocks, 10 old hens and 30 year bird hens. He doesn't breed with his racing team but they can come onto eggs which will be taken away after about 8 days, this happens in different stages from half of February until beginning of March. The pigeons won't get to see their partners anymore until end of March. End of March, the pigeons are being trained an entire week each day until 35 à 40km (from Monday until Saturday), after this training week they go that Sunday immediately to Noyon, the partners can stay together until that day this week. Normally the next step will be 2 x a middle distance race, but as one middle distance race was postponed this year, they only went once to the middle distance to go immediately afterwards to Vierzon. 
In a matter of motivation, nothing happens until Vierzon, they only get to see their nestdish before basketing and get to see their partner at home coming, but this isn't something that Erik would call motivation. The true motivation starts from the moment they go onto the long distance races. How? Well, Erik looks at it pigeon by pigeon, that's why he is the only one that takes care of the racing team, this way he can see everything and will be in the opportunity to act quicker on the needs per pigeon. What are the kinds of motivation at the Limbourg loft? One likes to have his partner a bit longer, the other can be motivated by giving an extra box, and so on....whatever necessary.

Et voilà, after applying all the above, he gets underneath results: 

Vierzon 20/05/2017 – 445km
Local 462 old pigeons

Brabantse Unie 2,610 old pigeons

Local 332 year birds

Brabantse Unie 1,942 year birds

Bourges 27/05/2017 – 449km
Local 191 old pigeons

Brabantse Unie 2,318 old pigeons

Local 220 year birds

Brabantse Unie 2,870 year birds

Chateauroux 10/06/2017 – 495km
Local 326 old pigeons
3-7-40-42 (4/4)

Provincial Vlaams-Brabant 2,374 old pigeons
55-100-581-702 (4/4)

Local 441 year birds 
1-2-3-4-6-7-9-10-11-12-16-18-19-20-21-29-30-32-33-41-45-50-51-52-55-66-75-79-80-81-90-99-104-111-117-121-128-134-138-141-142 (41/59)

Brabantse Unie 3,449 year birds

Provincial Vlaams-Brabant 3,570 year birds 

Valence 10/06/2017 – 669km

Local  154 old pigeons
2-4-5-12-20-27 (6/9)

Brabantse Unie 969 old pigeons
4-6-10-46-68-109-294 (7/9)

Provincial Vlaams-Brabant 844 old pigeons
3-5-8-32-52-84 (6/9)

National 7,198 old pigeons
30-39-49-281-377-604 (6/9) – 3 x TOP 50 National with only 9 pigeons!!!

We all know that Erik had a total sale twice now (in 2009 and 2015), nevertheless he succeeds again to keep the most important strains which makes he can get back to the top in no-time. In 2016 he already took full odds with these fantastic breeding lines and at the moment he is on his way to match last year, even is going to outperform it.

We like to introduce to you a few of these amazing racing pigeons. The first 4 old pigeons on Vierzon aren't ephemeras and have a great heritage:

1. BE14-2151112, she is a full sister of the 12de national ace bird KBDB 2014 and a half-sister of the 2nd national ace bird KBDB 2014 with as a father ‘New Super Sprint’ BE09-2214881 out of the strains of the ‘Olympic King of Sprint’ (1st Olympiad pigeon short distance 2007’ and ‘Lucky 77’ (1st National ace bird KBDB Long distance 2005). She already had a first prize in 2015 and in 2016 (out of Bourges and out of Chateauroux) and does it again in 2017 with a first prize on Vierzon and the season just got rolling. Don't forget that she was also the 7th National Bourges against 19,735b and the 30rd National Argenton against 13,594b ! Her mother is the fantastic breeding hen  ‘Queen Blue Ace’ BE09-2119372.


2. BE15-2015632 is a half-brother ‘Crazy Boy’ 1 National Z  Souillac (2 National 5,282b), 1 S-Provincial Chateauroux (2 Provincial 1,580b) , 3 S-Provincial Montluçon 818b, 8 Provincial Cahors (28 National Z 2,363b), 9 Provincial Limoges (4 National Z 2,174b), 10 National Bordeaux (12 I. National Bordeaux 10,622b), raced at Erik and is doing what he has to do at the breeding loft of Bart&Nance Van Oeckel, Oud-Turnhout, namely taking care of extra-ordinary children !

By the way, it isn't his first head prize, this half-brother (same mother) became already 1st Provincial Limoges in 2016!

                                     Wing + Eye BE15-2015632

3. BE15-2015734, the 3rd in line on Vierzon on its turn is a daughter out of the 1st National Tulle with mother ‘Iron Lady 409’, best young hen in 2012 and mother of amongst other 1 I. Provincial Blois in 2013.


4. BE15-2015506 ‘Magic Gloria’, a marvellous cock direct out of the ‘Black Magic’, 1st International Perpignan against 17,965b, his mother is ‘Glorius Gloria’ (Geert De Clercq), and she is a full sister of  ‘Gloria’ (Bert Van den Berghe - 2nd Nat. Ace bird KBDB Long distance 2013’). He won himself already 1st Provincial Issoudun against 1,213b. and also succeeded in writing a first prize on the middle distance race, Souppes-sur-loing, onto his account.

Valence 3 x Top 50 National against 7,198 old pigeons

As a long distance racer the races like Valence are the ones where they need to shine on, nevertheless that the pigeons in Brussegem always has to perform well, from the first short distance races until the last long distance race. Erik likes to aim for the general national championship, so he has to score on all distances. Back to Valence, with only 9 pigeons in the basket he went to Valence. And as the results are showing, he made a fine selection for this race, 6 out of the 9 are being clocked for a prize where off the first 3 end up in the top 50 national...that's not only good, that's superb !  

The pigeons who took care of these wonderful result are:

BE14-2151083 ‘The Barcelona’ – 30th National Valence against 7,198 pigeons
==> is a half-brother ‘Black Magic’  1st International Perpignan 17,965b (see above)

BE14-2151095 ‘Blue Hen’ – 39th National Valence against 7,198 pigeons
==> also a granddaughter ‘Super Sprint 296-07’ x ‘Daughter Lucky 77’, same as BE14-2151112 ( 1st Vierzon - 49th National Valence )

BE14-2151112 – 49th National Valence against 7,198 pigeons
==> see Vierzon, was  1st on Vierzon against 441 pigeons (19th Brabantse Unie against 3,449 pigeons)

The long distance season only just started and the way it looks like and if it pleases the gods, Erik and his team will have to gather a lot of championship cups after the season.

We would like to wish him loads of success in doing this !