Emil Schwick: 1 National Champion Germany Year birds in 2016 and 1 Champion Youngsters Regionalverband 409 in 2017 !

Emil Schwick – the German wonderboy

The racing season of 2016 became THE racing season of Emil Schwick! The season that made him after long waiting and hoping the winner of the National Championship Year birds Germany ( 15 prizes with 1,424.90 Ace points) and that gave the 45-year old fancier from Nordkirchen a true wave of euphoria. The International Press called him from then on the German Wonderboy. There wasn’t a real wonder at the basis of this name giving but due to the fact that there are real unseen first-class pigeon material at the base and the fact that Emil could lead these amazing pigeons to the top made that he received the name of ‚Wonderboy of Germany‘!

An event he will never forget, neither his wife Simone and his many friends and fanciers that went along for the festive celebration in Dortmund from the National German Union, was the handing over of the black-red-golden sharp by the National President and the closing with the National hymn. This will remain unforgettable in their minds.

Almost nobody gave the name of Emil Schwick from the small South Münster communion in Vorfeld when asked who would win the BIG title of National Champion. But Emil left all the big ones behind him. But one who wants to compete these championship pigeons has to be able to proof himself again weekend after weekend – until the last, real hard race out South-Eastern direction out of Wels (625km).

Off course there were the first potential indications when looking at the sportive results of our sport friend of the former years, he already won many championships in the RV Germany with many first prizes. Also in the former rd of 700 fanciers counting Regionalverband 412 ‚Lippe-Ruhr‘, the way led many times to the stage for this sympathetic Nordkircher fancier. This is how he already won in 2012 and 2013 with lead the Championship old birds in the RV.


Pigeon fancier since childhood

Emil Schwick has been a fancier since his childhood. Not only his father but also both his uncles were in the 1970’s fanciers with amazing results in the South-East of Germany (with end race Bruch, 725km). That the young, pigeon crazy boy would become a true pigeon fancier, didn’t surprise anybody.

The pigeon sport really took off at the Schwick family from the moment they moved to their new house, just a few streets from his parents’ house where his pigeons were first raced from. In Spring 2010 the fundaments of his new loft were a fact, thanks to the help of his many friends. Two departments for the youngsters with space for about 65 young pigeons, one widower loft with two departments for 24 cocks, one hens department (also for 24 hens) and a breeding loft for 13 breeding couples with aviaries in front and sliding windows.

Due to the fact that the season already started of that first year, only one round of youngsters was being placed on the loft, the pigeons came from his good friends Frank Hagedorn and René Becker. He hit the rose immediately that first season and won the 1st Youngsters championship in the RV – a clear indication that his method and loft were all right. The cock 0641-10-698 (amongst other 5/5 prizes and 2 Best Youngster RV ) and future ace bird was between this first flock of young pigeons and showed himself in the years from 2012 until 2014 with amazing results.

Loft partner

During this time there was a partnership with Pawel Grondai: the beginning of the successes as from 2010. Pigeons were the middle point of these two friends. They were already friends when both still played football. When training, football was the most important topic of their conversations nevertheless there was enough time (especially during the warming up) to talk about pigeons !

„Pawel was (and still is) a pigeon-crazy guy in a positive way, who does everything with a lot of care and consistency‘ says Emil Schwick when talking about his – former – partner. After the season of 2015 their ways split up and the 45-year old fancier starts of on his own. Only when it really gets busy his wife Simone helps out, who knows by now all small things and details. No wonder – she is employed at the local „Mühle Rath“ and knows there for all actual developments in the pigeon food sector.

Guaranteed for success – the breeding basis

For Emil is an extra ordinary breeding base – next to top basis health – an obliged criterium for success. This was already the case when he raced from the loft at his parents’ house where he was very proud of the results of his „Robin“ 0641-06-769: as a youngster he won the 1st Gerolzhofen (276 km) vs. 14,111 pigeons and as a two-year old he won, next to 10 prizes, the 1st Passau (543 km) vs. 11,183 pigeons.


„Until the day of today I still regret that I had to say goodbye to this wonderful racer“, says Emil with some nostalgia. He did keep his mother B 04/930 (from: „Den Euro“, Orig. Heremans-Ceusters) and his father B 05-6449947 (from: B 00/732, Brother "Super 799" x B 02/204 Daughter "Den 426“, Orig. Heremans-Ceusters) Especially this ace breeder contributed to the fact that Emil came to the top :


* Son 0641-06-769 „Robin" (2006: 1. RegV-Konkurs Gerolzhofen (276 km) vs. 14,111b; 2008: 10 prizes, 1 Passau (545 km) vs. 11,183b;

* Son 0641-08-366 is father of the amazing racing hen 0641-13-880 (2014: 12 prizes; 2015: 7/7 prizes ; 2016: 12 prizes; 2017;

* Son 0641-11-319 (2014: 11 prizes);

* Tochter 0641-11-300 (2011: 2.-best Youngster RV);

* Sohn 0641-10-68 is father of racing hens 0641-12-707 (2014: 10 prizes and 1 x 1. Prize winner) and from 0641-15-505 „Miss Germany 505“ (2016: 9 prizes and amongst other 9. vs. 6,141b and 12. vs. 5,011b – and Co-winner National Championship Year birds Germany 2016 ) and also from 0641-15-506 „ „Mister Germany 506“ (2016: 5., 7., 7. and 13. vs. +/- 5,700 b; 1. FG-Konkurs vs. 2,020b; Co-winner National Championship Year birds Germany 2016);

* Daughter 0641-11-600 is mother of 0641-15-519 „Miss Germany 519" (2016: 1. RegV-Konkurs v. 6,141b and 8. RegV-Konkurs vs. 6,619b; Co-winner National Championship Year birds Germany 2016);

* Son 0641-16-1114 (In 2017: 1. RegV-Konkurs vs. 10,977b and 4. RegV-Konkurs vs. 6,663b).


When you have a breeder of this kind, you are really a lucky fancier ! Interesting is also that this base breeder B 05/6449947 was coupled against various different hens and got successes with all of them.

„Superstar 698“

Another extra ordinary racer that we can’t forget is : the 06134-10-698 „Superstar 698“ was in his active racing time one of the best of the best. In 2011 „Superstar 698“ won 9 prizes out of the 10 races he raced. In 2012; 11 on 11 (Best Cock RV) and in 2013 again 13 on 13 (and Best Cock RV). From 2010 until 2012 won „Superstar 698“ 38 prizes out of 39 races (with amongst other 2., 4., 4., 5., 5., 6., 12., 13., and so on…).


His father is the Heremans-Ceusters-cock B 02-6113273 (from: „Den 166“, B 99-6061166 x B 00-6094230, Sister „De 148“). The „698“-mother is from NL 07-1826298 (Orig. Kees Bosua) – Daughter out the maybe best breeding couple ever from Bosua: Father is „Time Out“, NL 04-2062002, who won in 2004 a.o. 1. Ace bird youngsters NPO; mother is „Kerkduifje“, NL 03-5301440, who won the 1st National Le Mans against +/- 120,000b (!). At the total sale „Kerkduifje“ was sold for 72,000 € (most expensive pigeon!) and „Time Out“ 36,000 € (4th most expensive pigeon).

The super season of 2016

And now we get to the season that changed the pigeon fanciers live from Emil Schwick entirely. There were a lot of questions at the start of the season: especially due to the hard racing season of 2015 when the old birds got sick and they had to stop their season halfway, left many marks. And this together with the ending of his partnership with Pawel and the changing of the regional departments. Nevertheless: this season started off as always. After the widow cocks brought up the first round of youngsters from the breeders, the couples were being separated to be coupled again so they could go on widowhood again after the second round. 45 pigeons went to the first race – raced on total widowhood; at the last race there were only 17 pigeons left at the start.

„I never thought that it would be good enough to win the national championship year birds Germany“, is what Emil remembers about these nerve-racking weeks in the summer.

But his colony didn’t disappoint. Especially the nest brother and sister „505“ and „506“. „There was no way around these pigeons“, according Emil Schwick, who benefitted the fact that the hens performed extremely well. Also the „507“ and „519“ were in top shape; the constant good weather and the grandiose shape made that the yearling birds could go for a last hard end sprint.


The successful breeding principle

0641-15-505 W. – „Miss Germany 505“ (2016: 9 Prizes, a.o. 9. RegV-Prize vs. 6,141b and 12. RegV-Prize vs. 5,011b) and 0641-15-506 V. – „Mister Germany 506“ (2016: 5., 7., 7. and 13. RegV-Prize vs. +/- 5,700b; 1. FG-Prize vs. 2,020b).

These nest-brother and sister 0641-15-505 and 0641-15-506 did their part of winning the championships title. Both pigeons are bred out of the couple 0641-10-68, Brother „Robin“ (from base breeders B 05-6449947 x Daughter B 04-6470930, „Den Euro“, Orig. Heremans-Ceusters) in combination with 06134-12-996 (from: Son „Kleine Blaue“ x 02884-06-967 – Daughter „Wonder van Haacht“ x „Eurostar 1000“, Orig. Frank Sander).

0641-15-507 W. – „Miss Germany 507“ (2016: 23. RegV-Prize vs. 6,141b and 10. RegV-Preis vs. 5,011b).

The 0641-15-507 „Miss Germany 507“ has as father the 06134-13-683 (Inbred „Kleine Blaue“) coupled to hen 0641-14-279 (from: base breeder B 05-6449947 x Daughter „Superstar 698“).


0641-15-519 W. – „Miss Germany 519" (2016: 1. RegV-Prize v. 6,141b and 8. RegV-Prize vs. 6,619b).

The 0641-15-519 „Miss Germany 519“ has as father the 02114-14-4646 (Son 02114-13-3008, Olympiad bird Budapest 2015, Orig. Martin Stiens) coupled to 0641-11-600 (from: base breeder B 05/6449947 x „Stiens 4684“, breeding line „Olympiade 003“).


By way of example, these flag bearers stand for the solid and in the meantime proven breeding line: sons and daughters and grand-sons and -daughters from both base breeders B 05/947 and „Superstar 698“ were being coupled amongst each other and crossed in with each other and guarantee all the same breeding skills: the skills to win 1st prizes and absolute top prizes against a high amount of pigeons !

The (few) breeding couples don’t have a lot of time to proof themselves as breeders due to lack of space. Next to the base breeders B 05/947 and „Superstar 698“ and their sons and daughters, also the Heremans-pigeons are trusted on (a.o. ‚Kleine Blaue‘, Daughter „Euro“, brother „Euro“, „B 426“, and so on..) up to the Frank Hagedorn and René Becker-pigeons accomplished with original success breeders from Frank Sander („Wonder van Haacht“, „Eurostar“). Recently also Heremans-breeders („De Power“, „Jan“, „Olympiade 003“) from top pigeon fanciers friends made it to the breeding loft as well as more than one offspring from Olympiad bird from Martin Stiens.



Emil prefers a ‚nature near and natural nursing“: carrots, tea and a lot of green vegetables out of his own garden are on the menu the day after a race. This together with a year in – year out free training, the pigeons show themselves to be in an utmost marvellous condition and an excellent physical condition. The usual vaccinations are being given before the start of the breeding and racing season.

In the end the successes are the result of an utmost fine loftmanagement: breeding pigeons, who need to be fertile until a very high age as they race until the age of 4 or 5 year old to win a title – all this is a proof that the pigeons are taking care of with a lot of attention and care.

Successes 2016


1. Champion German Regio Verband Year birds

(RegV 409 „Münsterland“)

2. RegV-Champion of the Union

3. RegV- Champion

1. RegV-Ace bird of the Union

2. RegV-Champion Year birds ( intern)

1. RegV- Champion Year birds

7. RegV-Champion (intern)

4. RegV-Champion Youngsters

11.-best Yearling RegV-Ace bird

1 x 1. RegV-Race

(RV Lüdinghausen)

6. RV-Champion Old birds

5. RV-Champion Hens

2. RV-Champion Cocks

5. RV-Champion Yearlings

4. RV-Champion of the Union

4. Magazine „Die Brieftaube“

6.- &. 7-beste RV- Old Bird

5.-beste RV-Hen

9.-beste Yearling hen RV

1. Champion Youngsters Union

2 x 1. race

3 x 2. race

Silver medal

Action Men-Medal

And also in 2017 the success story continued….

No wonder that after the top season 2016 the expectations were set very high. This wasn’t a problem for Emil Schwick, he is realistic enough to put the hype around his pigeons (and himself) in the right place. Already before the 1st race the bird of prey took the ‚880‘ (12 prizes in 2014 and 2016) and also on the first race it wasn’t easy for the yearling birds.

Nevertheless he managed to put his pigeons in the spotlight this last season. The first Bronze and first Silver medal emphasize the speed, that has been anchored into his colony, again. Hereby we can count 3x 1st RV prize (2 x 1. FG and 1. x 1. RegV) as well as countless Top Ten results against high amounts of pigeons.


Results Schwick 2017

RV Lüdinghausen (80 fanciers)

1.RV-Champion Year birds

1. RV-Champion Youngsters

1. VB-Champion Youngsters

2. RV-General Champion

3. and 8.-best yearling hen

1. - 4.-, 8.-, 11.-, 12.- and so on. Best Youngsters

Bronze and Silver medal

Action Men Medal

3 x 1st prize

RegV 409 (ca. 500 fanciers)

1.RegV-Champion Youngsters

1.-, 3.-, 7.- and 11.-best Youngsters

1 x 1st prize


33. RV-Champion of the Union

84. Champion Union


That a son of base pigeons B 05/947 (2 x 1ste RV- and 1 x 1. RegV-Prize) and „Superstar 698“ (1 x 1. RV- u. 1 x 2. RegV-Preis) together „could lead the flock three times“, confirms, in the eyes of Emil Schwick, the impressive way he entered.

And last but not least, something we already read before: „And there is that bit more that makes this young fancier the German wonderboy and that is feeling.“

We can’t say it better !