Birds that are a reinforcement to each loft, Pigeon Bids April Part I!

Pigeon Bids April Part I

From Sunday April 8th 2018, a Pigeon Bids will start at 14h00 on This contains a group of pigeons, sold in a public auction organised by La Colombophilie Belge, but these pigeons didn’t get paid by the internet buyers.

This auction will end on Wednesday April 18th at 14h00.

In this auction, several top pigeons will be presented from fanciers like Van den Wijngaert - Dermonne - Verspreet-Cosse - De Kooning - Hendriks - Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers - D'Hondt - Henot-Briglia - Schepmans - Van parijs - Rottier - AT Loft - Mylle - Nibus - Van Helmond - Sibille - Preud'Homme-Paulet - Smet - Fourmanoir-Solas - Lodewijckx - De Troy - Nijns...

All birds that are a reinforcement to each loft !

You can also come and take a look at these pigeons after an appointment with Hilaire Surinx, Rozenbosstraat 94, 3850 Nieuwerkerken - 0496-780034,  or by mail :



Of Alain DERMONNE, the 1081548-17, a DAUGHTER of his INTERNATIONAL WINNER FROM MARSEILLE against 9361 p. but also a granddaughter of the 1 NAT Tulle 7333 p of Ivan Vanvuchelen, …. Also of Alain Dermone, an inbreed double granddaughter of this Marseille winner.

The 6250377-17, of VAN OUWERKERK DEKKERS, a grandson of the 1 NAT St.Vincent 8967 p …. Of Bernard D’HONFT, a grandson of the 7 Nat Ace over 2 years  Marseille competition + strain of the 1 NAT St.Vincent …..

Of the auction of the Late Frans NIJNS, there’s the “UDEL”.  This 936-14 won as a young bird 148 Nat. Bourges 30180 p….. and also grandchild of the 3 NAT Cahors 8570 p….

Of the auction of HENOT BRIGLIA, we present the 2032628-12, which won 69 NAT La Souterraine 19155 p – and brother of the 2 Prov Ace KBDB – but also the 744-16, a son of the 1 Ace Middle Distance – this is a cock of the strain of the famous KAASBOER of Gaston VdWouwer, breed together with Erwin Schepmans, which won at that time 1 NAT La Souterraine with the same strain of VdWouwer.  The 2045787-16 is a direct Schepmans and also 100% VdWouwer strain KAASBOER.

Of the auction of Gunter Rottier, there’s the 4270966-13, grandson of the dream pair of Benny Steveninck – also the 544-13, Samson Boye, a daughter of his crack, which scored two years in a row among the NATIONAL Ace-pigeons KBDB; 8° + 12° NAT Ace MD KBDB 

Of the auction of Roger MYLLE, we have a grandson of the Xavi ( 1 I.PROV Souillac - 2 prov Argenton - 2 prov Souillac - 3 prov Souillac ..;) but also a grandson of the Mathieu Pau, which won 1 Prov - 2 nat Pau … 13 Nat Orange…

For those that love the Barcelona-racers, of the colony of Herman VANHELMOND, 2 inbreed daughters of his famous BARCELONA (6 x Barca - 20 - 166 - 337 - 1636 …National Barcelona …)

Of the tandem Preud’Homme Paulet – a sister of the 1 NAT - 2 I.National PAU’12 - But also a child out of their double provincial winner Pau + St.Vincent !!!!

Of Gunther SMET, a daughter of a 1 I.NATIONAL, the 4225756-17, is a daughter of the 1 I.Nat Agen 4524 p 

Next to these, there’s also the 2125757-17, a grandson of the VALE MARSEILLE 1 I.NAT Marseille 12054 p R Lodewijckx and grandson of the famous REMY of Speltdoorn…..

Another beautiful scoring pigeon in this auction is the 1001531-15, “PETITE RENARDE” of the auction FOURMANOIR, this bird was 9° NAT Acz Yrl. LCB’16, with a top prize list : 1 St.Quentin 485 p - 1 St.Quentin 279 p - 5 Noyon 1013 p - 4 Vierzon ….. 37/2644 - 20 Chateauroux 2163 p….


Now it’s up to you ! 

Hilaire Surinx.