Dieter Wöhr – Mr. „GOUDEN DUIF 2017 - Germany“

1."Gouden Duif"- Superstar of the year 2017 - Speed

2."Gouden Duif"- Winner Germany and winner of the Silver Pigeon 2017

The town of Weissach is well known for the Porsche development center and is located in the south-west of Germany near Stuttgart. Weissach is for this reason the supposedly richest community in Germany. In addition to the fast cars you can find there also fast pigeons. Dieter Wöhr is at home here. Dieter Wöhr has been operating the pigeon sport since he was 16 years old. Since the mid-1980s Dieter Wöhr has been one of the top lofts in this region and has earned his fame due to the regular top rankings in many national and international competitions far beyond the borders of Stuttgart and the Regionalverband 702 Baden-Mitte (great combine). However, top prices and 1st prize pigeons are the absolute trademark of the Wöhr pigeons.

Since 2010 - 73 x 1st prize !!!

Wöhr Dieter

Dieter Wöhr – a real master of pigeon business…


Only the best is good enough…

First the Vandenabeele, Herbots and de Klak pigeons have dominated the stock performance. In 1996 eggs were brought at Gaby Vandenabeele. Out of one of these eggs came the top cock "244". He became for example father of the 1st, 6th, 6th, 8th Ace Pigeon in the great combine. The offspring of the "244" flew outstandingly on other lofts as well and won several championships and Ace pigeon titles on national level as well.

The other base cock became the "753" of the Gebr. Herbots. This bird was bred from a grandson of the world famous "Ieverige" with a daughter of "Kletskop" by Gommaire Verbruggen. At least 50 children and grandchildren of the "753" flew double-digit price numbers and placed themselves among the national Ace pigeons.

The two de Klak hens "NL 844" and "NL32" proved to be first-class breeding pigeons. Together with the mentioned "244" and "753" line they brought first-class offspring. For example the daughter “159” of "NL844" is mother of 12x 1st prize.

The children of the mentioned pigeons form the foundation of the breeding loft for a long time. In the following years pigeons of other international top breeders were bought, tested and strictly selected. The best pigeons are from the toppers of Dieter Wöhrs friend Dirk van Dyck, a son and a daughter of the "Olympiade 003" by Gust Jansen/Leo Heremans, a daughter of the "Safier" by Leo Heremans and of Günter Prange from the "Ringlose", from "1000", “ 330 "and" 959 ". Also  direct children of "Rudy" by Gaby Vandenabeele are also represented on the breeding loft and that very successful.

Dieter + Dirk van Dyck

Dieter Wöhr and Dirk van Dyck – best friends since many years…



A nasty theft - nearly the end ...
Already in 2009 best pigeons were stolen from Dieter Wöhrs breeding loft. In the night 30./31.10.2014 was again broken into the loft. 52 pigeons were stolen. It is natural to assume that the thieves knew their way and knew in which part of the loft certain pigeons were sitting.

"Such a setback makes a pigeon breeder despair and think about stopping with the beloved pigeon sport," says Dieter about his thoughts at this time.
But especially his friend Dirk van Dyck was a necessary support in this difficult time and several van Dyck top pigeons moved to Weissach to form a new sporting foundation.

The racing years 2016 and 2017 - a spectacle ...
Dieter Wöhrs racing results were always powerful, but the last two racing years 2016 and 2017 were spectacular. In 2016 there were 12 x 1st prize and in 2017 13 x 1st prize, which made it very clear what exceptional results the Wöhr pigeons were able to do.

In addition to the top prizes in series and the lists of top national and international rankings are unique.

Championships 2016

1.Nat. Ace pigeons HDI-brieftauben-markt Championat
3.Nat. HDI-brieftauben-markt General-Champion
2. Superstar of the Year Germany„Gouden Duif“ speed
3.Superstar of Germany „Gouden Duif“  middle distance may with the 2.,2.,6. prize 2.202 p.
3.Superstar of Germany „GoudenDuif“  speed may with the 3.,6.,16. prize 2.798 p.
4.Superstar Germany „Gouden Duif“  speed aug./sept. with the 1.,2.,3. prize 1.050 p.
3.National Champion 2016 Brieftaubensport International

1.RV-Federation Champion
1.RV-Champion hens
1.RV-Champion yearlings
1.RV-Champion youngsters
1.Champion „Brieftaube“

4.Regional Champion (Federation) yearlings Reg.V. 702
6.Regional Champion Reg.V. 702 Group
8.Regional Champion (Federation) youngsters
11. Ace hen Regionalverband

1. Klinic-Cup
1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7. Ace pigeon RV
1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6. Ace pigeon youngsters RV
12 x 1.prize

 Championships 2017

2. „Gouden Duif“-winner 2017
1. Superstar oft he year speed „Gouden Duif“
1. Superstar germany „GoudenDuif“ speed may with the 1.,2.,3. prize 1.528 p.
2.Superstar germany „Gouden Duif“ speed aug./sept. mit With the 1.,2.,4. prize 1.568 p.
5. Superstar germany „Gouden Duif“ long distance june with the 6. + 9. prize 1.676 p.
6.Superstar germany „Gouden Duif“ middle distance aug./sept. with the 1.,3.,18. prize 865 p.

3.RV-Federation Champion (national)
1. Vanrobaeys-General-Superstar 2017
1.Vanrobaeys-Jungtauben-Superstar 2017
2.Tipes-Generalchampion 2017
1. Regional Champion - old pigeons
1. Regional Champion - youngsters
1., 3., 6., 12. Ace hen Regionalverband (great combine)
1.RV-Federation Champion (great combine)
1.Champion „Brieftaube“ (great combine)
1. RV-Champion
1.,2.,3. Ace pigeon RV

Bronce, Silver and Gold Medal and special prize Sports-Clock

13 x 1. prize


„FENOMEEN“ – a true Ace Hen

In 2016 the hen named "FENOMEEN" was the queen of the races. “To breed exceptional pigeons from exceptional pigeons again", describes Dieter Wöhr his successful breeding strategy. He has already succeeded in many pigeons. Particularly impressive leaves the Ace hen 08582-14-142 "FENOMEEN" these breeding strategy of success.

Das Fenomeen

She performed as  a yearling 12 prizes of 12 races with 2 x 1st prize. She was the best pigeon and the 1st Ace pigeon of the combine. In 2016 she became again 1.Ace pigeon and won the title "1st National HDI-AS-Pigeon 2016" at the HDI-pigeon-championship with the 1., 1., 2., 2., 3.,3.  prize and the incredible Ace pigeon score of 598.83 points.

In total she won 22 prizes in 2 years from 23 races with 5 x 1st prize and 16 times  1/10. “FENOMMEN” has been defeated 6 times by pigeons of the own loft so it would have been 11 x the 1st prize in 2 years. "FENOMEEN" switched to the breeding loft at the end of 2016 and bred together with the best of Dirk van Dyck in community breeding.

Dieter Wöhr and „GOUDEN DUIF“…

The fact that Dieter Wöhr has a special preference for the best Belgian pigeons you can see if you are studying the pedigrees of his breeding and racing pigeons. In addition to his claim to win the 1st prize every race, he also aims to place himself at the top of the competition "Gouden Duif", which has been presented by the magazine "De Duif" for many years. Already in 2009 he was the first time in this competition and since then he is steadily among the winners of this unique international competition. In 2017 the highlight: Dieter Wöhr is became 1st "Gouden Duif" Superstar of the Year 2017 - speed and 2nd "Gouden Duif" - winner of Germany and so winner of the Silver Duif 2017.

1-Dieter bij Gouden Duif 2017

Dieter Wöhr at the award ceremony „Gouden Duif“ 


Some special results of the 2017 which made this possible:


29.04.2017 Sarrebourg (159 km) 1.761 p.: 1.,4.,4.,4.,7.,7.,9.,10.,11.,12.,13.,14.,17.,18.,20.,21.,22.,26.,27.,29… (41/47) 
06.05.2017 Toul (242 km) 1.528 p.: 1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,11.,12.,13.,14.,15.,19.,20.,21.,33.,34.,35.,40.,45… (37/46)
21.05.2017 St.Dizier (313 km) 2.554 p.: 2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,12.,13.,16.,24.,46… (24/37)
11.06.2017 Sens (440 km) 519 p.: 1.,2.,3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,8.,13.,14.,15.,19,20.,26.,32. … (21/31)
03.07.2017 Chateaudun (586 km) 319 p.: 1.,3.,5.,6.,7.,9.,20.,22.,30. ... (15/23)
09.07.2017 Nomeny (218 km) 227 p.: 1.,2.,3.,6.,6.,8.,10.,11.,12.,16.,17.,20. ... (13/17)
14.08.2017 Haguenau (100 km) 1.568 p. :1.,2.,4.,5.,5.,7.,7.,7.,10.,11.,11.,11,14.,14.,14.,14.,14.,19.,19.,19.,19.,19.,25.,26.,26.,26.,26.,30.,30.,32.,32., 34.,34.,34.,34.,34.,39.,40.,40.,42.,42. … (84/88)
03.09.2017 Toul (242 km) 1.075 p.: 3.,4.,5.,6.,7.,7.,7.,7.,10.,10.,10.,10,14.,15.,16.,17.,18.,18.,18.,21.,22.,25.,25.,25.,28. … (44/74)
10.09.2017 St.Dizier (313 km) 865 p.: 1.,1.,3.,4.,5.,5.,7.,7.,9.,10.,11.,18.,19.,20.,22.,31.,32.,33.,41.,52.,53.,55.,57. … (38/65)

Only with hens…

This achievement is of course only possible with exceptional results and exceptional pigeons. Dieter Wöhr does not have many pigeons. He has 18 breeding couples all in individual boxes to prevent unintended fertilization. Since 2012 he raced only with hens. Young cocks are only raced as young pigeons.
In 2017 three hens belong to the creme de la creme in European pigeon racing sport:

At first the 08582-14-150. She becomes 1st Ace hen in great combine (Regionalverband). Already in 2016 she takes from 12 races 10 prizes and 2017 from 13 races 11 prizes. Her father is the 08582-09-1586 son of Prange pigeon 02098-08-248, a grandson of the "Ringlose" of Günter Prange with a De Klak hen, which is mother of many top pigeons. Mother of the "150" is a granddaughter of the basic cock "244", which Dieter Wöhr got as an egg from Gaby Vandenabeele.

Number two in this “Champions League” is the 08582-16-754. She becomes 3rd Ace hen great combine (Regionalverband) and has 13 prizes of 13 races in 2017. With this 100% achievement she becomes best hen as well as 1st Ace hen in combine.  A fantastic achievement.  Her father is a Leo Heremans combination from "Di Caprio" and "Safier", and her mother is a pure Vandenabeele hen 0828-14-375 from a son of "Rudy" with a granddaughter of "Bliksem". A pedigree as its finest.

Last but not least the 08582-14-194. She becomes the 6th Ace hen in great combine (Regionalverband) and has 12 prizes of 13 races in 2017. The father is the Dirk Van Dyck cock B 13-6122401, a son of the NL 11-1912591 who comes from a brother of the world famous "Harry" by Jan Hooymans. Mother of the "401" is a Dirk Van Dyck hen from the famous "Kannibaal" line. The mother of "194" is a hen by Jan Lottermann from his "Branco Junior". On the other family side we find the success lines of the Herbots family.


International references…

A fancier who had extraordinary success over such a long period and has a breeding loft full of first-class pigeons without exception as Dieter Wöhr those pigeons are also asked far beyond Germany's borders. Again the quality of Wöhr pigeons are confirmed by exceptional breeding and racing results.

Some examples:

1. Nationale Ace hen Czech Repulic 2016

"Gabina" became 2016 1st National Ace hen of the Czech Republic. The mother is an original pigeon by Dieter Wöhr. She comes from the "1241" (from son "Olympiade 003") x "B 791" (daughter Olympiade 003).

Olympic pigeon Brussels 2017

The blue bird, “Mr.Vita”, represented the Czech Republic in January 2017 at Olympics in Brussels. He was bred from two original pigeons by Dieter Wöhr. The father comes from the line of the top cock "244" and the mother is a daughter of "B790", a son of "Olympiade 003".

Sun-City-Ace 2014

The winner of the final race in Sun-City 2014 from Karl Ziefle✝, was bred from an original pigeon by Dieter Wöhr. The mother 08582-09-1515 was bread from a son of the "DI CAPRIO" who was mated with a daughter of the AS-bird "777", a son of the top cock "244".

Sin City As 2014