Comb. V.d.Wiel-Schreuder(NL) alias the “Boscheind Flyers” One of a kind!

The last few years ‘specialisation’ has become a trend in several sports. For example in cycling the top cyclists concentrate themselves on a specific period or discipline. Being ‘top’ the entire season isn’t fancy anymore and is even harmful for the results. This is also happening in pigeon sport. We now need different birds or a different treatment for the different distances. There even is a difference between the ‘game’ with youngsters, widow cocks, cocks and hens. There are several names who race well on all the different distances and in all the different categories but they have a ‘mass’ of pigeons and lofts. At “Boscheind Flyers” none of this is necessary.  André van de Wiel and Jan Schreuder are no fanciers with long rows of lofts in their garden. But even though they win first prizes on the short distance flights as on the races from 800km.  These champions don’t make separate selection of pigeons for the different distances, no, all their pigeons have to perform from the first short flights until the heavy long distance flights. A nice example is “Bultje 757”,  this crack pigeon became as well champion short distance as champion middle distance. But the biggest blast was the race from Limoges (676km). Because there was no basketing for a middle distance flight he went to Limoges and won without hesitation the 1st NPO against 6,983 birds! This is typical for the strain these two companions created, strong, fast pigeons with sufficient content! In simple words: super pigeons !

 How it all started

The history of this successful Dutch combination is well known by now. André his father used to be a successful fancier but by his, way too soon, passing away, he took over the pigeons together with his brother in law Albert. Even after the marriage with Willemien he stayed a fervent fancier. One of the children, daughter Manon, showed already on a young age that she had ‘it in her fingers’. This is how they raced for a while as  A.v.d.Wiel & daughter. But Manon didn’t just had an eye for the pigeons but also for a young lad, named Jan Schreuder. The nice thing about this story is that Jan fell in love with pigeon sport through Manon. After a while the young couple split up as friends but as there was such a good click with Andre, they just continued as duo. The current situation makes that they race each on a different location. In Luyksgestel as Comb. v.d.Wiel-Schreuder and in Veldhoven as Comb. Schreuder-v.d.Wiel with the groupsname “Boscheind Flyers”.


The breeders stay as well with André as with Jan in Veldhoven. For the moment they have 40 couples in total. This year they had a winter breeding for the first time since long. The first round goes to André as he has more time and less trouble with the fearful bird of prey. Also the racing pigeon have to breed, they were coupled beginning of January. The advantage of this is that you can discover a good breeder faster. The breeding loft is built up with former top racers and descendants of “Witoogbultje”, “Goede 499” and “Super 380”. These top lines were crossed in with the best of the best of Gebr. Janssen. This through champion Jos van Limpt (de Klak) and Hans Eijerkamp & sons (top breeder “Red Star”). The last successful investment came from Rik and Jan Hermans, the crossing of Hermans-pigeons with “Boscheind Flyers” is truly top! By selecting very severe year after year and this only with top pigeons, André and Jan have built an unique breeding loft. Have a look at the list of crack pigeons that were born at the  “Boscheind Flyers”.  “Wonder Woman”, “Superior”, “Miss Teletekst”, “Blue Flash”, “Grote Krasstrik”, “Miss Boucre”, “Brilliant Star”, “Miss Cacharel”, “Toppertje 38”, “Blue Diamond”, “Mr Blois”, “Sprint Queen” and the last years “Young Champ”, “Asduif 5576”, “Goldfinger”, “Mr Soublo”, “Mr Sezanne”, “Sprint Star”, “Mr Epchila”, “Jackpot”, “Miss Praathuis”, “Miss Whizzz”, “Constance”, “Mr Sezagie”,…..And we could go on like this for a while, pigeons who are top on a regional level up to the highest NPO-listings! 


Racing pigeons

Loft Luyksgestel

For 2016 they have a nice racing team ready, in total 80 racers. 36 couples will be raced on double widowhood. Is one of these birds a good one, then the partner will stay home to be sure. Also there are 8 hens who have a home-staying partner.

Loft Veldhoven

The racing team is smaller over there, 20 real widow cocks and 15 couples on double widow hood.

On the advice of Dennis Boelhouwer they will start a new experiment this year. The cock, who stays home always will be coupled to two hens. Jan made special breeding lofts for this way of motivation.  

The few pigeons for the marathon flights are as well in Luyksgestel as in Veldhoven just in between the others.

The system that André and Jan use is about the same. Yet a few small differences can be found but to keep it a bit clear I will try to give an overview the things they have in common. The racing team is being coupled in January. As from the day that the youngsters are 14 days old the parents will go each on their turn in the aviaries. It makes their urge to their nest even bigger and feed their youngsters really full. Also the urge for a second nest is being suppressed which has a favourable influence on pushing their first pen. After the youngster are weened the old ones will go on widowhood, ready for the new season. To get them in shape at the right time they play with the amount of hours of light per day. They are being darkened until the 20th of April to create immediately after that ‘the longest’ day. Then they get light from 5 o’clock until 22.30. This is how they can race without any problems until the end of September.

The training is an important part of the system of both gentlemen. At the beginning the racing pigeons will be trained mandatory with a flag to increase their training. The hens will train like this until the end of the season. There is also an extra ride (35km) weekly on the schedule. First the hens, 10 minutes later the cocks. After this short training they stay about 20 minutes together. At the day of basketing they don’t see each other anymore only when the motivation flame is at low ebb it can happen by exception. The thing to motivate them better and trains them better is that the old racing pigeons train together with their younger colleagues, once that they are separated off course.


Even André as Jan find in the mixtures of ‘Van Tilburg’ and ‘Beyers’ the nutrition that fit in their feeding system. Jan still is an advocate of the ‘building up’ system, first a light mixture to get to a 100% sports mixture. André feeds a bit different, he gives them almost always the same; a good variated mixture. If the forecast is heavy weather or if the distances become bigger an extra portion of corn is being added.  They also get a ‘treat’ every day, this exist of small seeds, hemp, eggfeed and crushed peanuts.


The medical preparation for the start of the racing season is the same for the old as for the young birds. The principal is, getting to the start 100% pure and healthy. They get a three day cure with TS-Sol (Metoxanol) and with that Tricho 40 from Giantel. This treatment is also given during the season if they think it’s necessary. Also the front airways are being checked with Nazaline and they are being ‘smoked out’ with Koudys dry disinfectant. After the season a ten day cure with TS-Sol is being given against Paratyfus. If there is an eye problem they use eye drops existing of 50% Linco Spectin and 50% borasic water.

With an eventual outbreak of coli/young pigeons disease they choose between ‘4 in 1’ or ‘’Amco’ from De Weerd , Yakult red and TS-Sol. Mostly one of these treatments pays off.

At arrival the pigeons always drink liquid electrolytes from Giantel supplemented with glucose. The next coming two days they put oil on the food, this is being sprinkled with “Whey Powder”. On Wednesday they find Lugol in the drinking water, an old product but still sufficient.

Natural health

To help the resistance during the ‘still’ season both men use only natural products. Garlic is one of them, four toes are being put in a drink pot of 5 liter and stay there for 10 days. But what they’re especially happy about is the use of fluent acid Ultimate Acid from Kanters with the young pigeons. They use this product three times a week, 0,5ml/10 liter water. During the season in the beginning of the week. André gave me the next info about this product; Ultimate Acid is a fluent acid that is functional in the small bowel. It stimulates the feeding conversion by supporting the protein digestion. It also supports fertility.

Interesting to know

  • The use of a flashing beacon. The old and young pigeons are teamed to enter the loft when the flashing beacon is on. The pigeons are being taught to train until the beacon is put on. That is the sign for them to come in and eat. But also when they come home from a flight they leave the flashing beacon on. The pigeons know that the food is ready and waiting for them. This delivers 3 advantages, no stressed fancier that screams so hard that makes the pigeons frightened. Second advantage, if you take out the birds for a midweek training no one needs to be home, just leave the beacon on and they know what to do. And the third advantage, the neighbourhood isn’t being plagued with a whistling fancier!
  • The way of drinking for the young pigeons. The loft is adjusted in that way that on the outside drinking drains can be hung. These are the same as the transport to the release points. This is how they learn to drink very quick what gives a big advantage.
  • To get a good moulting. Maybe an ‘old’ way but it works great. They fast totally the first two day, after that they get a full week pure purification. During this period they drink buttermilk diluted with water (1/3).
  • To make the young pigeons used to the big transport baskets, they are being fed in such baskets. A few are on top of each other, and once they get to know this well they get into them quickly, and it makes the ‘catching’ them very easy for the training flights.
  • The use of blinds at the front of the loft. These are being closed when there’s a cold, biting wind. Also during training this is practical, as the pigeons who are still on the loft are being kept calm as they can’t see what’s happening outside.
  • Make your pigeons as tame as possible, start with this as soon as from the age of 3 weeks.


Championships 2013-2014-2015

  • In 2013 they flew in Veldhoven for the first time with youngsters on the new loft and in Luyksgestel another super year was a fact!

27x 1e prize PV De Telegraaf and 10 x 1e prize in Samenspel EB&O! 4x 1e prize in Veldhoven, 1x in CCE.

In Samenspel EB&O (110 members, 90 lofts)

1e Designated General Champion all flights

1e Not designated General Champion all flights

1e Pigeon speed NL09-1400802 (also 5,7,16,20,22)
1e Designated  Natoer
1e Not designated Natoer
1e First signed championship 42x
2e Not designated speed
2e Designated Middle Distance
2e Designated Longer Middle Distance
2e Ace pigeon old NL10-3045576 ( also 3,4,7,9,13,14,15,19,20,23)
2e Pigeon Natoer NL10-3045576 (also 3,4,6,8,10,12,15,16,17,18,20,21)
3e Designated speed
3e Designated young>250 km
3e Acepigeon Old NL09-1400802
3e Pigeon Natoer NL09-1400802

Winner Trophee 1e Signed 42x


In PV De Telegraaf

15x 1e places, 7x 2e places and 9x 3e places in the championships

In PV De Vredesbode

5x 2e places and 4x 3e places in the championships

In CC Eindhoven (350 members)

Speed Young:           3e Designated 4, 3e Not designated

                                 Midfond Young: 3e not designated, 3e pigeon

            In Afdeling Oost-Brabant (1900 members):


635 km

2e        3600 b.  





307 km

5e 12 e 14 e      3874b





307 km

10 e      2037 b





584 km

18 e 25e      6908 b





269 km

15 e      1709 b





In Long Distance club South-Holland (8000 members):

5e Golden Loft champion Sector east


  • In 2014 they also flew for the first time with year birds.

In Luyksgestel the performance was excellent again!


Hok Luyksgestel In Samenspel EB&O (110 members, 80 lofts)

Winner Trophee First Signed (31x)

Winner of 5x 1e prijs

1e Not designated General Champion all flights

2e Pigeon speed NL11-1935844 (also 11,18,22)
2e Pigeon Longer Middle distance  NL12-3245017 (also 6,12,13,22,23,24)
2e Designated Navluchten Old

3e Not designated Navluchten Old

3e Designated General Champion all flights

3e Not designated Yong>250 km

4e Not Designated Longer Middle Distance

4e Pigeon Navluchten Old NL10-3045534 (also 9,10,15,16,17,23,25)

5e Ace pigeon Old NL11-1935844 (also 6,11,13,14,15,16,24)

5e Designated Marathon

6e Not designated Middle distance
7e Not designated Marathon

8e Designated young<250 km

8e Not Designated Young<250 km

8e Designated Middle distance

8e Designated Longer Middle distance
9e Pigeon Middle Distance NL12-3245050 (also 14,15,18,22)

In PV De Telegraaf

17x 1e places, 5x 2e places en 5x 3e places in the championships

Winner of 19x 1e prize (15 flights cancelled)!

Loft Veldhoven In CC Eindhoven (300 members, 200 lofts)

Winner of 7x 1e prize club en 7x 1e prize CC Eindhoven Rayon/Total

Won championships will follow underneath.


  • In 2015 on the two loft Luyksgestel and Veldhoven:

Loft Luyksgestel 25x 1e prize association and 9x 1e prize Samenspel EB&O!

Loft Veldhoven   12x 1e prize association and 7x 1e prize CC Eindhoven/Rayon!


In Samenspel EB&O (103 members, 72 lofts)

Winner Trophee 1e Signed 31x

1e Designated General Champion all flights

1e Not designated General Champion all flights

1e Pigeon champion Natoer old NL13-3333824 (also 2,3,4,5,7,8,10 )

1e Not designated champion Natoer Old

2e Ace pigeon old NL13-3333824 (also plaatsen 3,5,7,9 )

2e Pigeon Champion Young pigeons>250 km NL15-3545261

2e Designated young<250 km

2e Designated champion Natoer Old

3e Pigeon champion Longer Middle Distance NL12-3245001

4e Not designated Middle Distance

4e Designated Young >250 km

5e Designated Marathon

5e Not designated Marathon

In PV De Telegraaf in the championships 25x 1e, 7x 2e en 6x 3e !


A lot of good off spring from Boscheind Flyers can be found abroad. The most recent reactions come in by telephone, mail or Facebook.

  • A direct daughter of Miss Teletekst is the base breeding hen of several champions at the loft of top racer Magdhy Ghobrial in Caïro.
  • Also with Egyptians Ahmed Ezzat (almost all pigeons are related to BF), Shady Mohammed and Ahmed Morsy the line of Miss Teletekst is doing wonderful. They make unknown good results.
  • The Australians Tom Wills (deceased), Dave Sippets and Peter Badenhorst had/have direct children, who are the bloodlines of the pigeons of several successful fanciers in Australia.
  • W.Schroeven-Gelade Alken (B) is very successful with a direct out of Miss Teletekst x Gaby Vandenabeele.
  • Terry Humberstone Canada won 30.000 US$ in the "breeder-racer" race in the US. He had the best pigeon and winner of the final race, bred out of a daughter of Miss Teletekst!
  • Fahad Al Watri Kuwait has very good offspring out of children Miss Teletekst.
  • John Barnes Ireland has a son of Miss Teletekst, which only seems to give first prize winners!
  • Ali Al-Kadhim Iraq has a few very good offspring out of the breeding line of Miss Teletekst, but also out of toppers like Genaaide, Pearl Star, Miss Cacharel, Miss Boucre and Superior.
  • Derek Leitch won a.o. 3e National Bergerac Midlands Flying Club Bergerac, 537 miles (860 km) with a 50% Boscheind Flyers
  • Steven Casha, Gatt Bros, Kris Farrugia, Stephen Zammit, Walter Cammileri, Frans & Elton Degiorgio and more Maltese fanciers, who have success on their killing heavy races. Truly against thousands of pigeons!
  • Trio Kwinten won 1st National Orleans Rayon 3 prize 1 against 8,611 pigeons with a 50% pigeon out of Boscheind Flyers. Other pigeons from the BF have an important role, just like his brother Johan Kwinten from Borkel en Schaft.
  • Willy Schroeven-Geladé Alken (B) has crossed amazing pigeons from Boscheind Flyers with pigeons from a.o. Gaby Vandenabeele.
  • Young fancier Ronnie van den Eerenbeemd Luyksgestel is doing really fine with the Boscheind Flyers pigeons, this year a.o. his best young pigeon.
  • Jimmy Bamling from Engeland wins with offspring out of the best Boscheind Flyers pigeons uncountable first prizes .
  • Alan Darragh Cullybackey from Northern Ireland has built a loft with National winners out of a.o. a direct bird from Goede 499.
  • Stefan van Steenbergen Herk-de-Stad (B) has a special pigeon direct from Boscheind Flyers. The second place in the ranking “Best yearling Bourges pigeon” (2014-2015).
  • In Wales Byran Williams wins 1st National Alencon against 4,791 pigeons!
  • A top family on the loft of  Mr & Mrs Robinson Cottingham (UK) is bred out of top pigeons from Boscheind Flyers.


I want to thank André and Jan for all the information they gave, seldom seen such champions who were this open-hearted. Also a big well done from the entire HERBOTS team for the strong results year after year.


Kris Steeman, Zele