Comb. Stabel & Zn, Goirle, the absolute all round top loft since 25 years!

Sensational season 2017 with 4x 1st Provincial!! 1st NPO Orleans 5,110b - 1st NPO Fontenay sur Eure 6,916b. - 1st Pont St Max 11,447b. - 1st Creil 7,034b.

Comb. Stabel & Zn, Louis and son Eugene, take wife and mother Annet and you have a fantastic threesome that races like hell with pigeons in Goirle, Holland.

Let’s get acquainted

Father Louis started when he was 18 years old in the year of 1969 racing the pigeons. Before that he went to see the pigeons at his uncle and got bit by the pigeon germ. Real soon after he started racing on his own, he became the talk of the town as he raced with the same pigeon the 20th National St.Vincent and the 20th National Dax in the hot summer of 1976. After he married Annet, he started racing from the current address in Goirle. The first few years he had to work late in the evenings wich made competing very hard. After he saw the pigeons coming home on other lofts earlier the first years he decided to stop working late and invest this time in the pigeons…the results got better real quick. The first big success was gained in 1984 with a 16th National Bergerac against 15,069b with a pigeon from H Verhoeven from Goirle. This same pigeon won in 1985 the 7th National St.Vincent against 19,344b and as a cherry on a pie he won the 3rd National Dax against 13,308b and carwinner. In 1986 a 1st NPO Orleans 6,275b was won, in 1988 a 1st assigned championship old birds in Midden-Brabant, in 1989 for the 1st time a 1st general title in Goirle and in 1990 the 1st National championship youngsters. In other words, Louis raced to win from the beginning and succeeded very well in it. Eugene followed his father into pigeon sport. In 1989 he got his own little loft where he could race with youngsters. This resulted quickly in small successes and from 1990 he started to race widow cocks as well.
In 1990-1992, he won the 1st General Championship for youth in Midden-Brabant and also the 1st Championship in the ‘Vredesduifcompetitie’. In those years and seen the good results there were some ‘seniors’ in the club that couldn’t have it that a youth racer could win the championships on his own and so they decided in a meeting in 1991 that youth members couldn’t win championships anymore in the ‘senior’ races. This was really too bad as in 1992 Eugene would have become the 3rd General assigned champion. But, this rather big disappointment, was being nullified by winning the 1st National Orléans rayon 1c against 9,569b.

In 1993 Eugene and Louis decided to bundle up their powers and race as a combination. The pigeons wouldn’t have to be divided anymore and seen afterwards, this decision made them stronger.




The breeding pigeons and a few better racing pigeons are being coupled at the end of November and can raise the youngsters on their own. The other racing pigeons are being coupled around the 15th of January. At an age off around 18 to 19 days a part of the youngsters are being placed on the ground with the cocks and a part goes to the hens who don’t race to the youngsters loft. The racing hens go immediately to their racing loft and their preparation for the season starts off right away. When the youngsters are about 25 to 28 days old they go to the youngsters loft and the cocks can come out again by then as well. All pigeons start off on widowhood. The cocks are then being coupled the 5th race and are being basketed one week on making out and once on eggs where after they go on widowhood again. They do this as they can’t finish the season with the widowcocks otherwise. The racing hens aren’t being re-coupled and stay on widow hood till after the late races and will be coupled in teams for the late races so there will be pigeons in a good position by the last race of the season. The hens from the widow cocks also enter the late races. Before the beginning of the season they drive the old pigeons for about 5 times before their first training race. On the late races mostly only hens are being basketed and these ones are being driven 2 to 3 times a week to a maximum of 35km but mostly on 25km.

The pigeons are shown at basketing and homecoming, how long depends on the race and the time in the season. Later on in the season they can stay together longer at homecoming. The old pigeons aren’t being darkened but will be enlightened from the longest day on until 22h30. The widow cocks only train in the evening until May and afterwards twice a day. The widow hens only train once a day and this in the evening.

3 lofts of youngsters are being darkened from the moment that we find a pin on the loft. They stay darkened until the beginning of July when they will be enlightened right away until 22h30. One loft isn’t being darkened or enlightened as on this loft in general bought youngsters and some late youngsters reside and are being raced on the name of mother Annet. The winter youngsters will be trained as from April and the 2nd round as from May. They will be driven at least 15 times for a distance of 35km, then they get some training races with the club so they learn to come out of a bigger flock. The youngsters are being raced on a nest position. All youngsters have to race the entire season so they can be selected out on results (with exception of the non-darkened youngsters). But also the rating of a pigeon is of importance to make it for the next season. The youngsters train once a day until July and twice a day from July on.

When there is any doubt on the loft concerning health they get in touch with Belgica de Weerd (Jan van Wanrooij) immediately or they pay a visit to the clinic. When and if there’s something wrong they will cure against it, nevertheless they try to keep this to a minimum. Especially the youngsters can’t do without. Regularly they give something against head diseases with the youngsters and this by feeling. A cure against trichomoniases is on the program every 3 to 4 weeks as WN-red on the day before basketing. All pigeons (also the breeders) are being vaccinated yearly against Paramyxo and the youngsters get this vaccination twice. The juniors are being vaccinated in their birthyear against small pocks with a brush. They don’t leave anything by coincidence during the season. Next to this also a tablet of ‘Koudijs’ is being enlightened during the racing season and get Sedochol in their drinking water on Tuesdays.

They have a feeding schedule that they follow but they make adjustments during the season depending on the weather and the race and so on. The brand of the mixtures isn’t important for them, they’ve given many different brands by now and didn’t experience any difference and delivered results on every brand. In the past they even changed brand during the season and even then there wasn’t a difference in results. The pigeons get candy seed on a regular base but they never get vitamin or pick stone.

Toppers of the loft

The base of the loft is from the beginning of the eighties. In Belgian neighbourhood village, Poppel, they got 28 pigeons from A. Sas who had mainly ‘Van Loon – pigeons’ . In the end they kept only one of those pigeons, the NL80-846054, who was called the ‘Sas-Duif’, and became base mother of the loft. At least five of her offspring in different generations won a 1st NPO or a 1st ZNB race. The NL81-1956448 (Verhagen-van Gorp, Goirle) and the NL86-1339142 (Jan Verhoeven & Zn, Goirle) also had an important roll in the basis of their strain. Each year they get some new pigeons that first are being tested on the flight program. The last few years they sometimes put a new one directly on the breeding loft which have to proof whether it’s really a reinforcement.

‘Romy’, ‘Esmee’, ‘Gertje’, ‘Goede 83’, ‘Super Ace 10’, ‘New Esmee’, ‘Esmee 212’, ‘Wouwer 662’, ‘Orleanske’, ‘Schipperke’, ‘Late As’, …all of them top racers and top breeders, I don’t know where to start or which one is better than the other. Piece by piece pigeons that you all would like to have on your loft and would take care without a doubt for reinforcement. Beneath an overview of some of their top birds (you can also click here to have a look at their catalogue).

Let’s start off with NL10-3031551 ‘Esmee’ and the NL08-3832083 ‘Goede 83’, two base breeders on the loft that not only raced marvellous themselves, which is also the reason why they’re on it, but both of them good for over the 35 offspring with superb results.

klpage l Esmee sheet

klpage m Goede 83 sheet

In the online auction that you can find this moment on Herbots are some close relatives of these top birds namely :

NL16-3630638 ‘Fontenay’ (buy 1) a grandson ‘Esmee’ x ‘Goede 83’, so he has the blood of both of these base breeders running through his veins and won in a short period of time 5 prizes within the first 1% with amongst other a 1st NPO Fontenay against 6,916b :


Also NL13-3328711 ‘Renate’ (buy 3) has golden blood running through her veins and is a granddaughter out of a full sister of ‘Esmee’, ‘Renate’ and ‘Fontenay’ share the same ancestors.. ‘Renate’ has a palmaris to bow for :

1. acebird autumn races Sectie Union Rayon 4

2. acebird autumn races CombineHart van Brabant

2. ace bird long distance

2. ace bird autumn races

8.NATIONAL ace bird autumn races

10.Gouden Crack Long distance Province Brabant 2000

19.National ace bird old Pipa-Rankings (12 prizes)

20x TOP 10 in club: 1,1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4,5,5,6,6,7,8,8,9,9 and so on…

Won 69 prizes (12x in first 1%) with amongs other without doubles:

1.Quievrain 919 b

Fastest against 8,292b provincial

1.Issoudun 284b

8. NPO 7,275 b Provincial

5.Quievrain 913 b

15. fastest 4,264 b

6.St Just Cimetiere 1,657 b

18. fastest 5,838 b

7.St Quentin 1,445b

8.Morlincourt 5,608 b

8.Creil 962 b

68/6,991 b

9.Limoges NPO 2,640 b Provincial

9. Sens 437b


9.Morlincourt 789b

10.Creil 2,726 b

13. fastest 9,912 b

11.Morlincourt 3,528 b

12.Quievrain 534b

16.St Quentin 2,869 b

16.Chimay 413 b

20. Bourges 1,277 b

87.NPO 5,608b Provincial

28.Creil 9,489 b Provincial

38.Souppes 4,088 b

49.Issoudun 1,603 b

474.NPO 7,680 b

56.Morlincourt 3,378 b

65.Chtaeauroux NPO 3,828 b Provincial

72.Feluy 4,673 b

104.Creil 7,034 b Provincial

107.Quievrain 8,028 b

112.Bourges NPO 8,103 b Provincial

114.Peronne 5,200b

179.Chateauroux NPO 3,760 b Provincial


The NL15-3531327 ‘Esmee 327’ (buy 8) is another granddaughter ‘Esmee’ and this time in combination with another base breeder namely NL09-3931610 ‘Super Ace 10’, an overview of his offspring can be found back on the picture underneath. ‘Esmee 327’ won 31 prizes with a.o.

1.Asse-Zellik 602 b

2/4,930 b

6.Creil 773 b

27/14,578 b Provincial

8.Peronne 483 b

31/3,818 b

9.St Quentin 869 b

27/4,737 b

9.Creil 490 b

28/6,912 b Provincial

11.Quievrain 849b

32/2,248 b

13.Asse-Zellik 698 b

30/2,033 b

14.Oudenaarde 631 b

33/2,292 b

24.Sens 675 b

62/2,525 b

… and so on!!!


klpage n Super Ace 10 sheet

And to complete the list of the family members from ‘Esmee’ with results out of this auction we have the NL15-3531399 ‘Chateauroux 399’ (buy 4). He won 31 prizes with amongst other a phenomenal 18th National Chateauroux against 37,794b (10 NPO 3,489b) and is again a grandson out of the parents of ‘Esmee’, this time through a full brother ‘Esmee’.


Another super breeder on the loft is the NL14-1130975 ‘Late As’, a late youngster direct from Ad Schaerlaekens and is a son out of Schaerlaekens’ topduivin ‘Triple Winner’ which won 3 x 1st prize where off 2 times 1st prize in one week ! This ‘Late As’ made himself very fast a top breeder being a late youngster from 2014 and became already father of 1st , 4th , 7th NPO winners and many others…One of his children is now being offered in this auction namely. NL15-3533188 ‘Chateaurouxske’ who won ao. 4th NPO Chateauroux against 3.828 b.

NL 14-1130975 smaal


The last super breeder that I would like to introduce is the NL07-3700494 ‘De Reus’, there is a direct son NL14-3436157 ‘Champ 157’ (buy 6), a granddaughter NL15-3525891 ‘Annemiek’(buy 7), both with beautifull results on their palmaris and a direct son of 2017 NL17-3730971 ‘Son De Reus’ (buy 18) in the online auction that will end on 08/03/2018 at 14h on and which will be most likely the last ones who will be sold online seen the age and the difficulties fertilizing of ‘De Reus’.

Folder De Reus p11

NL14-3436157 - aangepast



The pigeons I didn’t introduce are definitely equal to the above. I suggest that you have a look yourself at this beautiful auction, run through the catalogue, visit their website ( and look at their promotional movie. When you’re not convinced by then of the quality on this loft…I don’t know what else will..

Louis and Eugene, again a well-meant thank you for trusting us with your beautifull pigeons and wish you all the luck with the sale and the upcoming racing season !

Results 2017

Underneath some results of 2017, results of the former years can be found back on their website :

Club (±100 members, 63 racers)
1st nominated + 1st non-nominated over-all (26th year in a row)
1st nominated + 1st non-nominated long distance
1st nominated + 2nd non-nominated middle dist.
2nd nominated + 2nd non-nominated autumn races
2nd nominated + 3rd non-nominated short
3rd nominated + 2nd non-nominated middle dist. YOUNG
3rd nominated + 3rd non-nominated short YOUNG
1st ace-pigeon long distance with NL 14-3433013 also 5th
1st ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 15-3531452 also 5th en 7th
2nd ace-pigeon short YOUNG with NL 17-3730944 also 3th, 5th,6th en 7th
2nd ace-pigeon middle dist. YOUNG with NL 17-3730888 also 5th en 6th
2nd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL 15-1822595 also 5th, 6th, 9th en 10th
3rd ace-pigeon short with NL 15-3531301 also 4th en 10th

Combine Hart van Brabant (±200 members) (short, middle dist., youngsters and autumn races)
1st over-all loft champion (11th year in a row)
1st loft champion oud
2rd loft champion YOUNG
2rd loft champion autumn races
1st ace-pigeon oud NL 15-3531452
2nd ace-pigeon autumn races NL 16-3630504
2nd ace-pigeon YOUNG NL 17-3730792
4th ace-pigeon oud NL 15-3531301
4th ace-pigeon autumn races NL 16-3630700
5th ace-pigeon autumn races NL 15-1822595
5th ace-pigeon YOUNG NL 17-3730835
7th ace-pigeon YOUNG NL 17-3730857
8th ace-pigeon YOUNG NL 17-3730888
8th ace-pigeon autumn races NL 14-3433013
10rd ace-pigeon autumn races NL 16-3630584
10rd ace-pigeon YOUNG NL 17-3730753

Section Union/rayon 4 (±400 members)
1st loft champion middle dist.
2rd loft champion short YOUNG
2rd loft champion autumn races
4th loft champion middle dist. YOUNG
5th loft champion short
6th loft champion long distance
1rd ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 15-3531452
1rd ace-pigeon middle dist. YOUNG with NL 17-3730888
2rd ace-pigeon short YOUNG with NL 17-3730944 (on name mother Annet Oomen)
4rd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL with NL 16-3630504
5rd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL with NL 15-1822595
5rd ace-pigeon middle dist. YOUNG with NL 17-3730835
6rd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL with NL 16-3630700
6rd ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 16-3630583
7rd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL with NL 16-3630719
7rd ace-pigeon long distance with NL 14-3433013
8rd ace-pigeon autumn races with NL with NL 14-3436166
8rd ace-pigeon short with NL 15-3531452
8rd ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 15-3531301
8rd ace-pigeon short YOUNG with NL 17-3730824
9rd ace-pigeon middle dist. YOUNG with NL 17-3730857

Provincial Brabant 2000 (±1550 members)
4rd nominated middle dist.
4rd ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 15-3531452
8rd non-nominated young
10rd non-nominated middle dist.
13th nominated short
19th nominated long distance
19th ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 15-3531301
20th ace-pigeon long distance with NL 14-3433013
22th ace-pigeon short with NL 15-3531452
25th ace-pigeon middle dist. with NL 16-3630583
25th ace-pigeon young with NL 17-3730792
31th non-nominated middle dist.

TOP 10 Mentions NPO-races Provincial
1st NPO Orleans 5110 d.
1st NPO Fontenay sur Eure 6916 d.
2nd NPO Orleans 5110 d.
8th NPO Orleans 5110 d.
9th NPO Fontenay sur Eure 9425b.
9th NPO Chateauroux 3489 d.
10th NPO Chateauroux 3489 d.

5th National middle distance nominated
8th National YB middle distance Pipa-rankings with 17-3730888
11th National YB (6 prizes) Pipa-rankings with 17-3730888
20th National short-middle d. Pipa-Rankings with NL 15-3531301
23th National yearling Pipa-rankings with 16-3630583
23th National yearling Pipa-rankings with 16-3630677
25th National middle-long distance Pipa-Rankings with 15-3531452
25th national ace middle distance with 15-3531452