Veröffentlichung Team Zumdiek

The “Schoolstraat 6  in  Arendonk  Belgium” has been the focal point for the international top pigeon scene for many decades. Like no other loft in the world, the Janssen brothers have influenced and stamped the breeding of pigeon over the entire globe. The Janssen pigeons have not lost any of the topicality today - they still stand at the base of almost all the world’s best lofts!

It was the primary goal of Rolf & Juergen Zumdiek to safeguard the legacy of the Janssen Arendonk breed. Over the last few years with more than 25 originals from the Janssen Brothers Arendonk, they have managed to build up a Janssen colony that seeks it equal!


Thanks to the good friendship of the father Bernhard Zumdiek and Piet de Weerd the first Janssen pigeons came to the loft Zumdiek in the 1970s. They were direct pigeons from the Dutch Janssen Loft “Henk van Boxtel” and the Top Belgian Janssen Loft “Albert van Cauwenbergh”. The offspring from these birds raced very well and sold youngster of them won on two different lofts the 1st German Championship at district level.

1972 came about Piet de Weerd the first Original Janssen pigeon to the Zumdiek´s loft. This bird they got just before Christmas and the Original Janssen got the name “Santa Claus”. The “Santa Claus” was itself very well raced at the loft from the Janssen Brothers in Arendonk, including 3 x 1st prizes, and his offspring with different females raced quite outstanding on the loft Zumdiek as well as with other fanciers. Because of the very good results on the own loft and the many success stories of other fanciers with Zumdiek-Janssen pigeons, one thing was certain for the family Zumdiek: More originals of the Janssen brothers had to come to them!

This was followed by other Original Janssen pigeons from Arendonk. In the 1980s and 1990s there were Original Janssen pigeons from „Blauwe Witpen Voliere“ – „Dochter Jonge Merckx“ – „Goed Kapot Borstbeen“ – „Dochter Zitter“ – „Donkere Roodoger“ – „Dochter Oude Vos van 81“ – „Grote van de Stier“ – „Dochter Schouwman“ – „Blauwen van Goed Duifke van 72“.

CURRENTLY IN 2016 / 2017:

Now Rolf & Juergen Zumdiek are proud to own one of the best and most complete JANSSEN ARENDONK COLLECTIONS - and this worldwide! With currently 17 Original Janssen Arendonk pigeons and more than 50 children from these, the Janssen pigeons will live on! All birds are out of the legendary lines which brought the Janssen Brothers worldwide furor:

“Witoger“ – “Jonge Merckx“ – “Jonge Raket“ – “019“ –

“Geeloger“ – “Oude Vos” – “Oude Lichte” – “Oude Scherpe”

At the moment, the breed is filled with 17 ORIGINAL JANSSEN ARENDONK pigeons:

  • BE07-6264038 „Lichte Klamper Jr.“                         from „Geschelpte Klamper“ x „Kleindochter Chantilly“
  • BE07-6399045 „Zoon Oude Vos“               from „Oude Vos van 98“ x „Dochter Kapot Borstbeen“
  • BE08-6383250 „Irma“                                                 from „Late Blauwen van 2004“ x „Schoon Laat Blauw“
  • BE09-6233612 „Geschelpt September“                  from „Septemberman“ x „Dochter Prinses“
  • BE09-6233613 „Lichte Buel“                                     from „Lichte van Buel“ x „Geschelpt van Groten Donkeren“
  • BE09-6233629 „New Chantilly“                                from „Geschelpte Klamper“ x „Kleindochter Chantilly“
  • BE09-6233650 „Licht van Late Vos“                        from „Late Vos van 2004“ x „Schoon Licht“
  • BE09-6233699 „New Septemberman“                    from „Septemberman“ x „Dochter Prinses“
  • BE09-6358583 „Laat Blauw Prinsesje“                    from „Late Blauwen van 2000“ x „De Prinses“
  • BE09-6358584 „Zoon Schone Vos“                           from „Schone Vos van 2005“ x „Blauw Witpenneke“
  • BE09-6358590 „Geschelpte Klamper´09“               from „Blauwen van Schoon Duivin“ x „Geschelpt van Klamper“
  • BE10-6246123 „Luxe Blauwen“                                from „Late Blauwen van 2004“ x „Schoon Laat Blauw“
  • BE10-6246177 „Schoon Blauw Prinses“                  from „Zoon van Prinses“ x „Schoon Laat Blauw“
  • BE11-6219311 „Geschelpt van Late Vos“               from „Late Vos van 2004“ x „Schoon Licht“
  • BE11-6219345 „Jong Septemberke“                        from „Septemberman“ x „Dochter Prinses“
  • BE12-6255201 „September Schalie“                        from „Septemberman“ x „Dochter Prinses“
  • BE12-6255205 „Blauwe Louis“                                 from „Zoon van Prinses“ x „Schoon Laat Blauw“


We can all agree that the birds of the Janssen Brothers are the world´s best known pigeon colony and their breeding capabilities are of an inestimable value!