Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, their legend ‘F16’ and all the others…

‘F16’ BE09-6107016

‘F16’, one of the best pigeons in history is no more....
Bart & Nance are very sad about the fact that their top pigeon ‘F16’ passed away in April 2018. It was a chock as no-one did expect this marvellous cock to pass away. The already discussed about the possibility that his father ‘Zwarte Diamant’ would pass away or would become infertile as he is already from 2005. Now things have changed and ‘F16’ won’t be breeding anymore.

Let’s have an overview of his own most important racing results and the most important results of his children and grandchildren.

He won himself amongst other:
1 National La Souterraine 3,562b (fastest of 20,124b ! ) 620km
5 National Bourges 24,676b 510km
10 National La Souterraine 4,778b 620km
1 Ace Bird Confidential Cup FCD Budapest 2012
2 European Ace Bird Cat. C 2011
4 Olympiad Bird Belgium Cat. C Nitra 2012

Results Children F16

Results Children F16-1

Results Grandchildren F16-1

You can imagine that this incredible racer and breeder was very loved at the Diamant Loft, he gave so much joy, not only with his own results but also in his offspring. No matter which coupling you make against the ‘F16’ strain, always good come out. Luckily Bart managed to build out his breeding loft with direct children out of ‘F16’ and can maintain this way his strong blood strain. Off course, direct children will get more and more exclusive now. Bart & Nance had promised to auction direct children in 2018 out of ‘F16’ and will keep their promise, in the online auction of Bart&Nance Van Oeckel on you can find 2 direct children out of him, an amazing opportunity.

Other top breeders on the loft

Everybody could read about the amazing season that they had in 2017. To recapitulate: no less than 1 National victory, 2 National Zonal victories and 7 Provincial victories is what they managed to collect in one season.

The newest breeder: ‘National Limo I’

Live is what it is and since last season they do have a new National winner on their loft, very proud in having 2 National winners in their breeding loft, but faith decided differently by taking away ‘F16’. Their latest National winner isn’t a cock, but a hen and is a direct hen from the loft of the Gebr. Herbots. This hen also has a nest sister on the loft in Oud-Turnhout and we must say immediately that they both are amazing racing hens. The National Winner ‘National Limo I’ B16-2146311 can stay on the breeding loft from now on, but her nest sister BE16-2146310 is part of the racing team in 2018.

Their father B14-2338770” ‘Inbred Nationaal I’ is a pure inbred to the world famous ‘Nationaal 1’, an extremely well racer but also an extra-ordinary breeder in several generations.

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-National Limo I (2)

In the current auction you will have the opportunity in buying an unique co-breeding from this ‘National Limo I’ together with her father ‘Inbred Nationaal I’. Also a child out her nest sister BE16-2146310 is being offered in this unique online auction.

The proven breeder : ‘Gaston Jr’

Another amazing breeder on the loft is a half-brother ‘F16’ (same mother) namely ‘Gaston Jr’ BE08-6031121. This cock out of ‘Gastonnetje’, a direct cock from the loft of Gaston Van de Wouwer and grandson world famous ‘Kaasboer’ was coupled against ‘Super Kleintje’, mother of the amazing ‘F16’. This resulted in ‘Gaston Jr’, a cock that showed himself first as a racer and afterwards until the day of today as an amazing breeder.

Won himself :
1 Provincial Salbris
14 Provincial Argenton
17 Provincial Chateauroux
25 Provincial La Souterraine

Results Children + Grandchildren Gaston Jr

Another breeder that can’t be missed on the Diamond Loft as he is a part of the successes set in Oud-Turnhout. Also 2 direct children out of this top breeder are being offered in this unique online auction and again coupled against the best of the best namely the ‘231’ BE16-2146231 ‘231’, original Gebr. Herbots. She became in 2017 the 12 National Ace Bird KBDB All Round Yearbirds 2017 and this thanks to underneath results :

4 Provincial Limoges 1,043b 700km (also 31st National Limoges against 10,325b)
7 Provincial Libourne 437b 606km
14Provincial Jarnac 526b 728km
94Provincial Tulle 1,058b 685km

And this 4 weekends in a row, strong, very strong !!! She doesn’t have it from strangers as she is a daughter of BE04-2116092 ‘Kenzo’ from Gebr. Herbots who was 1 National Ace Bird KBDB MD 2007.

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-Gaston Jr (2)

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-231 & Limo Diamant (2)

The reinforced breeder : ‘Crazy Boy’

And the list with amazing top pigeons on the breeding loft hasn’t finished yet. As we all know in the meantime, Bart reinforced his long distance breeding loft with an amazing long distance racer from Erik Limbourg. The first results from his offspring can be shown by now.

His own results :
3 x Top 10 National 2012-2013
1 National Z Souillac (2 National 5,282b)
1 S-Provincial Chateauroux (2 Provincial 1,580b)
3 S-Provincial Montluçon 818b
8 Provincial Cahors (28 National Z 2,363b)
9 Provincial Limoges (4 National Z 2,174b)
10 National Bordeaux (12 I. National Bordeaux 10,622b)

He became in the meantime father of ao. BE16-6056028 ‘Crazy 28’ who became 12 National Ace Bird KBDB GMD Year birds 2017 with underneath results:

1 National Z Chateauroux 1,547b 557km
33 National Z Bourges 4,831b 507km
59 National Z Bourges 4,546b 507km
67 National Z La Souterraine 3,447b 622km

Results Children Crazy Boy

Children out of him coupled against the ‘Nest sister National Limo I’ (see info above) can be found in this auction as well as children out of his daughter ‘Crazy 028’ coupled against an inbred ‘Zwarte Diamant’

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-Crazy Boy & Crazy 028

Now we didn’t even mention ‘Lendl’ & ‘Navatrilova’, the amazing tennis couple which became parents of ao.

‘Djokovic’ 8 National Bourges 36,307b

‘Sjarapova’ 3 Pre-Olympic bird Cat. C 2014 Brno
24 National Gueret 2,956b
26 National Argenton 16,325b
33 National Bourges 19,655b

‘Nadal’ 1 Pre-Olympic bird cat. C 2014 Brno
3 Provincial Montélimar 2,222b
14 National Argenton 16,325b
where you can find children of in this auction.

BE09-6349640 copyBE09-6350470 copyBE11-6126022 copyBE11-6126250 copyBE12-6130581 copy

Or ‘Liesje Libourne’ winner of 1st provincial Libourne coupled against ‘Gerry Diamand’, a son ‘F16’. ‘Liesje Libourne’ is part of the racing team 2018 and she has been training very hard and is ready to show herself again during the races. To many top pigeons to go into detail, just have a look at this unique auction from this unique loft.

Diamond-Loft-brochure-2017-Liesje Libourne & F-Wait (2)

So as you can see this isn’t just a Gold mine where you can dig out golden breeders but a Diamond mine where diamond breeders are excavated….

Bart & Nance, thank you for the unique couplings you made for this special online auction!

Good luck !