Bart & Nance Van Oeckel, the Diamond Loft, the Diamond team, the Diamond breeders….

It all started with…. 

‘Zwarte Diamant’,(BE05-6054296) a marvellous cock from 2005, went directly to breeding loft and even until today he is a wonderful, strong pigeon by hand and most important of all – still fertile, the things that really distinguish the best breeders! He is a direct Geerinckx – pigeon, son of the ‘Blauwe Ijzeren’ (BE96-6618311) coupled against a daughter ‘Goede Rode’ (BE89-6358226) – 13 x 1st prize on Noyon (short distance – about 210km). I deliberate put their birthdates with them to show that it is a strong strain that all bred very good and very long – you can’t ignore the good genes. But no-one could except that the ‘Zwarte’ Diamant’ would be this good as a breeder. It just didn’t stop with his marvellous children like ‘F16’, ‘Magic Diamant’, ‘Miss Poznan’,…but it continued in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation. The list of his descendants is that long that it is impossible to talk about all of them and not at all at their own loft but on many other lofts.

An overview of the most important children/grandchildren….’Zwarte Diamant’ 

‘F16’ – BE09-6107016

This ‘F16’ has become by now the most famous son of the ‘Zwarte Diamant’, he started off by racing incredible results and proved himself afterwards as an amazing breeder. Bart Van Oeckel made the very smart decision to keep both father and son on his breeding loft and he still is benefitting this decision! Both Bart & Nance are very fond of both pigeons and Nance even get the creeps when some-one just only indicates of the possibility of buying one of them ! 

Most important results ‘F16’:

1 National La Souterraine 3,562b 620km (fastest of 20,124b)
5 National Bourges 24,676b 510km
10 National La Souterraine 4,778b 620km
1 Ace bird Confidential Cup FCD Budapest 2012
2 European Ace Bird Cat. C 2011
4 Olympiad Bird Belgium Cat. C Nitra 2012

‘Miss Poznan’ – BE08-6031114

‘Miss Poznan’ is a ½ - sister ‘F16’ and has as mother ‘Zus Goudhaantje’, she is a full sister of ‘Goudhaantje’ from Rudi Diels who is 1st Olympiad bird Ostend 2007 – 3rd National Ace bird KBDB ’05 – 4th National Ace bird KBDB ’06 and also grandfather of 1st National Ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 2011. This full sister ‘Goudhaantje’ turned out to be a perfect match to ‘Zwarte Diamant’ at the Diamond loft and they became the parents/grandparents/great-grandparents of several top birds like this ‘Miss Poznan’ for example.

Most important results ‘Miss Poznan’

1 Olympiad bird Cat. C Poznan 2011
3 European Ace bird Dortmund 2010
8 National Ace bird KBDB 2010

That this breedingline (‘Zwarte Diamant’ x ‘Zus Goudhaantje) do give its wonderful genes to other generations can also be showed by the breeding results of a full brother ‘Miss Poznan’, named very easy ‘Brother Miss Poznan’ BE13-6321457. He is the father of a.o ‘Hongary Diamant’ 1 Provincial Montélimar 755km – 6 Chateauroux 557km - … and ‘Inbred Diamant’ BE16-6056036, a very promising young bird that is now taking his chances as a year bird and already won 11 Chateauroux 557km – 11 La Souterraine 622km – 20 Argenton 585km - …

Results children/grandchildren ‘Zwarte Diamant’


Results children/grandchildren ‘F16’



‘Gaston Jr’ – BE08-6031121

It is difficult to find a loft that tried some Van de Wouwer-pigeons, especially descendants of the world-famous ‘Kaasboer’, that didn’t succeed with one of them. The same at the ‘Diamond Loft’, a descendant of ‘Kaasboer’ didn’t only race very well in Oud-Turnhout, but is now proving himself as a wonderful breeder on the breeding loft.

Most important results ‘Gaston Jr’

1 Provincial Salbris
14 Provincial Argenton
17 Provincial Chateauroux
25 Provincial La Souterraine

To mention two great children of this chequered white pin, we have ‘Super One’ BE13-6070610 and ‘Super Two’, and not to forget to mention a ‘small detail’ that ‘Gaston Jr’ is a half-brother ‘F16’, they have the same mother…or to say it differently…blood is thicker than water…

Results ‘Super One’
4 National Ace of Aces LCB 2013
1 Momignies 66b
1 Soissons 167b
2 Gueret 518b
3 Momignies 137b
4 Argenton 1,890b (44 National 19,303b)

Results ‘Super Two’
3 National Argenton 11,215b
6 Best Young bird 2015 over 5 National races

Results children ‘Gaston Jr’

Also in 2nd generation they do seem to inherit the fantastic genes of ‘Gaston Jr’. One of his beautiful daughters namely ‘Big Mama’ BE11-6120699. She is, together with a grandson ‘F16’ (you see it again happening again….?) namely ‘Brother Lady Diamant’ BE14-6311876, mother of ‘Ace Diamant’ BE16-6056001 who got the title of 9 National Ace bird KBDB youngsters 2016 over 500km with underneath results: 

70 National Bourges 28,078b 507km
79 National Chateauroux 14,762b 557km
191 National Argenton 19,592b 585km

‘Crazy Boy’ – BE11-2014215

As Bart has the intention of taking over the lead on the long distance races next to the middle distance races as well, he was looking for the best of the best to strengthen his ‘long distance breeding loft’ and found one at the ‘Wonderboy of Long Distance races’ himself, Erik Limbourg from Brussegem.
This, rather small cock, won underneath results in Brussegem:

1 National Z Souillac (2 National 5,282b)
1 S Provincial Chateauroux (2 Provincial 1,580b)
3 S Provincial Montluçon 818b
8 Provincial Cahors (28 National Z 2,363b)
9 Provincial Limoges (4 National Z 2,174b)
10 National Bordeaux (12 International Bordeaux 10,622b)

In 2015 ‘Crazy Boy’ moved to Oud-Turnhout and started to breed and this coupled to the best, already proven, breeding hens on the loft, a lot of children are being tested now at Bart’s loft as well as on other lofts and the first results are very promising !

2014215-11_zonder oogcorrectie

Lendl’ – BE09-6349640 x ‘Navatrilova’ BE09-6350470

This diamond tennis couple comes out of a total different blood strain on the Diamond loft namely a mixture of Meulemans pigeons, pigeons from Habraken-Ducheyne (current Olympiad bird holders), Van Hove-Uyterhoeven, … and are the parents of amongst other:

‘Djokovic’ BE15-6059103
8 National Bourges 36,307b

‘Nadal’ BE11-6126250
1 Pre-Olympiad bird Cat C Brno 2014
3 Provincial Montélimar 2,222b
14 National Argenton 16,325b
35 National Montélimar 22,875b
44 National Argenton 22,384b

‘Sjarapova’ BE11-6126022
3 Pre-Olympiad bird Cat C Brno 2014
24 National Gueret 2,956b
26 National Argenton 16,325b
33 National Bourges 19,655b
50 National Bourges 4,757b

BE09-6349640 copy

 BE09-6350470 copy

Out of all the above top breeders, Bart out selected the most beautiful youngsters and is offering them now to strengthen other breeding lofts as the results of their off spring are that strong !

2 children ‘F16’, a full sister ‘Ace Diamant’, a child ‘Gaston Jr’, 3 children ‘Crazy Boy’,  2 children ‘Brother Miss Poznan’, a son of the diamond tennis couple ‘Lendl x Navatrilova’, and so on…only the best of the best and as many, not to say all, fanciers have to agree, good pigeons always come out of good pigeons !

Good luck with the auction and most important off all – good luck with the racing season 2017 !