FCI Algarve Great Derby, One Loft Race, Portugal

A young one loft race in Portugal, but one with ambition and this all due to the very sympathetic, hardworking Sergio Ferreira, a Portuguese/Dutch pigeon fancier as International promotor for the race together with many agents all over the world.

At the moment they are collection pigeons for this race and will be collecting until the end of May. Many topfanciers from all over the world have already send in or confirmed their participation. Names like Gino Clique, Bart Geerinckx, Bart&Nance Van Oeckel, Erik Limbourg, Henk & Nicole De Weerdt, Hans & Evert Eijerkamp, Combinatie Lokhorst, Enrico Doldersum, Kurt & Raf Platteeuw, Leo Heremans, Team De Jaegher, Verreckt-Rutten-Deplae, Combinatie Beverdam, Combinatie Van Wanrooy...too many to name.

Now they have already collected pigeons from England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Holland.

It is not too late to participate this wonderful race with its final on 29.09.2017

Contact your agent in your country. You can find all information on www.algarvegreatderby.com

Good luck !