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Halle-Booienhoven: It is possible that it didn’t occur to you straight away, but when we opened the marvellous breeding book from Herbots Gebroeders, our attention was immediately drawn towards the overview of the Olympiad participations of this colony. Since the Olympiad in Utrecht (1995) until the last organised Olympiad in Brussels, the Herbots family delivered no less than 12 pigeons (only top-3 spots) ! To be clear about it…this Olympiad cracks have all flown in Halle-Booienhoven ! We don’t even talk about the Olympiad pigeons that were bought.

The more than impressive list of the Olympiad participations looks as underneath:

Utrecht 1995                    Allround cat.                     “Olympus”                         2053422-93
Bazel 1997                         Allround cat.                     “Boemerang”                   1051557-92
Bazel 1997                         ½ Long Distance cat.       “Den 155”                         6371155-91
Blackpool 1999                Allround cat.                     “Lucky Number”              2087113-97
South-Africa 2001            Allround cat.                     “Number 1”                      5090216-98
Porto 2005                        ½ Long Distance cat.       “Filip”                                 2101107-03
Ostend 2007                     Allround cat.                     “Champion B.P.”              2107204-00
Ostende2007                    Allround cat.                     “Olympia”                         2267115-05
Nitra 2013                         Cat. H.                                “Els”                                   2192630-10
Budapest 2015                 Cat. B. + C + H.                 “Yva”                                  2177058-12
Budapest 2015                 Cat. Allround                     “Yvonne”                           2186136-11
Brussels 2017                    Cat. Allround                     “Olympic Boss”                2313054-14


Filip…the first question to you. Where does your love for Olympiad pigeons come from? 

This is really easy to explain…a national ace bird is a superb pigeon…delivering top results during one year is pure class…but an Olympiad pigeon has to shake superior results out of his wings during 2 seasons and not every pigeon can do this two seasons in a row.
According to my modest opinion the Olympiad pigeons are the national ace birds but then the out-selected ones. The real supers amongst the supers…although some luck comes in as the results have to be won in the right years. Take for example our current base breeder ‘Yvan’…he became 4th national ace bird KBDB Long Middle Distance 2008 and 1st national ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 2009…but these weren’t the seasons that counted for the Olympiad results, so ‘Yvan’ never became an Olympiad bird !

When you, as a fancier, have guided so many Olympiad pigeons during their entire racing career than there has to be something you can recognize a future Olympiad pigeon on?

Yes…now I have to think for a while…something in common…my answer might be a bit disappointing but I can only answer that each and one Olympiad bird has his own story and that these are never ugly pigeons by hand. We took, as pigeon brokers, many Olympiad pigeons in our hands and these were found in different shapes and sizes. If there might be a mutual thing, pigeon sport would become straight away something for the history books as only the well-fortuned fanciers would be able to afford these top pigeons.

You say…each Olympiad pigeon has its story…what do you mean exactly?

Well…let’s talk our Olympiad bird category All-round “Olympic Boss” (B14-2313054) as an example. As a young bird he didn’t do that remarkable well. He was most talked about when he stayed behind on the very bad Gueret in 2014. The pigeons were only being released at 10h30 and this with severe head wind and dark weather. None of the clubs could close the race the same day…so you know enough ! “Olympic Boss” was called in a few days later only on 3km from his own loft. He was caught at a pig farmer…totally empty and as thin as hell. Nevertheless we gave him another chance and he recuperated extremely fast which is always a good sign. “Olympic Boss” went through the moulting period perfectly and got his second chance as a year bird. He didn’t disappoint and two years later we can put, next to his impressive list of honour, the Olympiad nomination on his palmaris.

Just as with many top results the “Olympic Boss” was always extremely motivated when he went into the basket prior to a race. You know we handle the chaos system of the total widowhood. Now, the “Olympic Boss” had two hens…one in his box and a second one where he could cuddle with in a turned around carton box in the hallway. He didn’t know where to go first…and when he was with his hen in his box and he saw another cock sitting on his carton box in the corridor he ,off course, had to chase him away immediately. A super motivation with super results as result. Although, we also made the mistake in giving always both hens onto the race and when one of the hens was left behind from a race, the motivation of “Olympic Boss” was seriously harmed. Luckily he already got the necessary results in his pocket for his Olympic nomination.


And there you are…with an Olympic crack in a breeding box…how do you manage to breed good pigeons out of him?

We have to be honest and confess that also for us it is the game of the laws of heritability from mother nature…breed a lot and select very strong is and stays the shortest way to success…but we are 100% convinced that you have more luck to breed good pigeons when you start with super pigeons at the base…’you can never breed a racing horse out of a donkey’ says the farmer…and he is right. For that reason the selection of hens is – against which the Olympic winner is being coupled – very important. We just can’t go around it quickly…no…as a fancier you have to take your time to decide. The hens are being selected out of a strain we believe in. As for example our breeding line of our “Yvan” (heads back to the “Bliksem” from Vandenabeele) – the strain of “Nationaal I” (Schellens) and the old base of our 2nd Olympiad bird “155” (Grondelaers x Soontjens). The last few years also the Heremans-Ceusters pigeons are becoming more and more important on our breeding loft. So, at selecting the hens we will make sure that their pedigree is being spiced with one of these breeding lines.

So the Olympiad cock gets for the rest of his live the mark of ‘bull’ tattooed onto his chest?

No…you can’t put it like that…look…we always have two cocks ready that follow the ‘bull-method’. One moment it is for example “Big Boss” and “Yvan” , but a few weeks later it can change to “Olympic Boss” and “New Belgian Pride “ … when the cocks aren’t being used as bull, they are just in their breeding box together with a hen and can follow the normal cycle and bring up a pair of youngsters.

What do we need to bring the ‘bull method’ to a success. First of all two superior (breeding)cocks…secondly 24 lesbian hens (best thing is to choose 2-year old and 3-year old hens) which come out of the prior noted breeding lines and third of all many feeding couples.

The hens are being prepared very well before being coupled to each other and seeing that we work with 2-year old and 3-year old hens, they pair up rather quick. Once they are paired up very well, they are being taking by hand daily and when they start to open up they can go all one by one to one of the ‘bulls’ and he can do his job. This is how all 24 hens are being placed every day with the cocks. Once the hens laid their eggs, one couple of eggs stays with them and the other pair will go to a feeding couple. This way we can have of some cocks very quick many youngsters with different hens. To be entirely sure, every youngster will have a DNA analyses.


Breeding out of Olympiad pigeons…I imagine that it is not all gold that shines?

We don’t have to tell lies to each other…not every youngster born out of an Olympiad can be superb, but – and we are all more than convinced about it – the chance in succeeding is much bigger. Almost out of all our Olympiad pigeons, we did breed top pigeons. If it wasn’t out of the first generation, then we surely got successes in 2nd and even 3rd generation. A few examples to meet up to our statement:

“Den 155” (B91-6371155 – Olympiad pigeon Bazel ’97) became father of a.o. “Number 1” (B98-5090216 – Olympiad pigeon South-Africa 2001 and 1st National ace bird KBDB Middle Distance 1999)

“Number 1” (B98-5090216 – Olympiad pigeon South-Africa 2001) became grandfather of “Champion B.P.” (B04-2107204 – Olympiad pigeon Ostend 2007). “Number 1” is also grandfather of a.o.  “Royal Prins” (B10-2192064 – won 4 x Top-100 National)

“Multi 155” (B08-2169207 – 4th Olympiad pigeon 2011) is a double great-grandson of  “Den 155” and a great-grandson “Number 1”.

“Filip” (B03-2101107 – Olympiad pigeon Porto) became father of several 1st prize racers but also at the German champion Karsten-Ploog a daughter “Filip” raced amazingly well with 1st against 7,456b. – 1st  against 2,318b. – 1st against 914b., this all without doubles.

“Lucky Number” (B97-2087113 – Olympiad pigeon Blackpool) became father of a.o. 4th provincial ace bird KBDB .

“Els” (B10-2192630 – Olympiad pigeon Nitra) is also mother of 1st prize winners

“Big Boss” (DV01274-10-272 – Olympiad pigeon Nitra) is father of “Olympic Boss” (B14-2313054 – Olympiad pigeon Brussels) …

I know that “Yvan” (B07-2103401) doesn’t have an Olympic nomination…but if his results were flown in the ‘right years’ he would have had a lot of chance in becoming an Olympiad pigeon…well, “Yvan” already gave many superb pigeons both on our own loft as on many other lofts. He is amongst other father of  “Yvonne” (B11-2186136)…Olympiad pigeon All-round Budapest 2015, but also father of the other Olympiad pigeon “Yva” (B12-2177058 – Olympiad pigeon Cat. C Long Distance Budapest 2015). “Yvan” is meanwhile also grandfather of “Christianne” (B13-2172001 – 1st National Argenton and 7th National Chateauroux) and at our sport friend Faber is “Yvan” grandfather of the 2nd National ace bird yearlings hens Germany.  Also Anton Ruitenberg (NL) bred top pigeons out of a child “Yvan” with amongst other 1st NPO Argenton and 10th NPO Chateauroux . Oh yes…the 4th national ace bird KBDB youngsters 2014 at Luc Van Mechelen has as grandfather “Yvan” and the great-grandfather of the 1st Olympiad pigeon Brussels for Czech Republic is also “Yvan”… and we could go on like this endlessly.

This just can’t be all coincidence, can it…and who knows what the future brings us?

Jo...what convinced you to buy the Olympiad pigeon “Big Boss”, father of “Olympic Boss” ?

I saw “Big Boss” for the first time when he was showing off in an exposition cage at the Olympiad in Nitra. His sublime results draw my attention … 1st National ace bird Germany 2012 – 1st Olympiad pigeon middle distance with a coefficient of 9,36% over 8 races between 300km and 600km and 1st Olympiad pigeon all-round (over 11 races). Even without holding him by hand and without seeing any pedigree, I took my chance and transferred this crack from Wolfgang Roeper to Halle-Booienhoven. When I saw his pedigree I saw that he had running a lot of short distance blood through his veins. His father is the “Blauwe Wouters” (B08-6293402 – a full brother “Blue Dream”, 1st national ace bird KBDB short distance) and his mother is DV7107-336-09 (a daughter “De Gus” – B03-6032858 – which is a full brother of the famous “Olympiade 003” from Heremans-Ceusters ). 

“Big Boss” is a cock of the smaller type, well feathered and with an unseen character head on his strong carcass. Coupled to “B13-2188001” (a granddaughter “Olympiade 003”) he gave “Olympic Boss”. “Olympic Boss” is a bit bigger as his father and has a broader carcass under his impressive wings. I assume that with these kind of pigeons can’t go something wrong.

Family Herbots from Halle-Booienhoven… we are convinced that we didn’t put down the last top result…the motivation of the entire Herbots team is way to big !  We already look forward to our next meeting…good luck!



Pigeon sport is Aliquis in omnibus …nullus in singulus

(knowing a little bit of everything, but not entirely mastered)

Jo, Miet and Filip Herbots

Halle-Booienhoven: There I am…at the front door of Dungelstraat nr. 37… before I pushed the doorbell, I quickly checked my appearance…interviewing champions of this caliber is not something I do daily and off course I wanted to make a good first impression. However I immediately experienced that my sweaty hands weren’t necessary…I was visiting the Herbots family, with the emphasis on family and I got a welcome like nowhere else!

When I was standing at the entrance my first impression was that you can find 2 worlds in 1 building. Looking left, the office area of the Herbots company can be found. The trade in pigeons and products (Herbots Animal Products) is running at full speed. Fixed and mobile phones are demanding the attention of several fellow workers with the known ringtones. Going right, you enter the quiet pigeon fanciers area of the beautiful building…although quiet…quiet because we are paying our visit in a ‘calmer’ period of the year. The moulting has mostly passed, the winter breeding hasn’t started yet…a bit more time can be given now to a reporter. In front of me there was Filip, Miet and Jo Herbots…I could start asking my questions.

Satisfied with the season of 2015?

Filip: “Yes, extremely satisfied…and I’ll immediately tell you why.  End of last season we transferred different good pigeons to our breeding loft. Herewith a national winner and 2 Olympiad pigeons. I don’t have to say that it is always anxiously waiting to see whether the new favorites can live up to it and now we can say…they can. I also want to say directly ‘chapeau’ to our loft manager Geoffrey who is perfectly assisted by Bjorn and Maarten.”

Maarten - Geoffrey and Bjorn

Don’t you have to start with your best pigeons at the beginning of the season?

Jo: “Normally yes… but you may not neglect the strength of your breeding loft. This 4 toppers have a list of honor of several pages long. They raced 17 to 18 races yearly  over different seasons. They don’t have anything left to prove on the races and as we believe that ‘good ones come out of good ones’ we have given them a breeding spot at the breeding loft. “

How big was the racing team in 2015?

 Miet: “As you know the old and yearling birds are being played on total widowhood and who chooses for this system automatically has a bigger racing team. If we open the doors of the racing loft about 150 heads are looking into our direction. 65 cocks and the rest are hens.

I know it is against your ‘pigeon strategy’ but are you pro or contra a result where only the first 10 given pigeons matter?

 Jo: “We should find it positive in getting such a result. On one condition…they can’t take away the pleasure of pigeon fanciers who like to play with a lot of pigeons. Whether it is a good thing in getting  two official results in your mailbox, that is another question.

I know the reaction of the ‘small fancier’ that is angry because he lost the 1st prize because fancier X took the gold with his 56th given pigeon. I can’t judge other lofts, but here a 56th given pigeon can easily be the 4th given pigeon. We only put our first 3 given pigeon in separate caves. All the other pigeons  will being given off at random.

 Miet: “Pigeon sport changed a lot over the years, but the structure of the game developed less quickly. You can ask yourself as a fancier whether the provincial borders must be kept in place, wouldn’t it be better to have deep, but not that wide sections, and so on…For the KBDB there still is a lot to do. But one thing has to be kept in mind and that is that every fancier likes seeing his name at the top of the results. For that reason we aren’t keen on handing over doublings. Imagine that the combination of clubs you have to play in isn’t that favorite for your loft, well, this local doubling can still make you happy.

 Tell me more about how you take care of old and yearling birds?

 Filip and Geoffrey speak together: “On the 6th of December when Sinterklaas makes thousands of children happy, all pigeons are being coupled. Breeders and racers can have a winter breeding. Before the hens are offering in laying a second time, they will be separated. One youngster stays with the cock and the other will go with the hen to the youngsters’ loft. We never have a second coupling in springtime.

During the season as many cocks as hens are being raced. The national big ½ fond are flights marked in bright colors on our racing calendar. Who wants to perform well has to eat good as well and we don’t look at a gram more when we are feeding the pigeons. During the flight season there will be 100% Koopman mix (Beyers) waiting when they get home. On Sundays it is 50% Koopman and 50% low protein Vandenabeele. On Mondays 100% Vandenabeele and on Tuesdays again a bit heavier with 50% Koopman and 50% Vandenabeele. On Wednesdays and basketing day Thursday we give 50% Koopman and 50% Briljant, always enriched with shelled sunflower seeds and hempseed.

 Medically seen there is the professional supervision of Raf. Every 3 weeks he does a check up and if necessary he comes sooner. What we do a lot around here is giving eye drops. As well on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays all pigeons get an eye drop in each eye. These drops are being given on Raf’s advice. On the day of basketing all pigeons get a ‘yellow drop’ in their throat. This system is being followed strictly as from the ½ fond flights.


Raf Herbots

When I look at the racing loft, I see spacious aviaries and inside there are ATX heating plates in every section

Jo: “Indeed…coincidence or not, but since these 2 adjustments it went crescendo with the results of our pigeons. The heating plates are set on a temperature of 13,5 degrees and a humidity of 70%. From April until the last race they can do their job.

The aviaries were being placed by recommendation of Gommaire Verbruggen. The hens are, after they’ve eaten and after the cocks have trained, being put in the aviaries for the rest of the day. The cocks can only go in the aviaries on Mondays. They can – if they want – take a bath. The other days the pigeons stay on their loft. It is so that a window on the inside is showing the aviaries. As all our lofts have a hallway, the cocks can’t enter the aviaries but can enjoy the fresh air.

Is it true that you drive the pigeons that much ?

Miet: “We used to…but this trend has gone by a bit. We concentrate the most on the game with the old and yearling birds and it doesn’t matter whether you drive a lot or not. If you want to have great results with the youngsters you just have to. Look at the system of Raf an Kobe…the tire center has a good customer on them.

But claiming that we never drive anymore with the old and yearling birds, would be a lie. If the weather allows it the cocks and hens are being released on Wednesdays at 30km. The hens go first and short after that the cocks can race home. Once home, the cocks and hens can stay together for 2 hours. Then they get separated and one day after, at basketing day, the hens are being put in the hallway of the cocks. After a few minutes the hens will be taken away and the cocks follow immediately.

The lofts

How many young pigeons do you breed for own use?

 Filip: “For own use we breed about 250 youngsters. Even we experience a lot of losses amongst the young pigeons. We do everything to guard ourselves of too many losses and one of the actions we take is not to race them on each and every national flight. For this reason we will only put about 40 youngsters on each national flight, the others we race a bit more careful.

We put the early youngsters on sliding doors. Youngster that are weaned in April and May stay together. After the month of May no youngsters are weaned any more. They have to be able to moult in their birth year.

Talking about breeding…with ‘Yvan’ you have more than a super breeder on your loft. If I’m not mistaking his ring shows the year 2007. How are you going to secure his qualities over the next decennia?

Jo: “Good question…and according my opinion there’s only one way and that is to couple him as much as possible with the same blood. Some off spring are being raced, others are going directly to the breeding loft. Over the last few years we sold only a few children out of ‘Yvan’. Children and grandchildren have more than proven themselves in the races and for this reason we like to have more than enough ‘Yvan family’ on our loft.

We used to have two other top breeders on our loft namely the ‘155’ and ‘Number 1’. But at a certain moment they didn’t breed anymore and we hardly had any children of them on our loft. We would like to avoid that scenario.

Just like the past years you’ve made a wonderful breeding book where all your top breeders are being presented. A book that will be distributed on fairs or can be consulted on the website. Can you give a top 5 of top transfers anno 2015?

Jo: “We’ve invested heavily again in the best that was flying this season. Cracks “New Belgian Pride” are a true reinforcement. “New Belgian Pride” (B14-3027025) was raced at Marc and Geert Pollin and didn’t win only 1e National Libourne (753km) against 5,890 year pigeons (fastest of 10,910b.) – 3e International Agen (799km) against 4,485 pigeons, but is also the 1e national Ace pigeon Long Distance yearlings KBDB 2015 ! Seldom seen so much class united in one athletic pigeon body!

Impressive are also the performances of “King of Sprint” (B14-2065003). “King of Sprint” became  1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB Sprint Year Birds in 2015, and this with an historic low coefficient of 0,99% over 6 races. Vivacious detail “King of Sprint” was 12th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB Youngsters in 2014. They don’t make them any faster as this. The successful breeding lines of Stoces were discovered in the pedigree of “Fenomenale Chateauroux” (B14-2197422), winner of   1st  National Chateauroux and fastest of 29,746b. ! The perfect match for our breeding loft !

Along with the hens “Barcelona Dream” (B13-3065806 –  2nd National Barcelona ‘15 against  7,791b.) and “Golden Barcelona” (B13-6130188 – 3rd National Barcelona ‘15 against 7,791b. and Golden Wing winner Brugse Barcelona Club), we can form a new golden Barcelona team. “Quitting” isn’t part of the genes of these young Barcelona toppers. The long distance flights from the Rhône valley (FR) are mostly raced in severe weather circumstances. The heroes of these races need to have just a little bit more perseverance, show a little bit more character to triumph. With “Rhône Beauty” (B11-9109970) we might have the best Rhône valley pigeon ever on our breeding loft. “Rhône Beauty” became 1st Ace Pigeon Rhône valley national 2015 and 4th Ace Pigeon Rhône valley  national 2014 ! We could give some more explanation about  “Blauwe Soontjens” (10 x 1st) – “Super Jaarling”, “Young Olympic Buda” and “Sky”… but we like to refer for this to our brochure.

You as top fanciers…do you still learn something?

(Almost all 3 in harmony) “Off course...if we visit fanciers we will always keep our eyes and ears open. Pigeon sport is a top sport and with top sport every detail can be of significant importance. It is all about that small percentage of being better than the competition.

Even on our own loft we can learn. What did Johan Cruyff said ‘every disadvantage has its advantage’…well, when we had a very bad flight our pigeons came home slowly one by one. Consequence was that some cocks or hens where without a partner for a long time and after a while they started to  mate with other partners. When after one week the couples were being put together again we had to stay on the loft as there were a lot of fights. Without knowing an extra motivation was made…Cruyff is right!

 If you select pigeons…where do you pay attention to?

“The first selection master is the basket…nobody can look what’s inside the head. After that we can form an idea about the beauty of the pigeon. Never select on 1 aspect…but if you ask us a good pigeon has to have thick and soft feathers, the balance has to be perfect and when you look in the eyes you must see fire. There has to be ‘grinta’ in the look of the eye.

Sometimes a pigeon has to grow out…they need a year to survive the moulting. It wouldn’t be the first time that a young pigeon is a bit soft in the back and the tailbones are a bit open. Once a yearling pigeon everything has to be in place perfectly though.

Filip…a last question…I will lock you up for one day with 3 other fanciers and the only thing you can talk about is pigeons. Who would you choose?

 (thinks for a while …) “Gommaire Verbruggen, Gaby Vandenabeele and Leo Heremans . “

Results 2015

Bourges               458 km  National              18.826 old birds:             

22-62-112-389-482-614-716-887-...         (20/40 - pro 4)

Chateauroux      510 km  National              18.604 old birds:             

29-69-91-102-119-235-337-354-473-509-514-840-... (28/40 pro 4)

Gueret  569 km  National              12.516 old birds:             


878-...                                (27/44 pro 4)

Gueret  569 km  National              16.262 yearlings:            

154-523-623-1517-...                    (12/18 pro 4)

Montluçon          529 km  National              11.056 old birds:             

177-178-345-348-706-802-...                     (18/35)

Montluçon          529 km  National              16.982 yearlings:            

150-252-439-694-...                      (18/22)

Chateauroux      510 km  National              10.933 old birds:             


Chateauroux      510 km  National              18.658 yearlings:            

17-36-67-118-223-808-...                           (18/39)

Bourges II           458 km  National              14.496 yearlings:            

32-148-404-485-505-...                (15/55 pro 4)

Bourges II           458 km  National              9265 old birds:  


419-426-428-515-583-739-744-762-851-934-... (29/47)

Limoges              655 km  National              15.012 old birds:             

96-274-1368-2606                         (4/6)

Brive      682 km  National              8.674 old birds: 

93-142-808-841-...                         (9/19)

Tulle      635 km  National              6.229 old birds: 

55-146-196-314-340-434-503-670-688-883-...     (11/17) 

Bourges               458 km  IProv.    1.241 old birds: 


84-85-87-100-111-141-152-233-250 (29/47 per viertal)

IProv.    1.426 yearlings:

1-5-14-25-26-71-78-85-99-107-130-187-196-213-241-268-307-310-316-330 (20/55 per viertal)

Soissons              196 km                987 young birds:             


73-75-78-82-86-91-94-96-97… (53/81 per viertal)

Argenton             538 km  IProv Noyau Dir.              2.178 old birds: 

2-6-16-18-25-46-61-71-152-153-166-215-239-… (19/38)

IProv. Liège-H.   1029 yearlings:  3-7-9-11-21-33-65-66-79-127-151-…  (11/20)

Soissons              196 km  Club      

1.337 Young: 1-8-21-54-60-64-82-83-85-86-88-98-105-108-112-116-129-… (26/50) 

Montlucon          529 km  IProv.  Liège-H. 

1114 old birds:   3-4-12-13-23-28-54-69-79-86-87-104-110-115-116-127-129-148-168-…(25/35)

Guéret 569 km  IProv. Noyau Dir.            

1.809 old birds:  1-2-4-6-8-14-15-16-18-19-32-37-39-41-48-63-78-120-121-139-143-151-157-255-… (33/44)

Chateauroux      510 km                IProv. Noyau Dir.            

3.083 old birds:  1-3-5-6-7-18-23-26-31-35-36-69-95-127-131-134-143-149-…  31/40

Reims    190km                

645 old birds:     1 (fastest of 8191 p.) -3-13-36-39-76-90-91-... (22/61)


Breeding results of  “Yvan”

B 2186632-11 “YVANKE”

“YVAN” x dgt. “BLIKSEM”


13 I.Prov. Moulins 3.044 p. 491 km

86 Nat. Montlucon 18.568 p. 529 km

20 I.Prov. Bourges 3.387 p. 458 km

B 2172001-13 CHRISTIANNE

G.dgt. YVAN”

1 Nat. ARGENTON 4.651 d. 538 km

1 Momignies 1.974 d. 110 km

1 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.056 d. 509 km


B 2186136-11 “YVONNE”

“YVAN” x line “den 155”

1 I.Prov. Argenton 1.361 p. 538 km

1 I.Prov. Issoudun 1.382 p. 485 km

1 Toury 299 p. 371 km

2 Nanteuil 655 p. 250 km

3 Nat.z Argenton 1.245 p. 538 km

5 Nat. Argenton 3.671 p. 538 km

6 I.Prov. Bourges 3.387 p. 458 km

7 I.Prov. Argenton 3.447 p. 538 km

7 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.191 p. 509 km

10 I.Prov. Argenton 1.732 p. 538 km

14 I.Prov. Bourges 3.324 p. 458 km

15 I.Prov. Argenton 3.286 p. 538 km

16 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.070 p. 509 km

16 I.Prov. Moulins 3.044 p. 491 km

18 I.Prov. Bourges 1.164 p. 458 km

29 I.Prov. Gueret 1.305 p. 569 km

31 I.Prov. Montlucon 3.297 p. 529 km

B 2177058-12 “YVA”

“YVAN” x dgt. “KENZO”

1 I.Prov. Argenton 1.417 p. 538 km

1 I.Prov. Poitiers 1.114 p. 607 km

1 La Souterraine 732 p. 574 km

1 Chateauroux 292 p. 509 km

2 I.Prov. 1.187 p.

2 La Souterraine 797 p. 574 km

3 Nanteuil 374 p. 250 km

12 I.Prov. Montluçon 1.502 p. 529 km

16 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.976 p. 509 km

17 I.Prov. La Souterraine 1.253 p. 574 km

18 I.Prov. Bourges 3.324 p. 458 km

27 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.071 p. 509 km

B 2122507-11 “YNA”

1/2 sister “YVAN”

2 I.Prov. Issoudun 1.382 p. 485 km

2 I.Prov. La Souterraine 1.045 p. 574 km

6 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.191 p. 509 km

8 I.Prov. Bourges 1.164 p. 458 km

13 I.Prov. Orleans 1.600 p. 396 km

19 I.Prov. Moulins 3.044 p. 491 km

2177147-12 “YMAN” g.son YVAN

11 / 11 prize on the Nat. races ‘13

1 I.Prov. Ace pigeon > 1/2 Fond on the Nat.

B 5042876-10 “YVANA”

“YVAN” x g.d. “Nationaal I”

3 I.Prov. Bourges 1094 p. 458 km

59944-11 “YVAN’S DREAM”

6 I.Nat. 1-Loft Final race 2011 (DV)

2177222-12 son DE JOS x nestsist.YVAN

1 Montargis 662 p.

1 IProv. Chateauroux 3.083 p. 509 km

4 IProv. Argenton 979 p. 538 km

8 IProv. Guéret 1.708 p. 569 km

8 Sourdun 844 p. 370 km

9 IProv. Bourges 1.191 p. 458 km

14 IProv. Guéret 1.809 p. 569 km

25 Nanteuil 655 p. 250 km

26 IProv. Guéret 1.305 p. 569 km

28 Nat. Argenton 3.671 p. 538 km

29 Nat. Chateauroux 18.604 p. 509 km

44 IProv. Bourges 1.241 p. 458 km

229 Nat. Argenton 6.795 p. 538 km

301 Nat. Guéret 7.681 p. 569 km

2186263-11 “YVAZA”

g.daughter YVAN

19 I.Prov. Ace p. 1/2 Fond on the Nat. races

9 Moulins 3044 p. 000 km

14 I.Prov. Montluçon 3586 p. 529 km

26 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1191 p. 509 km

42 I.Prov. Gueret 2099 p. 569 km

78 Pithiviers 1897 p. 360 km

2172612-13 YOUNG KENZO x nests. YVAN

1 IProv. Vierzon 2.402 p. 457 km

1 IProv. Bourges 1.241 p. 458 km

2 Sourdun 499 p. 370 km

2 IProv. Chateauroux 1.056 p. 509 km

4 IProv. Montlucon 1.114 p. 529 km

9 IProv. Chateauroux 1.012 p. 509 km

47 Nat. Chateauroux 5.884 p. 509 km

83 Nat. Argenton 1.759 p. 538 km


“g.son YVAN x dgt. Bliksem”

1 Lorris 155 p. 376 km

4 I.Prov. Montluçon 1.502 p. 529 km

10 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.187 p. 509 km

12 I.Prov. Argenton 3286 p. 538 km

21 I.Prov. Bourges 3291 p. 458 km

181 Nat. Argenton 16325 p. 538 km


raced by Ruitenberg (NL)

g.son YVAN / mth. is dgt. YVAN

1 NPO Argenton

10 NPO Chateauroux 3534 p. 707 km

2177091-12 g.son YVAN

6 I.Prov. Argenton 1059 p. 538 km

2172033-13 g.son YVAN

8 I.Prov. Montluçon 1.933 p. 529 km

2172051-13 daughter Yvan

1 Lorris 121 p. 376 km

9 Gueret 719 p. 569 km

2172612-13 Mth. is nestsister YVAN

2 I.Prov. Chateauroux 1.056 p. 509 km

2 Sourdun 499 p.

36 I.Prov. Bourges 1.881 p. 458 km

B 6030579-14 (raced byVan Mechelen Luc)

G.dgt. YVAN (mth. is dgt. YVAN)

4 Nat. Ace pig. 1/2 Fond Young KBDB 2014

3 Souppes-S-L I 1.311 p. 385 km

7 Souppes-S-L II 930 p. 385 km

8 Quiévrain I 1.263 p. 136 km

18 Souppes-S-L III 1.064 p. 385 km

23 Noyon I 2.695 p. 240 km

24 Quiévrain II 2.776 p. 136 km

34 Noyon II 3.205 p. 240 km

B 2313398-14 (raced by Thonon-Goreux)

G.child YVAN

1 Soissons 470 p.

1 Soissons 246 p.

1 Nanteuil 171 p.

B 1025223-11

G.son YVAN

1 Melun 1.146 p.

1 La Ferté 407 p.

1 Villers 137 p.

1 Orleans 162 p.

1 Nanteuil 53 p.

Filip, Miet and Jo…thanks a lot for your time and the best of luck!




Ad Schaerlaeckens ...

In conversation with the family Herbots

Only a few pigeon fanciers on this earth never heard about the name Herbots. In Halle-Booienhoven there are only 3 things that matter: pigeons, pigeons and again pigeons and last but not least trading pigeons. In the old days it was a questionable trade. “It had to stay a sport, right?” Nowadays pigeon fanciers are less skeptical.

It all started with father Filip. Meanwhile you can really talk about a family business. Jo and sister Miet are managing the business, brother Raf is a well respected veterinarian and Filip watches it all approvingly.

Even Raf’s son has been contaminated with the same pigeon virus. Next to the trade in pigeons also pigeon products are being sold and with a veterinarian in the family medication as well. What also gives a lot of credit to this family is the close family bond. When Raf’s oldest son died, the entire family mourned as one. Why we chose them is because the Herbots family are also driven fanciers. With off course plenty of experience and a lot of pigeon wisdom thanks to their worldwide contacts.


The champions that we introduce to you monthly aren’t just champions. These are people with such a long list of results that we have to limit ourselves to the highlights. The other results can be read enough in the usual reports. Hence another a brief summary.

- 1st National Argenton yrl 2014
- 1st National Ace pigeons KBDB Middle Distance KBDB 2013
- Gouden Duif winner 2011
- National Champion Middle Distance KBDB 2009
- 1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB (Yvan) in 2009.
- 1st National Champion yearlings KBDB 2008
- 1st National Argenton Old in 2006
- 1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2005
- 1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2000
- 1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 1999.
So an unrivalled amount of FIVE National Ace Pigeons Middle Distance since 1999. No doubt that these people have something to tell.

2014 a year as usual, meaning good. But what were the ups and/or downs?

Indeed another fine year with unfortunately 2 downs.
27th of July, the week before Bourges, we had 90 pigeons basketted for Lorris. One of them didn’t return. Off course one of the best hen we ever had. The same weekend we had another flight with 10 hens. We took 9 in a few minutes and again we lost the best one on this flight. She was nota bene Ace pigeon Brabant 2014 long distance.
Losing a superb pigeon is really bad, losing two of these a disaster. Even for the Herbots family.
Highlight was definitely winning the 1st National Argenton. And this with the same pigeon that flew the week before the 7th National Chateauroux. It concerns a grandchild of our current top pigeon Yvan.

Did you discover another top class pigeon?

Sure, ‘Yvan’. He is a descendant of ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele. Two direct children are Olympiad pigeons, a grandchild is 4th National Ace pigeon KBDB Young pigeons at Luc Van Mechelen. Another grandchild has won 1st and 10th NPO at Gebr. Bras in the Netherlands.


And commercially? After all the tumult in China not a disaster year I hope?

What China is concerned it definitely was. A headache file without rival but luckily we could manage this with our excellent market in other countries. And off course we have our father. He reassured us. Everything would be alright he told us over again and he was right.

Back to the sport. What was your best year ever?

These were definitely 2013 and 2014 and this has everything to do with hiring two super loft carers: Kristof Daniels and from a more recent date Geoffry Janssens.

Over the years you bought a lot. Which was/were the best pigeons ever?

 - The ‘Soontjes’ pigeons. We bought the entire loft.
 -  Buying all the Schellens pigeons was a huge hit.
 -  And … ‘ the Bourges couple’ from Jan Grondelaers.

Which is/was your best race pigeon?

We have/had THREE pigeons which are/were without doubt ‘hors category’.
 - A long time ago it was our ‘Iverige’ from 1975. A long distance pigeon but has won first prices on all distances. We could race him smoothly 24 races a year. Only the real ones can do that.
- Later it was our ‘155’ from 1991. Another pigeon without rival, first as a racer, than as a breeder. He gave amongst others ‘Number One’ National Ace pigeon KBDB and 1st Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance.
 - And last but not least our current standard bearer, ‘Yvan’.

Yvan? Tell!

The father is a son of ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele. The mother is also bought and this at VD Smissen. It was, by the way, our own kind and descended from the ‘Nationaal 1’ and some other long distance blood. One of the ancestors won 1st National Barcelona.

No wonder it is such a muscle man.

You can say that alright.
He won as year bird right away 19 prizes (6.800km) and became 4th Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance. In 2009 17 times prize (5.940km) and 1st Ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance. Not remarkable with underneath achievements.
 -1st  Provincial Salbris 2.281 pigeons (8 minutes ahead).
- 1st Provincial Orleans 3.132 pigeons
- 1st Provincial Toury 781 pigeons (fastest of  3.256 pigeons)
- 1st  Melun 1.946 pigeons
- 1st Argenton 434 pigeons
- 1st Nanteuil 253 pigeons
- 1st Pithiviers 172 pigeons
- 1st Momignies 130 pigeons
And another 5 prizes with the first 25 INTERprovincial. The distances vary from 110km to 538km. We already discussed a few descendants. Also ‘Christianne’ who won 1st National Argenton in 2014 (4.651 pigeons) is a granddaughter. She also was 1st Momignies (1.974 pigeons) and 1st Interprovincial Chateauroux 1.056 pigeons.

The 155. Olympiad pigeon and base breeder on the Herbots loft

What is your best performance ever?

We don’t have to think long about this. It was the illustrious Orleans in 2004. We entered 92 pigeons and won the 1st to 32nd place against 2.527 pigeons. If you see your name on the 32 first places against this mass you blink your eyes more than ones.

Off course, you breed from a lot of super pigeons which you resell. Which kind of pigeons gave you the best results?

This is a wide spread misunderstanding. If we buy pigeons it is OR for ourselves OR for our customers. We don’t breed from these last ones, even if they’re splendid.

Are there any pigeons you regret being sold?

Sure. First of all our ‘Hero’ from 1986. Another Robben kind, sold to Yeh in Taiwan, but luckily we could buy him back. Those days you could. Selling ‘My fair Lady’ was another mistake but also she came back.

How many pigeons do you have and how do you play them?

We have 168 pigeons to race, hens and cocks all together. On the breeding loft we have 27 absolute SUPERS and some of their youngsters. About 25 couples in total so really not a lot. We race the last 2 years ‘total widowhood’. Copied and taken over from the Dutch. We should have started even earlier with that. This gives efficiency for hens and cocks.

And the youngsters?

This is not so important over here. We have fun with the yearlings and old ones. What we do, we want to do good. The old ones already ask a lot of attention, even with two carers it is too much to get the most out the youngsters. Beside that we don’t want to push them, you will have to pay the bill for this later.

Will your best youngsters become your best old pigeons?

Generally speaking, yes.

Do you believe in driving between races?

In the beginning of the season, yes. And this for both the old and the young pigeons. We doubt that it helps when you do this in a later stage.

And a daily training of the long distance pigeons for hours as some do in North-Holland?

Even in this we don’t believe. Daily twice one hour must be sufficient. In the beginning we work with the flag. If you need this later you have a problem.

Son and brother Raf is a respected veterinarian. Can you give pigeons a medical boost?

(Raf’s speaking now)

You surely can, but only with pigeons where something’s wrong, even if it’s a minor thing. But you have to notice it on time and a lot of people don’t see this. On Monday before the race or even better on Sunday.

I won’t have to tell which Herbots this is.

You say, if there’s something wrong with it? What are the most common problems?

Heads (Chlamydia or Mycoplasme) or insufficient recovery.

How can you tell whether it’s Chlamydia or Mycoplasma?

You can’t. Neither can I. That’s why, if there are any problems, I subscribe a medicine that takes on both discomforts. A scheduled action (“giving meds every now and then”) is not what I would recommend. You don’t take an aspirin today for a headache that might come within 2 weeks neither, right?

Cure and inoculate against paratyphoid is controversial, even amongst veterinarians. How do you think about this?

We cure in autumn with Dokamox, after that we inoculate. At springtime the racers will be cured with Baytril and even inoculated. 

And what do you do with a super that has/have had paratyphoid?

Pigeons can’t get paratyphoid here. We just stay ahead that and don’t take a single risk.

Inoculate everything? A lot of colleagues are against because as it wouldn’t be possible doing this pre-emptive.

Look, it’s like this. A lot of pigeons have salmonella, that just a fact. Curing alone won’t help the case. You also have to eliminate the carriers. This only can be done through inoculating.

I never saw any improvement of  the condition after giving vitamins and I don’t believe in it anymore.
You would if you’d race your pigeons 15 or 20 times a year as we do. Because when do you see the traditional fall back every year again? After about five weeks of racing. They say it is because the pigeons are fed up with the game. I believe differently. The recuperation is at stake at that point, so you have to help them. That’s why you don’t need vitamins at the beginning of the season, neither when you don’t ask a lot of the pigeons, but only when you race them intensively. Our pigeons race weekly. Up to 22 flights and 8.000 km a year. If you have to perform good this long you HAVE to support the pigeons.

Does it work with vitamins alone?

No, there’s more to it. In particular, proteins, magnesium, sugars, amino acids.

When you say sugars, I think of electrolytes?

Amongst others, yes. Or Maltodoxine. You can find this for example in ‘Topfit’.

I hear from the greatest champions and from vets that no one is spared from Adeno. How do you deal with it? Do you do something to reduce an outbreak? Or are you powerless?

Naturally we’re not spared either. Who is? What helps is feeding low-protein. We inoculate our youngsters against herpes. I can’t proof anything scientifically but…since we inoculate we have less problems and IF there are any problems they’re cured quicker after an injection. One thing you have to do with an outbreak is to interfere as soon as possible.

The next question is delicate asking a man like you. Even though I dare to ask it: which by-products do you recommend and which are pointless?

My opinion is that the utility of proteins within the pigeon sport is fairly underestimated and beside that I started to believe in concentrated beet juice. It is one of the few additives where I think it is of added value. 30ml per liter per day, and this for several weeks. And I also believe that the use of yeast is strongly overestimated.

"Yva" 12-2177058
1st Interprovincial Argenton 1.417 p
1st Interprovincial Poitiers  1.114 p
1st La Souterraine 732 p
1st Chateauroux 292 p
2nd Poitiers Nat zone 1.429 p
and much more

You seem to be very sure about that beet juice?

I surely am, even stronger, I take it myself and my son as well.

What does it do with man and animal?

You have a better concentration and you take on more oxygen in your blood. That is not an opinion from Raf Herbots, but facts. Scientifically proven. 

Does one looses a lot of young pigeons here in Limburg as well and how are your losses?

Don’t people exaggerate a lot, we ask ourselves ones in a while. If you have a look how many young pigeons enter the Bourges race and even the last National races? What makes a difference to limit losses is to ride a lot and early over a small distance. Moreover it seems that there are less losses in the races than when driving them yourself. 

You have a lot of contacts. From whom did you learn a lot? And which fancier is worthwhile listening to when he has something to say?

We learned a lot from Jan Grondelaers. Also Verbruggen and Vandenabeele are people who know what they’re talking about.

 christianne 2172001-13

Christianne. 13-2172001 won:
- 1st National Argenton 4.651 p
- 1st Momignies 292 p
- 1st Interprovincial Chateauroux 1.056 p
All in 2014

Do you read a lot about pigeons? Internet?

(From now on Filip is talking. Raf and Jo are as usual busy busy busy)

I don’t read a lot. Page 3 from De Duif is off course the first thing I read but also just about the only thing. Internet is not my cup of tea.

Don’t you fear falling behind?

Not at all. You know, I’m already in my seventies. I already passed through a lot and am enjoying every day. And this without the internet. Why I’m not interested? I know myself, I get hooked really easily. I used to be addicted to alcohol, now to coffee and cigarettes. I know the same thing would happen with the internet and I would be stuck to my computer all night long. Two addictions is more than enough (Filip means coffee and cigarettes)   

The lofts: over the pigeons heads open or closed? What do you think about heating, the so called ATX plates and…people who don’t clean?

We think that the lofts are extremely important as the form is extremely important. Maybe even more important than the quality. Over the pigeons heads it is as the old days: two third closed, one third open. ATX plates can be of added value, but only to reduce the humidity. Lofts must be dry and cozy. Not cleaning is possible but only on very dry lofts.


From whom would you like to have 20 young pigeons to race with as a perfect gift?

Maybe even from you, meaning A S. We always try to buy the best and we did notice that a lot of the super pigeons in Holland and Belgian originate from your loft. (I’m blushing)

Dutch or Belgian pigeons? And Dutch people or Belgian people?

We don’t see a difference in pigeons, in fanciers we do. Dutch people are quicker, more driven and also more innovative. Take the darkening. It is an invention of our northern neighbors. Total widowhood, idem ditto.

No problems with all the ‘total’ sales that aren’t ‘total’ sales?

I only want to say four words about this: A LOT OF PROBLEM!

What do you think about the ‘code red’ used in Holland? Forbid racing with youngsters at 30 degrees? Inversion? No races above 450 km with young pigeons?

We don’t understand. It seems that they’re consciously killing the pigeon sport. And these are the policymakers. If they’re not careful we can hardly race the pigeons in the near future. Because we don’t have to pamper them either.

Are the 6 long distance flights with the Young pigeons a plaything for the large lofts?

Not necessary. If you have less space, less time and less pigeons? You have to limit yourself. And only play what you can handle and as much as you can handle. For example only the young pigeons. You can go to the Nationals with them. The pigeons that distinguish themselves have to be placed on the breeding loft because you will breed again pigeons that can manage these races. As a matter of fact we prefer young pigeons on the breeding loft.
Especially the young pigeons bread from the year pigeons which performed very well you have to cherish. Raf’s son (he is going to be a real one) races all the Nationals for the young pigeons and if possible with the same pigeons. We only race them once or twice. The difference is that Raf’s pigeons are being sold after the season and here they have to perform as old pigeons as well.

There’s a lot of criticism on the KBDB these days and in Holland on the NPO. Do you have any advice at the address of the KBDB? 

Sure. We all want a nice game, a lot of pigeons. But Belgium is to wide to race National. Honest flights with equal opportunities for everyone are hardly existing.
And again it is all so simple. Why hang on to, because that’s what it looks like, the provinces when setting the borders? The provincial borders exist since Napoleon or something like that. Forget about the provinces. What’s that to do with pigeon sport? I say, choose 8 or 10 zones of about 20 to 25 km wide and you might get races as popular as the NPO flights in Holland. But this is Belgium, right? Renewal is not something on the agenda.

So far our interview with Filip, Jo and Raf. I can’t put my finger on it but I always feel so relaxed with them and time really flies over there. They race fine, but more people do. They trade in pigeons, but more people do. They have a vet in their midst. Also that more people have, but…
AND racing well AND trading in pigeons AND having a veterinarian in their midst. Say yourself, this is a unique combination in pigeon country. Herbots is beside a big name a high tree. And you know what they say about high trees. But this wind never comes from people that knows the family better. As mentioned before was earning your living with pigeons controversial. But times changed. The Herbots family are in the game just a little bit longer and this only succeeds when you handle matters correctly. And racing this well over the years? This only works when you have quality pigeons in quality hands. And for the Herbots family is a veterinarian in the family the cherry on the pie in exercising their beloved sport.

Ad Schaerlaeckens

Herbots is the name, winning the game
Christianne (BE13-2172001) wint 1e nationaal
Argenton 4.651 jaarlingen • Reeds 4e nationale
overwinning op Argenton voor gebroeders Herbots

Met Christianne schrijven de gebr. Herbots voor de zoveelste maal een stukje duivengeschiedenis.
Reeds voor de 4e maal - waarvan 1 x de snelste van 35.000 en 1 x de
snelste van 22.300 - weten zij te triomferen vanuit dit prachtige stadje, gelegen aan La
Creuse. Met Christianne behalen zij ditmaal de nationale overwinning tegen 4.651 jl.
Yvonne (BE11-2186136) bezet in de voorlopige prognose de 5e plaats bij de 3.671
oude duiven. Maar niet enkel Christianne en Yvonne blonken uit, het ganse team liet
zien dat zij na 22 wedvluchten op rij nog niet uitgeblust zijn :
4.998 jaarse : 1-51-82-96-154-230-293-
326-335-415-449-471… (17/29)
3.671 oude : 5-28-55-65-81-84-156-184-
226-269-270-297-309-369… (23/38)

Wat 71 jaar terug voor Jos en Filip Herbots als hobby begon, is ondertussen uitgegroeid
tot een prachtig familiebedrijf waarin slechts één thema voorop staat : winnen !
Kleppers zoals de Ieverige (BE75-5239278), de Nationaal I (BE86-6260314), de Fenomenale
(BE99-5118824), de King (BE91-2086940), de 155 (BE91-6371155), zoon
155 : Number 1 (BE98-5090216) en meer recent Filip (BE03-2101107), Yvan (BE07-2103401) en Belgian Star (BE12-6123310)
bezorgden de gebr. Herbots, naast tal van top-10 noteringen, vijf 1e Nat. Asduiven
KBDB 1/2 Fond en 10 Olympiade-duiven. 2 maal stonden zij op het hoogste schavotje
als Nat. Kampioen KBDB en belangrijkste van alles : ontelbaar de successen behaald
op andere hokken met afstammelingen van hun kampioenen.

De nieuwe parel aan de kroon Herbots is Christianne. Nadat zij vorige week vanuit
Châteauroux reeds schitterde met de 7e prijs nat. Châteauroux 5.884 jaarse, ging
zij op Argenton volop voor winst. Een opzet waar zij met brio in slaagde. Ook voordien
had zij reeds momenten van haar klasse getoond, in zoverre dat haar vader - zij is
een dochter uit twee nog actieve wedstrijdduiven - uit voorzorg reeds thuisgehouden werd.

Haar prestatielijst :

1e nat. Argenton 4.651 d.
1e prov. Châteauroux 1.056 d. - 7e nat. 5.884 d.
1e Momignies 282 d. - 1e van 1.974 d.
4e Momignies 200 d.
5e Momignies 170 d.
9e int. prov. Bourges 930 d.
10e Lorris 658 d.
11e Lorris 266 d.
40e Gien 165 d.
57e int.prov. Bourges 1.093 d. - 127e van 3.205 d.
66e Reims 307 d.
81 Guéret 719 d.
99 Sourdun 499 d.
140 int.prov. Montluçon 1.933 d.

3 weken voor Bourges bleef zij achter op een rampvlucht om pas twee later terug
het hok te bereiken. Zij mocht dan 1 week recupereren en bewees met een topnotering
op Bourges dat zij er terug klaar voor was. Haar vader is een kleinzoon van Yvan, een
inteelt naar de Bliksem van Gaby Vandenabeele. Langs moederszijde vinden we
Den Wittenbuik en Blauwe Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele.
V : Zoon Yvan (BE11-2186632),won 131e
Moulins 3.044 d., 171e Montluçon 3.758 d.
GV : Yvan (BE07-2103401), 1e Nat. Asduif
KBDB 1/2 Fond 2009. 1e/2.281 int. prov.
Salbris, 1e/3.256 int. prov. Toury, 1e/3.132
int. prov. Orléans. Zoon Venus (is zoon
Bliksem). GM : Dochter Bliksem (BE05-
M : BE11-2122510. Kleindochter Wittenbuik
Vandenabeele en Blauwe Bliksem Gaby
Vandenabeele x Kim (1e Orléans 1.557 d.,
6e Toury 1.974 d.).

Yvonne (BE11-2186136)

Bij de oude duiven is het Yvonne die het peleton
Herbots aanvoert. Zij ging als tweede
getekende de mand in en ontgoochelde niet
met een 5e plaats van 3.671 deelneemsters.
Dat zij als tweede getekende ingekorfd
werd, dankt zij aan haar voorgaande prestaties:
1e Isoudun 1.382 d.
1e Toury 299 d.
2e Nanteuil 655 d.
6e Bourges 3.387 d.
7e Argenton 1.732 d.
7e Châteauroux 1.191 d.
10e Argenton 1.732 d.
14e Momignies 299 d.
15e Argenton 3.286 d.
16e Moulins 3.044 d.
18e Bourges 1.164 d.
21e Pithiviers 962 d.
27e Orléans 544 d.
31e Montluçon 3.297 d.
23e nat. Issoudun 5.670 d.
27e nat. Argenton 5.941 d.
41e nat. Bourges 14.598 d.
57e nat. C Argenton 6.099 d.
64e nat. Chateuroux 4.757 d.

In 2014 deed ze er nog een
schepje bovenop :
3e sourdun 256 d.
4e Sourdun 155 d.
6e Sourdun 468 d.
8e Lorris 428 d.
11e Guéret 512 d.
13e Gien 560 d.
14e Sourdun 844 d.
25e Lorris 696 d.
27e Montluçon 614 d.
43 i.prov. Montluçon 1.502 d.
85 i.prov. Bourges 891 d.
290 i.prov. Chateuroux 1.187 d.

Ook zij stamt weer af van supervlieger en superkweker Yvan.
Langs moederszijde zien we de Asterix 156/96, 1e Nat. Asduif
KBDB 1999.
V : Yvan (BE07-2103401). GV :
Venus (BE04-320936), zoon
Bliksem Vandenabeele. GM :
BE06-2233543. V.D.Smissen
& zn, lijn Nationaal I + 1e Nat.
M : BE06-2259317. Dochter 1
nat. Argenton C ’00. GV : BE99-
5128127. 1e nat. Argenton C
’00, 1e int.prov. Argenton 1.745
d. ’01. Zoon Asterix 156/96
(1e Nat. Asduif KBDB, Olympiadeduif
1999). GM : BE03-2101552.
Moeder van 5e Prov. Asduif KBDB ‘07 en 1e int.prov.
Argenton 1.177 d. Dochter van Number 2 (vader van 1e Nat. Asduif KBDB).

Met deze prestatie bewijzen de gebr. Herbots nogmaals welke klasse er zich schuilhoudt
op de hokken in Halle-Booienhoven. Benieuwd welke kampioenschaps en asduiftitels
zij in 2014 aan hun reeds rijk gevuld palmares mogen toevoegen. Er zullen deze
winter weer weinig vrije weekends in de kalender van gebr. Herbots staan. Proficiat aan het ganse team !

Kristof Daniels

De verzorgers, Cois Jamar, Geoffrey Janssens en Kristof Daniels, vormen
een team binnen het team Herbots. Dat het leven aan de durvers is bewijst het
verhaal van Kristof Daniels. Deze jonge snaak beëindigde eerst zijn middelbare
studies Latijn-Wiskunde alvorens zijn diploma van verpleger te behalen. Doch
duiven waren zijn leven, ondanks het feit dat er in zijn familie geen andere
duivenmelkers waren. Op een dag trok hij zijn stoute schoenen aan en bood hij
zich ongevraagd bij de familie Herbots aan. Jo was zo onder de indruk dat hij
hem, ondanks het feit dat ze niemand zochten, toch aannam. Cois Jamar bereikte
immers bijna de pensioengerechtigde leeftijd en dan had men wel een
vervanger nodig. Zolang werd Kristof bij nonkel Jos geposteerd waar hij de kans
kreeg om zijn kunnen te bewijzen. In dat laatste examen slaagde hij met brio. In
2010 was hij veruit de beste met jaarduiven van gans de provincie Limburg. Hij
won toen o.a. de 4 eerste op Melun van ± 4.000 duiven.
Het is ook Kristof die de gebr. Herbots aanraadde om zich meer op het spel met
de oude duiven toe te leggen. Hij stelde de vraag wat het interessantste was : 6
of 7 kansen krijgen met de jonge garde om te schitteren, of 22 keer of meer met
de oude en jaarse duiven? Sindsdien trekt men bij de familie Herbots volop de
kaart van de jaarse en oude duiven. De jonge duiven krijgen voldoende kans om
ervaring op te doen, maar worden niet ‘leeggemolken’. Het aandeel van Kristof
in deze nationale overwinning kan dus nauwelijks overschat worden.

from pioneers till wholesalers in championship titles and ace-pigeon titles

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who started to play with the pigeons. This could be the beginning of a fairy tale if it wasn’t a true story. In 1955, two brothers – Jos (breeder) and Filip (player) Herbots, at the age of 12 and 10 years – started a pigeon career, which would become one of the best known all over the world. It wasn’t an exception that these brothers started to race the pigeons because the whole family was infected by the virus. Now, after 69 years and many titles and victories later, the ambitions of Filip (his brother Jos died in 2010), still are what they were in those days. Witness here is the title of 1e Nat. Ace-pigeon Little Middle Distance Yrl. 2013 with Belgian Star (BE12-6123310). One of the many titles on their imposing prize list.

Pioneers work

When you think that their success was a gift, you’re completely wrong. Filip and Jos both had to work very hard to get to the top. It all started in ’73 with Stoces. Each article that appeared of Stoces, was written by Jos.  When Stoces wanted to sell some late youngsters, Jos already started to write down all pedigrees. On demand of Filip’s father in law, a true gambler, Stoces didn’t sell in public but Jos, Filip and Filips father in law bought the complete round of late youngsters. These were equally divided among both brothers and the father in law. In winter, the father in law already dumped all of his Stoces-pigeons to Jos and Filip and he told them: ”So many pigeons, that’s too much work”. In total, 124 direct Stoces came to Halle-Booienhoven. About 20-tal survived the strong selection.

In the mean time, life went on. Filip became father of 5 children, he became  ombudsman in Diepenbeek, later on 1st alderman, taught in high school and he searched to sell pigeons on an independent base via Michel Vanlint (Zoutleeuw, BE) - in Taiwan. In ’82, he left politics and in ’84, he took vacation without being paid to become a fulltime pigeon-agent. At that moment, he had 5 children going to school, who had to study at the university for 36 years all together. He went to Japan with a “father Scheutist”, who did missionary work for die 25 years in the land of the rising sun, with just a few addresses and pictures in his bag. The whole family had to help out with the pigeons. “They had to know where the money came from”, Filip mentions.


It all begins and ends with good pigeons. A strong selection, next to good care-taking and a good loft, is one of the most important elements towards success. Filip soon found out that not each pigeon can become a champion but Jos held on to a pigeon much easier. You have to get the good ones where they are: Stoces, Schellens, Soontjes, Clerinx and more recently Leo Heremans). This provided them with cracks, as well on the breeding loft as on the racing loft, which grew out to become true icons within the pigeon sport. Nowadays, everybody all over the world, still remembers names like the Ieverige (BE75-5239278), Nationaal I (BE86-6260314), Fenomenale (BE99-5118824), King (BE91-2086940), 155 (BE91-6371155) and more recently Filip (BE03-2101107) and Yvan (Be07-2103401). Another successful strategy is buying pigeons of their own origins elsewhere if they score well.

Belgian Star (BE12-6123310): 1e Nat. Ace-pig KBDB Little MD 2013

A new rising star is Belgian Star. As a youngsters, he already won 3 victories: 1e Soissons 400 p; 1e Melun 251 p; 1e Toury 179 p. In 2013, he added another 5 victories: 1e Orleans 1.187 p; 1e Pithiviers 683 p; 1e Orleans 570 p; 1e Orleans 263 p; 1e Nanteuil 247 p. Hereby he became 1e Nationale Ace-pig KBDB Little MD. Belgian Star was one of the survivors of the 2 rounds of youngsters they bought with Leo Heremans, of which 2 other supers too. The grandfather on father’s side of Belgian Star is the Jan (Be02-6113220), 1e Nat. Ace-pig Youngsters Ave Regina 2002, 2e Nat. Ace-pig Yrl. Ave Regina 2003, 2e Nat. Ace-pig Old Ave Regina 2004. On mother’s side we find the Rossi (BE04-6073655), another super pigeon with Heremans, which won among others 1e Quievrain against 2.508 pigeons.

Belgian Star wasn’t the only one who helped them winning a title in 2013. Magda was classified as 5e Nat. Ace-pig KBDB Little MD, George was 9e Nat. Ace-pig KBDB Heavy MD Old. Also on provincial level, they participated very well: 6 times in the top 5 and also 1e Prov. Ace-pig KBDB Little MD and 1e Prov. Ace-pig KBDB Heavy MD Old, twice the highest level.

The system

The Herbots Brothers also moved on with their time. For several years, they use the system of total widowhood. To avoid the hens to pair, they have to stay in the open aviary during the day.  Here they sit really close to each other so they don’t get the opportunity to pair.  The cocks stay on little shelves on the racing loft.  In the morning, on the day of basketing, these shelves are taken away and the boxes are opened and then, the hens and the cocks can stay together for about an hour and they can do whatever they want. Afterwards, the hens are taken away. The pigeons are fed several times and just before basketing, the hens can go into the corridor in front of the racing loft.

They also take good care of the food. To those pigeons that have to fly every week a race of +- 500 km, recovering is very important and here for Super Flight is a very good product. To those that are interested, people, which are never too old to learn, we give the weekly schedule. The mixtures they use are of the Firm Beyers.

At their arrival: 100% Koopman and Topfit in the drinking water.
Sunday: 50% Koopman + 50% Vandenabeele with proteins and 4 oils + Topfit in the drinking water.
Monday: 100% Vandenabeele with medication/Bronchofit in the water.
Tuesday: 50% Koopman + 50% Vandenabeele with medication/Bronchofit in the water.
Wednesday: 100% Koopman + supplement 10% cribbs corn and Aminovit in the water
Thursday: 100% Koopman + 10% cribbs corn.
After each training, they get some hemp and sunflower grains.

Till last year, the youngsters (+- 200) were played by the system of the sliding door by the same system as the widowers. In 2014, one compartment will be played on widowhood and the other on nest.


Also in 2014, the racing- and breeding loft is filled with quality. On the racing loft, we find following super pigeons:

Blitzy Blois (BE10-2192897):
1e Prov. Ace-pig KBDB Heavy MD. She won prizes among which 1e int. prov. Argenton 1.732 p; 1e int. prov. La Souterraine 1.712 p; 1e int. prov. Bourges 3.271 p.

George (BE11-2186246): 9e Nat. Ace-pig KBDB Heavy MD. He won 1e Pithiviers 1.897 p; 1e Argenton 1.346 p; 1e Chateauroux 1.191 p.
Yva (BE12-2177058): 1e Argenton 1.417 p; 1e la Souterraine 732 p.

Yvonne (BE11-2186136): 1e Issoudun 1.382 p; 1e Toury 299 p.

Under their watch, the whole team won following results in 2014:

324 old: 1-2-3-4-5-15-17-22-35-36-38-40-41-53-61-74-80-81-82-83-88-89-90-91-104 (25/57)
400 yrl: 5-11-21-36-43-58-68-75-77-78-83-86-102-109-113-114-115 (17/43)
170 yrl: 2-3-4-5-6-8-10-14-16-21-23-24-25-27-29-33-35 47-48-50-51-56-57 (23/40)
165 old: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-14-16-18-19-20-21-23-24-25-26-27-29-31-34-35-37-42-43-44-47-51 (31/58)

Like always, the base of the racing team are the breeders and here there’s only room for the very best. Some of the most important are:

Kenzo (BE04-2116092): 1e Nat. Ace-pig Little MD KBDB ’07. He won 1e Toury 701 p; 1e Toury 624 p; 1e Toury 298 p…

Blauwe Stoces (BE05-6231037):1e Olympic Ace MD Dortmund 2009, 1e nat. Argenton 5.208 p. 7 x 1e prize.

Yvan (BE07-2103401): 1e Nat. Ace-pig KBDB MD 2009 and 4 Nat. Ace-pig KBDB Heavy MD 2008. He won 1e int. prov. Salbris 2.281 p; 1e int. prov. Orleans 3.132 p; 1e int. prov. Toury 781 p.raced with Herbots
Filip (BE03-2101107): 1 Nat. Ace-pig  BDS Youngsters.  1 Olympic Pig MD Porto. 1e Prov. Ace-pig KBDB All Round 2003. He won  1e int. prov. Orleans 2.767 p. Breed and raced by Herbots
Magnum (BE2228064-07) : 3 Nat. Ace-pig MD Duivenkrant 2008.  He won 5 Nat. C Bourges, 6 Nat. C Gueret, 7 Nat. C La Souterraine breed and raced by Herbots strain Nationaal I and son Olympia

Royal Prins (BE2192064-10) : Won 5 Nat. Argenton , 46 Nat. Bourges, 50 Nat Issoudun, 71 Nat Chateauroux (strain Number 1, King & Queen).  Breed and raced by Herbots

What makes this breeding loft even more special is that the descendants of these super birds can be bought by each and everyone of us because of a special arrangement.


The pigeons have given a lot to Filip Herbots. He’s one of the few Belgian people that ever had diner with Nelson Mandela. What’s the most important to Filip Herbots in life? His close relation to his family, everything else are details, even the pigeons.

National Ace-pigeons KBDB

1e Nat. Ace-pig.  Little MD KBDB 2013
1e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 2009
1e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 2005
1e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 2000
1e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 1999
2e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 1998
2e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 1992
3e Nat. Ace-pig  Heavy MD KBDB 2012
4e NatAce-pig MD KBDB 2003
4e Nat. Ace-pig Heavy MD KBDB 2008
5e Nat. Ace-pig Little MD KBDB 2013
5e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 1996
5e Nat. Ace-pig MD KBDB 1995
5e Nat. Ace-pig Heavy MD KBDB 2007

Olympic Ace-pigeons

Olympic Pig cat. H. Nitra 2013
Olympic Pig All Round Poland 2011
Olympic Pig All Round Oostende 2007
Olympic Pig All Round Oostende 2007
Olympic Pig MD Porto 2005
Olympic Pig All Round Utrecht 1995
Olympic Pig MD Basel 1997
Olympic Pig All Round Basel 1997
Olympic Pig All Round Blackpool 1999
Olympic Pig All Round South Africa 2001

National Championships

1e Nat. Champ. MD KBDB 2009
1e Nat. Champ. Heavy MD B.D.S. 2005
1e Nat. Champ. Yrl KBDB 2008
2e Nat. Champ. Youngsters C.C. 2011
2e Nat. Champ. Best Loft L.C.B 2009
2e Nat. Champ. Heavy MD Old & Yrl B.D.S. 2006
2e Nat. Champ. MD B.D.S. 2000
2e Nat. Champ. MD Old B.D.S. 2004
2e Nat. Champ. MD B.D.S. 1998
3e Nat. Champ. Best Loft L.C.B. 2012
3e Nat. Champ. MD and LD Youngsters B.D.S. 2006
3e Nat. Champ. MD Youngsters B.D.S. 2004
3e Nat. Champ. Youngsters KBDB 2003
4e Nat. Champ. Yrl KBDB 199
5e Nat. Champ. General Old KBDB 2004
5e Nat. Champ. Yrl KBDB 2003

From Pigeon expert to citizen of the world...

Herbots is the name ... Born, raised and formed in the region between Tienen and Sint-Truiden - Halle-Booienhoven : line of fracture between Haspengauw and the Fruit Region. That is where Herbots originated and grew. They became known, well known and finally famous. Because of the people and the pigeons. The awards became limitless. And without wanting it themselves, the sport of pigeons took them Internationally world-wide.
Father Filip just delegated his sons and daughters : Jo, Miet and Raf. Names became household words. Herbots practically turned into a world monument - without wanting this. It did not just happen... it was because Herbots continues to collect sports records.
Winning is their joy in life. It was so yesterday and will be so tomorrow. And they continue to be successful. Experience, insight in addition to creativeness and enthusiasm displayed by a young guard put Herbots on the world map. Halle-Booienhoven was multicultural already when the word was not even invented.

But - in spite of their world citizenship - the Herbots family remains what it has always been. A close family able to sit down together at the same table...
Herbots is actually Belgian. Sometimes with a dash of Italian...
They pray together, they work together, they live together. Herbots is everything together, including sports and pigeons. One can not be without the other.

That is precisely what makes them so congenial and genuine.
Halle-Booienhoven, Belgium, the big world... Herbots is a pigeon expert in addition to being a citizen of the world. But above all, a whole lot of human being. And that may count double.


Father Filip started pigeon sport in 1954. His father and uncles were also crazy about pigeons, pigeon sport was a family sport.
Driven to be outstanding and the best in what he does, he educated his family like this.
His son Jo and his daughter Miet got from him this spirit and they do this now already 25 years in a professional way. They are assisted in the daily loft managment by Kristof Daniels and Francois Jamar and in the office they got a fantastic young team of motivated people. The other son Dr. Vet Raf Herbots is responsible to keep all those champions in a perfect condition, nothing escapes from his 'Golden Eye'.

No any other loft in Europe ownes 5 different 1st National Ace Pigeons K.B.D.B. not only those 5 exceptional champions are housed in our loft but also numerous 1st National Ace Pigeons NPO/WHZB and Olympic Ace Pigeons are breeding at the Dungelstraat 37. This fantastic team of breeders is the base of many years of success at national and international level.

Recently we won:

  • 1 Nat. Champion K.B.D.B. Yearling
  • 1 Nat. Champion K.B.D.B. < 1/2 Fond Old pigeons
  • 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. 1/2 Fond (Yvan)
  • 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. > 1/2 Fond (Belgium's Best)
  • 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. 1/2 Fond (Number 1)
  • 1 Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. 1/2 Fond (Queen 2000)
  • Golden Duif Winner
  • 3 x 1 National winner Argenton

...and many more fantastic results where everyone dreams from.

Children and grandchildren from all these champions presented in the Herbots breeding book are now racing at Herbots Loft.

Daily from all over the world we get numerous expressions of thanks from people who are succesfull with our pigeons and this stimulate us to do better every day.
The trust and friendship that you and the pigeons give us, is very important for us.


Voici le palmarès de mon Pigeons 041521/17 qui vient du cote paternelle de deux pigeons acheter sur votre site





SOUILLAC 593KM 8/1556P

De plus nous sommes très satisfait des pigeons Vereeck et Deneufbourg acheter chez vous croisé sur nos pigeons Van Neste Henri (achat direct) et Carteus George (achat direct).

Nous avons jouer 4 concours d'entrainement de 140km avec nos jeunes aucune perte sur la souche Deneufbourg x Vereeck ou Deneufbourg x Carteus ainsi que Deneufbourgx Van Neste

Au plaisir de vous lire

Pigeons 041521




Dear sirs, Mr. Jo Herbots

Bad News

Higashi Niohn champion Race (1000KM)
entry :1 131 lofts, 6162 pigeons
only came back 202 pigeons within 4 days after racing

Japan cup race (1100KM)
entry : 575 lofts, 3036 pigeons
only came back 60 pigeons within 4 days after racing

Waltukanai Grand National (1200KM)
entry : 577 lofts, 1783 pigeons
only came back 18 pigeons within 4 days after racing

Very, very bad race, same as last years.

Ichimonnji loft 83 pigeons entry Walaukani Grand Race,
only one pigeon came back after 5 days racing

Good News

My clients got 2nd, 3 rd price of Higashi Nihon Champion race (1000KM)
and very, very good news.

JP17HA8043 Blue check witpen Hen father is Belg13-5108900 bred by Herbots
(2nd price) son from "Barcelona Doll"
mother is JP15HA2152 bred by Ichimonnji loft
daughter from full sister of "Barcelona Philip"

JP17HA8131 Blue check witpen Hen full sister of above 8043
(3rd price)

2nd & 3rd price pigeons are full sister
bred & flying by : Mr.K.Yoshida (my good client)
he is very very happy now

from Hiroshi Sugiyama



Super breeder in the loft of Aslanidis G&D




NL16-1288821, 1e Charlesville 22.503 duiven

De 821 heeft dit jaar nog niet gemist en won dus 6 prijzen waaronder de 1e Charlesville tegen 22.503 duiven.
Vader van de 821 is een inteeldprodukt naar de 1e As-Vogel (D-1274-10-272).
Deze 272 was 1e Nationale Asduif Midfond op de Olympiade Nitra in 2013.



2214736-10, father to "Topper des Monats" Müller (DV)

05804-15-589 artikel05804-15-589 stamboom


I’m contacting you sir to share a great results of a pigeon bred by Herbots from YVONNE and YVAN blood like this bird produced
1st Ace Pigeon of the Year Old Bird Overall Distance flying a total of 3100 miles for Race series!!!!
Also “Super Ace 452” was
2nd place Ace Long Distance 2018 Old Birds

Yoannys Sainz Q-ba Family Loft

Dag Jo,

Bedankt voor de felicitaties.
Een welgemeende dank aan iedereen van het Herbots-team die meewerkte aan de veiling van Buvens.
Vooral aan Kim, die door zijn inzet en kennis van onze duiven mooie reklame heeft gemaakt.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Buvens Roger en Sleven Mariet


Hi, Jo

Hereby result of children after 09-2100511 full sister of ”Lola”

DK 148-14-0197: 1.section 1/290 Emmen 472 km
1.section 1/217 Gøttingen 488 km
2.section 2/270 Bremen 375 km

DK 148-14-0198: 2.section 2/976 Rodby 123 km
3.section 3/266 MInden 432 km
4.section 4/464 Rodby 123 km
4.section 4/299 Bremen 375 km
5.section 5/270 Bremen 375 km
9.section 9/281 Magdeburg 391 km
10.section 10/561 Soltau 336 km
11.section 11/217 Emmen 472 km

DK 148-15-0310 1.section 1/217 Emmen 472 km
1.section 1/244 Hannover 404 km

DK 148-15-0324 1.section 1/299 Bremen 375 km
2.section 2/244 Hannover 404 km
3.section 3/1144 Rodby 123 km
7.section 7/176 Mgdeburg 391 km

We thanks you for the possiblity to have this beauty hen in our stock.


All the best for you and your family.

Best regard
Jorgen -Tim Larsen


Dear Jo

I buy Before Son Wonderen Smith Be13-2189711 Original Gebr Herbots

He Bred Following Pigeons Only One Won In Kuwait Olr & Only One Mother And G.Mother Winner In OLr In Saudi Arabia - Oman
Father Only One Won
23rd Final Race Al Shahid OLR Kuwait 2016 520 Km
G.Father 8th Olr Al Quriat 2017 "Saudi Arabia" 300 Km
G.Father Ksa17-012151 Win 15th Race 2 Oman Olr Shnas 225 Km 646 Pigeons
Great G.Father Ksa18-063002 9th Final Race Al Qassim OLR 2018 200 Km


My Regards

Shady Mohammed



Plusieurs pigeons achetés par votre site mon donner beaucoup de satisfaction, voir plusieurs top 100 cette année.

Merci, B D'HONDT (Malonne)

Dear Hr. Herbots,

I just wanted to tell you that the two birds I purchased from Frank Scherens and Louis Vangrambren, through you pigeon site, arrived safely and in fine condition this morning. And I couldn't be more pleased with them, they have more than made up for the unfortunate first purchase that I made from the Colored Pigeon Team. And thanks again for making that one right.
Please relay my thanks, and great satisfaction with this pair to Mr.Scherens and Mr. Vangrambren. I plan to make them my source for new stock as I need it.

I'll be looking forward to doing business with you and your team in the future.
Thanks and kind regards,

Charlie Cole

A Dove's Nest®
white dove releases, displays & floral designs


Bonsoir Jo ,

J' ai bien réceptionné les deux pigeons, comme à l' habitude elles sont parfaites !

Merci à toi et à ton équipe " la classe" .




Luis Rodriguez GHC Club spring hill, Florida USA


Dear Don,
Very good news and nice to hear it !
He bought these parents at the auction in Spring Hill
father : 2312891-15 : Son YVAN (1st Nat Ace KBDB) x MEGA MINDY (1st Nat Ace YB KBDB)
mother: 2146164-16 : KING OF SPRINT 1st Nat Ace KBDB x VOORUITVLIEGER 1st National Chateauroux 49.000p.
You can put the info on your website if you wish ! Pedegrees of the parents enclosed in attachement.



Hallo Liesbeth,

Wij willen jullie bedanken voor de zeer snelle afhandeling van de verkoop, we hadden dit nog niet verwacht. Bedankt!!!

Heb je er nog over nagedacht over een vervolg voor volgend jaar?

We zouden dit graag horen.


M.v.g. Comb Lokhorst

Hi my friend I'm very very happy with the Janssen hen you send to me finally I reseve her today a like to much I wait a little bit but it's ok thanks you and God bless you and Herbots family

Hi Jo,

As I promised, I want to tell you that I have had my best season this year and it is partly thanks to you. I bought a daughter of Big Boss and an inbred National 1 (hen) and I had awesome and successful  young birds from them. I finished this season in third place in the Greater Chicago Combine out of 91 flyers. I lost by just 7 minutes from the 1st place and 3 minutes from the 2nd place and only by my mistake.

Young Birds of Big Boss daughter: Standings/Performance Results
1 hen:
*5th out of 1,708 birds
*5th out of 1,176 birds
*12th out of 1,311 birds
*arrived 1st 3 times on my loft

Brother from nest:
*15th out of 1,708 birds
*for 2 special races he was the 1st on the drop

Another brother:
*1st winner on Combine in 300 mile race out of 966 birds
*13th out of 1,311 birds
*40th out of 1,964 birds
*34th out of 509 birds

Young Birds from inbred National 1:
*6th out of 1,120 birds
*15th out of 1,176 birds
*20th out of 1,311 birds
*39th out of 1,225 birds

*18th out of 1,311 birds
*1st out of 128 birds
*25th out of 1,176 birds
*32th out of 1,249 birds

These are just some of the performance results and as you can see your breed line is doing great. I am very happy with the results and I want to thank you and your family for raising good quality birds.

Once again thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Klaudiusz Kalemba.


Beste Meneer Herbots,

Bedankt voor de succesvolle verkoop aan het volledige Herbots team.

Het is een geslaagde verkoop. Ik ben zeer tevreden. Ik hoop van u hetzelfde.

Hopelijk kunnen we in de toekomst nog samen werken. 

Met vriendelijke groeten
Familie De Ruy - Galazka


Hi Jo

One of my club member had a super result for the most famous race in Denmark.

München in Germany app. 900 km is the last and most famous rase where also HERBOTs golden wing is the game.

Freddy Christensen from Frederikssund in Denmark won 1 provinsial with a pigeon bread from one of your pigeon sold in Denmark years ago.

The father is oregin Chris Hebberecht and the mother from you.

Our own Racing Team CMN got 1 Semi National and 3 National from the same Race from München, also origin from you, but more about this later.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Michael Harder
Business Development Manager
North West Europe

HASCO Nordic
Københavnsvej 81, 4000 Roskilde



Dear Jo

With this mail I would like to express my gratitude for the Hen that you had offered me a Daughter of De Jos

At the final race of Halkidiki OLR a pigeon of hers, took the 21st place. The initial amount of birds was approximately 1030. The final race was a very difficult race that only 33 birds arrived in the fist day. All the races of the culombodrom, took place over the sea at temperatures closed to 40C.

The pigeon was the result of the breeding between your hen and a Koopman strain cock.
Attached you can fine the pedigree of the pigeon.

PS the bird war running under the name Hohlakas, At the auction the pedigree will be the one attached,

I thank you once more

Best regards

Dinos Dassios



Beste Jo.

Buiten de vader van “Yanagold” (Yvaniagirl) 2312192/14 heb ik ook nog duiver 2313179/14 “blauwe Stoces”

Hieruit heb ik 1 duiver gekweekt met mijn “Bruinkopje” (kleindochter van de “Super Georges”) die aan een indrukwekkende reeks bezig is.
Deze duiver heeft als naam “Wout” genoemd naar Wout Van Aert.
Deze duif en renner zijn de 2 lievelingen van mijn zoon Bart.
Bart heeft buiten mijn weten zijn palmares op een blaadje geschreven en dit mij gisteren bezorgd.
Ik heb de juistheid nagetrokken en zal ze eens mee delen, prijzen per 10-tal zonder dubbelingen.

“Wout” 3020624/15


24/5 Arras 7/702
7/6 Arras 14/1031
11/7 Fontenay 58/601
18/7 Tours 16/659
1/8 Bourges 16/295


15/5 Fontenay 10/819
10/6 Chateauroux 16/508
25/6 Argenton 8/340
30/7 Tulle 21/276


22/4 Arras 65/742
6/5 Clermont 3/953
20/5 Tours 8/269
4/6 Tours 8/412
17/6 Chateauroux 3/174

In bijlage stuur ik zijn stamboom door.
Uit “Wout” heb ik een jaarling die dit jaar al 2 overwinningen heeft, dit weekend vliegt hij uit Tours de 6°/310 jaarlingen.

stamboom 3020624-15

blauwe stoces

Vriendelijke groeten.

Franky Vanhee.


Hallo Jo,

Ik wil u bedanken voor de zeer leuke ontvangst en de prima afhandeling . U vader heeft een rondleiding gegeven wat een prachtige accommodatie hebben jullie alles perfect gemaakt en onderhouden , u vader was jaren geleden bij ons thuis een keer komen duiven kopen hij kon zich mijn vader nog herinneren.
Ik hoop dat de duiven u en ook de klant zullen bevallen en anders hoor ik het graag.
Ik hoop tot wij in de toekomst vaker duiven bij u mogen leveren , ik wil u daarom eens vragen is het zo tot duiven met een 1e op een samenspel nog steeds gelieft zijn voor de verkoop?
Ik wens de hele familie Herbots een fijne voortzetting van het duivenjaar en vooral een goede gezondheid.

Groetjes Bert en Roger Martens


Hi Jo

How are U?

My father have some flights already made and on 7/5/2015 he won a
Provincial Race from Prague

It is 279 km he send 28 pigeons he won with grandson of your old
cock (B02-2325793) with name De Schellens, maybe U remember him. By us it is one of
the best breeders we ever have! His children's won by us races from
279 km to 853 km!!! Absolutely crazy , this cock is from 2015, and his
father ( the son of De Schellens is from 2000 is direct from U), his
absolutely latest children witch he gave to us. But as we said the
best on the end? Maybe.

Pigeons send total 1613 father have send 28 and made 11 prices-
1.,38.,40.,44.,47.,50.,56.,etc velocity of winner was 1467 m/m

Mgr. Bruno Pripko
Obchodno technický zástupca  Kernite
Divízia NCH


Beste Jo en Stefan,
Ik wil het hele Herbots team bedanken voor de perfecte veiling en het snelle uitbetalen van de duiven.
Het is gewoon super geregeld bij jullie.
Nogmaals bedankt.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Elly en Gerard Reedijk


Goedeavond Jo,

zoals besproken op de olympiade in Brussel stuur ik u dit app met de pedigree van de Olympiade duif cat. H van de combinatie Zekovic-Milovic...
De moeder van deze duif komt uit een ei dat door de fam. Herbots aan ons geschonken is in het jaar 2003.
Op de ranglijst eindigt deze duif op 12e plaats cat H Olympiade 2017 Brussel



Hallo Jo,
Vielen Dank noch mal für die gute Versteigerung.
Du und das gesamte Herbotsteam haben einen super Job gemacht.
Marco Ruderich


Aan de Familie Herbots en jullie Superteam,
Langs deze weg wil ik graag iedereen bedanken (in het bijzonder Liesbeth die alles op rolletjes liet verlopen) voor jullie inzet en vertrouwen.
Jullie hebben er voor gezorgd dat mijn veiling tot een fantastisch eindresultaat gekomen is.
Hoop dat we in de toekomst nog lang zo kunnen samenwerken.
Nogmaals hartelijk dank hiervoor.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Danny de Voogd


Dear Mr. Herbots!
I send for you a nice referenties.
The photo the pigeon and the pedigree is attached!

Best Regards
Zsolt Pinter



Thank you very much for your hard work on the auction.
I was very impressed.

Thank you once again.



Zeker tevreden!
De gekte van vorig jaar wat voorbij, terug naar mooie maar vooral
realistische prijzen.
Prijzen waar je iets kan mee doen naar klanten toe.
Prijzen die klanten doen goesting krijgen in plaats van afschrikken.

Ik denk dat de veiling ook leuk was om mee te volgen voor

Alvast bedankt voor de vlotte samenwerking!

Namens de familie Pollin,


Robert Borowitz - Agethorst (D)


The youngsters out of the children of "Big Boss": 2313721-142313597-142313576-142313726-14races very well. They raced in 2016:1.,5.,8.,9.,44.,45.8.,23.,30.,40.,88.3.,3.,5.,20.,47.7.,8.,22.,52.,74.,82.21.,26. Against 1400 - 2200 pigeons!



Dear Jo

B-2172855-13 / direckt Herbots / als  zuchtweibhen ergebnis bei mir :
Son : Hu-14-ol-35001 - 3/309 , 4/355 , 4/149 , 41/839 , 22/728 ...
Son : Hu-15-885806 - 1/2827 , 35/580 , 148/2035 , 31/257...
Son : Hu-15-885834 - 1/620
Son : Hu-15-885833 - 6/620
Enkelin : Hu-15-ol-46214 - 1/650 / Father 14-ol-35001 /
Enkel : Hu-15-ol-46215 -3/650 / Father 14-ol-35001 /


Alles Gute : Tibor



Beste Miet,

Wil jullie ook bedanken voor de superkwaliteit van de duiven die ik onlangs bij jullie aankocht van herbots heller prachtduiven in de hand.

Tom Devriesere


die Taube ist gesund und absolut TOP bei mir angekommen,
möchte mich bedanken bei Ihnen alles tip top zu empfehlen.
danke an Herbot Family
viele grüsse
Markus Winter


Firma Herbots,
Via deze mail even een bedankje voor de zakelijke samenwerking.
Ik heb aan U mijn NL10-927 ( Amazing Blue) verkocht. Dit is tot volle tevredenheid van onze zijde verlopen.
De snelle afwikkeling en de transfer van de duif in Halle-Booienhoven was prima geregeld.
Ook de tijd die dhr. Herbots sr. voor ons had, stelden wij erg op prijs.
Hopelijk kunnen we in de toekomst wederom zaken doen.
Arco van Vliet - Ammerstol - Nederland


Beste Kim,

bij deze willen wij jou en fam. Herbots van harte bedanken voor de prachtige Barcelona special-verkoop; voor het vele werk alsook de mooie presentatie.

Nu nog even afwachten, maar voor ons is het nu al 100% geslaagd !

Nog eens dikke merci en de afwezigen hebben dik ongelijk.

Groetjes, Luc en Claire


Beste Kim en het Herbots team,

veelmaal dank voor de reclame die jullie gemaakt hebben en de goede zorgen ben heel content dat ik voor jullie gekozen heb en zal niet aarzelen om opniew met jullie zaken te doen
mvg en nogmaals bedankt
Vagenende Danny


Beste Kim (& het ganse Herbots Team)

Bedankt voor de prima organisatie, van publiciteit tot organisatie van de kijkdagen, van informeren tot opvolging van ons als verkopers.
Eveneens een woord van dank voor het jarenlange vertrouwen dat jullie hebben gesteld in onze duiven en de vlotte samenwerking, met ruimte tot open
communicatie en feedback. Samen hebben we een groeiproces doorgemaakt van investeringen tot verkopingen.

Wij, Haesen Ludo & Kurt, wensen jullie alvast ook een succesvol seizoen 2016, met vele sportieve successen.

Hopend op het bestendigen en het uitbouwen van een sportieve en commerciële uitbouw van onze/jullie Barcelona top(kweek)hokken, tevens wensen we jullie
ook een positieve eindspurt in de eindbiedingen van de Barcelona Special in Pigeon Bids.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Haesen Kurt








OK merci Jo,
Pour votre information nous avons un pigeon 1116947/2014 pt fils de votre YVAN par sa maman (2172339/2013) qui comme yearling a remporté :
ea le 1°/218 ; 4°/924 ;6°/763 ;13°/506 ;20°/687
Plusieurs pigeonneaux de cette femelle son prometteur … je vous tien informer


M Gobert


Hallo Jo,

Langs deze weg willen wij de familie Herbots en medewerkers bedanken voor het geweldige succes van de eerste online veiling die Eijerkamp en Herbots samen organiseerden. Na de aankoop, via jullie site, vorig jaar van de ‘New Euro’, hadden we gezamenlijk afgesproken om een speciale “Euro Veiling” te gaan organiseren. Deze veiling is nu, dankzij jullie geweldige inzet en promotie, met een gemiddelde van EUR 2.440,- een schitterend succes geworden. De aangeboden zoon van de ‘Euro’, is met EUR 19.000,- ook het duurste kind van de ‘Euro’ welke ooit online is geveild!!!.

Met vriendelijke sportgroeten

Hans en Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

Henk Jurriens


Bericht van Serré ivm gratis duif 2300880-15 Orange King x dtr BB

PS remercier bien monsieur Herbots pour son pigeon. Il est vraiment très beau et je m'attendais pas a un pigeon avec un pedigree aussi beau.


Just picked up pigeon. Thank you very much, delighted with her.
Your in sport Gerard. Sleek soon
Gerard Campbell


Bonjour Monsieur Herbots,

Je tenais une fois de plus a vous dire Un grand MERCI pour la femelle, elle est splendide et avec un très jolie palmarès, et surtout vous dire MERCI pour votre générosité, outre le fait d'être des grands professionnels vous faites aussi parti de ces grands Hommes au sens le plus noble du terme.

Bonne continuation et au plaisir Monsieur Herbots.

Bien à vous,
Savary Tony


Hallo Jo,

ich wünsche Ihnen, Ihrer Familie und Ihrem Team ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest.

Für das neue Jahr 2016 wünsche ich Ihnen alles Liebe und Gute, Erfolg und besonders Gesundheit.

Ich hatte viele Möglichkeiten meine Olympiatauben zu verkaufen, aber ich bin sehr froh darüber, dass ich mich für das Herbots-Team entschieden habe!!!!!

Vielen Dank für die sehr gute Zusammenarbeit!


Beste Hilaire, Jo, Kim,

Het was een leerrijke ervaring om 20 jaar Barcelona door mijn handen te laten gaan.
Onze welgemeende felicitaties... wat een topprestatie lever jij daar telkens weer man, zolang gefocust de duiven oproepen in een overvolle zaal (zaalkeuze wel een beetje ten spijt, zeg het liever rechtuit, maar goed niet alles kan perfect zijn). Maar het kwam aardig in de richting van. Respect ook voor het ganse Herbots Team om zulke verkoop in goede banen te leiden! Niet toevallig "number one" in de duivensport, vanzelf komt het niet aanwaaien.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kurt Haesen


Beste Kris.
Nicu vestigt er de aandacht op de 1° duif alsook de 3° DUIF uit
Narbonne JL zijn broers uit de lijn Barcelona Rambo(1° en 3° reg )(2° en 36° PROV) ondanks NW wind
Met dank aan de familie Herbots voor de destijds correcte bediening.

143151843_pedF 3151843-14 New frans
Hubert en NICU


Hoi Team Herbots !!!
Proficiat met de FAN TAS TISCHE verkoping. Ik ben zéér tevreden met het behaalde resultaat. Hopelijk is dat ginds zo ook.
Knappe promotie, hard gewerkt, goede toekomst visie.
Ik denk dat hier de basis is gelegd voor een lange en succesvolle samenwerking !!
Nogmaals bedankt !
Ulrich Lemmens


Hello Jo,

Your inbred granddaughter of Yvan, B-2189752/13 BCH when paired to an outcross cock, is the mother of ALVAREZ-2682. I have attached the first page of the Greater Tampa Bay Racing Pigeon Combine race result sheet. 2682 won the race by almost 7 minutes before the 2nd pigeon. It was a very fast race. She flew 285 miles to my loft against 43 lofts and 751 pigeons in the race.

Thank you for this fine hen.

Best regards, Erio and Eric Alvarez


Dear Mr Jo,

First of all to give you thanks for this very nice year that I have been dealing with you for getting good pigeons

I think is the best choice, to work with Herbots company is always the right choice to get the best quality of pigeons

From the last shipment, I was very impressed with the ones you breed for me, from IVAN and Fron EURO.
But I was also very much impressed with the high quality of Van de Haar birds! Fantastic ones!

With best regards

Javier Peral - Spain


Hallo Stefan,
zunächst vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail und vor allem für die überragende Vorbereitung der Auktion!  
Ohne Ihre Arbeit wäre der Erfolg nicht möglich gewesen!!!!!
Ganz HERZLICHEN DANK dafür!!!!!!
Vielen Dank!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Siegfried Müller


Hello Jo,
Eric and me want to thank you for the 3 pigeons you sent us. Your B-484/15 BBWft C and the 2 pale 8736 and 874/15 from Michaux Francois are super. They handle like we like and they are our type.
Thank you so much, Jo.
Best regards,
Erio and Eric Alvarez


Hallo Stefan,

meine Taubenauktion war wieder super erfolgreich!!!!!

Ich möchte mich besonders bei Ihnen für Ihre überragende Vorbereitung dieser Auktion bedanken!!!!


Ohne Sie wäre das nicht möglich gewesen!

Viele Grüße

Siegfried Müller


Dag Jo,
ik stuurde een jonge duif uit 'Noma' 3062250/12, gekocht via jullie van Roger Vereecke, naar One loft race Moldavië en die eindigt als 1ste Belgische duif in de finale.
op een deelname van van goeie 1300 duiven : Halve finale - 355 km: 66ste; en Finale - 555 km : 64ste
groeten, Fré


Hallo Jo,

im Anhang die Abstammung des 450 aus 2012 und seiner beiden Kinder 916 und 917. Dieser fliegt in 2015 13/13! Damit erreicht er folgende Platzierungen:

beste Taube der RV 2015
bester Altvogel der RV 2015
bester Altvogel der FG 2015
2. beste Taube der FG 2015
3. AS-Vogel RV Geseke 2015
3. westfälischer Vogel Reg. 250
8. bester Vogel Reg. 250 Gruppe Süd
22. bester Vogel Westfalenmeisterschaft
30. bester Vogel im Reg. 250,

Dabei wurde er Anfang Juli wegen der extreme Hitze nicht gesetzt, so dass bessere Platzierungen im
Regionalverband nicht möglich waren.

Folgende Spitzenpreise hat 450 in seiner Karriere erringen können:

3. gegen 14.946 Tauben
7. gegen 4.459 Tauben
14. gegen 1.671 Tauben
21. gegen 4.550 Tauben
46. gegen 1.929 Tauben
48. gegen 4.209 Tauben
77. gegen 13.694 Tauben
79. gegen 4.491 Tauben
106. gegen 13.852 Tauben
241. gegen 11.020 Tauben



Seine ersten gezogenen Kinder 916 und 917 aus 2015 scheinen in seine Fußstapfen treten zu können.
Mal abwarten.

Sein Halbbruder 02829-11-112 fliegt in diesem Jahr 9 Preise

Soweit die Story Bruder Yvan!

Beste Grüße

Carsten Greger



I received the Noel Peiren pigeon this morning at Dublin Port (6 A.M).The bird arrived in really nice condition and very calm.
The impressive colour photo (A4) of the pigeon,that came with the pedigree, was really top class and a very nice personal touch.
Thank you so much for your personal help and for the sheer professionalism of all your team at  Herbots HQ.
Best Regards,
Tom O'Neill.


Daughter witpen rivaldo

Hi Jo. I just wanted to let you know that the daughter witpen Rivaldo that I bought from you last summer is mother to a youngster who made 2/300 pigeon in section from Hensted (400 km). I gave the pigeon to a friend in Denmark who is racing in the northern area of Denmark. Very promissing:) The racing season for youngsters in Norway starts in the end of september and I am excited to see what theese pigeons can do in the rather rough conditions here in Norway.


Beste mijnheer Jo Herbots,

Mede namens Gero & Evelien Dijk uit Alblasserdam (NL), de complementen voor het zo snel plaatsen van de wekelijkse resultaten van voornoemde liefhebbers.
Gisteren per mail ingediend en maandagmorgen vroeg staat het reeds ter inzage op uw website..., SUPER, dat vinden wij nu gewoon TOP !!
Ook de opmaak van de overige reportages met foto’s zijn altijd bijzonder lezenswaardig en van grote KLASSE...!!

Met vriendelijk groeten,

Frans Breibach


Oprechte dank aan het team Herbots, weeral super verkoop!!!
bedankt voor het vertrouwen in de duifjes en in mij!!!!
groeten, Gert Noels


Hi Jo,

I am writing to thank you for this big surprise.
I appreciate a lot your negotiation of this extra free bird on top of your replacement bird as well.
Please give my thanks to the seller because of his nice gesture.

I am very happy about your great service Jo! Efforts like this highligths Herbots great Brand image.
And means guarantee overseas to the purchasing that we do.
Thank you a lot.

Best regards

Humberto Zaballa
Mexico City, Mexico.


Geachte Mevrouw Lahau,

de duiven (Pigeon Bids Speltdoorn) zijn goed aangekomen.
Perfecte toestand en service ! !

Bedankt !

Dieter Ballmann


Dear sirs, Mr.Jo Herbots

Big News
Mr.Yoshiichi Higurashi got First Price Winnner of
Grand National Wakkanai Race 1100K dated May-10
This race is biggest race in Japan
Total Entry : 2553 pigeons  Speed : 1485 m

Father is NL04-2067753 "De Barcelona"
1st National Barcelona 7300-p 1100K - 2008

Mother is Grand daughter from "Sarina" (Hagens Brothers)
Father bought last year from you, now owner very happy
and he say thanks lots to Herbots family.
I can not understand it, then I had many time ask to
Mr.Higurashi, Really father is "De Barcelona"
I will send good photo for this one
Anyway, Now our group is very very happy

Yours faithfully,
Hiroshi Sugiyama


At this year’s Spring Races in New Taipei (Taiwan) pigeon with ring 2015-808117, cock, won the first place.
The father is a pigeon bought at Herbots loft.



Dear sirs, Mr.Jo Hedrbots
On May-10 will be raced start most big race in Japan
Race name is Japan Cup Race(Distance 1000 KM)
Then I had got 1st-2nd-4th-5th-9th, top ten in 5 pigeons
Provincial results, not National, but  Now very happy for my pigeon life
First price winner's Father is direct son from "Barcelona Rambo" bred by your father
Mother is grand daughter from "Barcelona Diva"

Thanks for your Father  
Yours faithfully, Hiroshi Sugiyama


Hallo Els,
Wahnsinn! heute angeboten!heute verkauft! Herbots ist der Wahnsinn!
Besten Dank! Taube geht mit der nächsten Sendung zu Herbots vorraussichtlich nächste Woche!
Gruß, Thorsten Daum


Hallo Jo,
nochmals vielen Dank für die super professionell vorbereitete und sehr erfolgreiche Taubenauktion. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass
unsere Tauben so viel Geld einbringen werden.
Sie können sich darauf verlassen, dass ich Werbung für Sie verbreiten werde!!!!!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Siegfried Müller


Beste Familie Herbots

Bij deze willen wij jullie bedanken voor de fantastische verkoop van vandaag.
Het vele werk die jullie er hebben ingestoken heeft een zeer mooi resultaat opgebracht waar wij zeer tevreden mee zijn.
Ook de zeer aangename manier van zaken doen en samenwerken verdiend alle lof.
We zullen er dan ook alles aan doen om jullie te promoten in Vlaanderen (onze streek).

Met vriendelijke groet

Koen brackenier
Hazenwegel 23
9860 Oosterzele


Jo en Hilaire,
Tot 2 uur voor het einde van de verkoop dacht ik “het wordt een fiasco”. Het werd echter een fantastisch slot.
Graag bedank ik jullie voor het goede werk, het zag er allemaal prima uit, daar lag het niet aan.
De kopers hebben mij en misschien ook jullie aardig op de proef gesteld.
Ben blij dat het er op zit en ben meer dan tevreden.
Hartelijke groeten,


Hallo Stefan, Heel hartelijk dank voor de perfecte gang van zaken tijdens de verkoop. Was best een klein beetje nerveus hoe hij zou gaan verlopen.Ben dan ook dik en dik tevreden.Wel vreemd dat de duif die het minste geld opbracht feitelijk uit mijn beste kweker komt. Vreemd hoe andere mensen naar jou duiven kijken.Ik hoop dat ik een volgend jaar opnieuw wat duiven kan aanbieden en dat de kopers er zeer tevreden mee zullen zijn.Ik ga u spreken. Gr Peet


Today I received the photos from a customer in Taiwan.

His pigeons have arrived and he find them very beautiful that one can see what he writes.
In the picture he has sent one sees that they are very healthy and well taken care of by the firm Herbots that provide good handling and transport
He did make some concerns that they eat from Taiwan do not like to eat but after a month the way are they adapt quickly and beautiful boy, care
Thanks for the nice pictures

testimonials_Jolyn brothers

Jolyn brothers


Dank u wel voor de info en reclame.
Wij zijn heel tevreden over onze verkoping met jullie.
Wensen jullie verder succes in de toekomst.

vriendelijke groeten
Verdeyen Bart en Francis


1 Ace pigeon of the "Special Ring Race" in China is
a grandson of the famous Herbots breeder "YVAN".
This pigeon (2214810-10) won 1.000.000 RMB (=+/-140.000 euro) prize money.
B 2214810-10 is his father:


Hallo Jo,
vorab habe ich dir das Bild von unserer Olympia Taube 105 gemailt.

Der Rik Cools Vogel ist der Vater, Deno Herbots die Mutter.
Anbei nochmals die Abstammung.
Wie du weisst ist das die gleiche Linie zu euren Olympia Tauben.
Vielleicht kannst du diese Informationen für eure Vermarktung

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



Nous avons bien reçu l'argent hier pour nos 9 pigeons.

Merci à toute votre équipe pour le travail que vous avez fait pour nous.

Bon courage et beaucoup de réussite pour la suite de vos ventes.

Séverine et Mickael.


Hierbij danken wij van harte het ganse Herbots-team voor de medewerking
aan onze uitermate geslaagde verkoop.
Vriendelijke groeten,
Alex en Corry,
Allemeersch – Van parys


Dag Jo,
Net als vorig jaar een goeie verkoop.
Echter deze overtrof nog mijn stoutste verwachting voor jonge duifjes .. 6500 voor 6…super..!
Alvast hartelijk dank…veel moeite gedaan en zag er ook allemaal zeer goed uit.  
Mooie duidelijke site en trouwe goeie klanten.
Dat spreekt voor zich.
Nogmaals thanks…


Hallo Jo,
Hallo Herr Mertens,
die Auction ist sehr gut verlaufen. Vielen Dank an Ihnen und an Herrn Mertens fuer die gute Vorbereitung. Ich glaube, dass es auch sehr wichtig war, dass die Auction 14 Tage vor Beginn in "Future Auctions" angepriesen wurde. Der Termin am 27/12/ sofort nach Weihnachten hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Wir möchten bereits jetzt fuer 2015 das gleiche Datum 27/12/2015 reservieren. Nochmals vielen Dank!
Viele Gruesse
Juergen Zumdiek

Tecklenburger Weg 11
D-33428 Harsewinkel


Petré-Raemaekers wins:

1e Prov. Ace pig. KBDB Limburg 2014 with "SISSE"
with son out of 100% Janssen Gebr. hen from Herbots Gebr.




Monsieur Herbots,

Je suis venu chez-vous le 10 mai chercher les jeunes dont j'avais acheté les bons dans différentes société colombophile durant l'hiver.
5 jeunes dont 1seul mâle le 2313517/2014 que j'ai malheureusement été obligé de tué pour cause de paralysie d'abort aux pattes et
puis aux ailes. Des 4 femelles restantes j'ai perdu la 2313536/2014 lors du premier concours le 9 aôut.
Quand aux 3 autres voici leurs prestations:    2313398                 2313506              2313525
Laon        511 pigeons                                         10                       ratée                  ratée
Vervins     534 pigeons                                      ratée                         44                     69
Nanteuil    173 pigeons                                pas engagée                     6                      32
Nanteuil    171 pigeons                                         1                             4                       5
Soissons   470 pigeons                                         1                              9                      4
Soissons   246 pigeons                                         1                            21                      22
Laon         257 pigeons                                         6                            31                       7
Je tiens à vous remercier pour la qualité des jeunes que j'ai reçus,et je vous félicite pour vos superbe résultats réalisés cette année.

Je vous prie de croire , Monsieur Herbots , en mes sentiments les plus respectueux.
Thonon Alain



Bonjour Jo,
Bonjour Els,
Tout d'abord, je vous remercie pour la qualité des pigeons reçus ce jeudi
Je vous signale en même temps que l'as-pigeon national vitesse vieux 2014 de Mr. De Witte Gérard est petit-fils d'un pigeonneau que je lui ai offert en 2008 et qui provient d'une femelle Bleue Pl. Bl.  Van Avondt achetée chez vous (Top Pigeons For Sale) en octobre 2005.
Encore un grand merci,
A bientôt,


Hi Jo
As promised I hereby sent you a photo with all information about the youngsters from my “Kleine Yvan” son of “YVAN”
The youngsters participate in 6 races and won prices in 5 of them.

Med sportslig hilsen

Michael Harder


Hi Jo

I'm very happy to inform you about two top result with your pigeons yesterday.

From Sweden we had a race of app. 500 km with head wind, and we clocked a yearling as the 1. Interprovencial.
He arrived with a speed of 1054,7 mpm and was at the same time 5 Semi-National of 600 pigeons.
The cock is a son of "blue Silver" a son of "Silverston Rohne"

From Germany we raced from Henstedt app 250 km and again we clocked a yearling as 1. Interprovincial of 1500 pigeons
She arrived at a speed of 1269 mpm and was also 4 Semi-Nalional of 3259 pigeons
The hen is after a cock who is grandsom after 3 x International winner Barcelona.