Saturday, the 21st of January 2017, Forville
Exposition from 12h00 - Auction at 14h00
with: Machiel Buyck, Jozef  Bracke,  Ronald Lodewijck, K & O Brackenier, Martin Dhooge

Auction location: Avenue de la Libération a cote l'eglise - Forville (Map & Route)
Start bidding: 10/01/2017 at 14.00h
End bidding: 20/01/2017 at 19.00h
Start exposition: 21/01/2017 at 12.00h
Start auction in auction hall: 21/01/2017 at 14.00h

Saturday, the 21st of January 2017, Forville
Exposition from 12h00 - 
Auction at 14h00
with: Machiel Buyck, Jozef  Bracke,  Ronald Lodewijck, K & O Brackenier, Martin Dhooge

Oscar Brackenier (age 94 years) and grandson Koen  (age 36 years) … an inseparable duo.

All of his life, Oscar Brackenier has been on the road, being a merchant in meat.  In those days they had to do it all from a to z, which means, being on the road to buy pigs with the farmers, bringing the animals to the slaughterhouse, cutting them and convert the meat in his enterprise. Later on, the parents of Koen took over the business of father Oscar and so they stayed active on the parental house.

In his limited free time, Oscar had one passion; the pigeon sport, together with his Adeline, who helped out a lot, they won a lot of top-prizes and championships.

In January 2015, Adeline died at the age of 89 years and this was a sad incident to a family that always has been together.

So grandson Koen grew up among the meat and the pigeons and already at a very young age, he also had a passion for the pigeon sport.  In the mean time, Koen graduated as a cook and for some years now, he runs a famous bistro ‘Onder Den Toren’, in Oosterzele. It’s the place to be for many champions, fanciers who want to relax a bit and enjoy a good meal and a nice bottle of wine (another hobby of Koen, being a sommelier).

In fact the pigeon sport always has been a form of relaxation in the family Brackenier, a way to escape their busy profession. And it should be said that they did it with success, which is proved by a wonderful list of honour they collected throughout the years :

1 Gen. NAT. Champ. “Belgische Verstandhouding - Ent. Belge” 2006 - 1 NAT. Brive ’12   11130 p - 1 Prov. Champ. LD “KBDB East Fl.” 2006 - 1 Prov. Ace LD “KBDB East-Fl.” 2006 - 1 NAT. Ace “Belgian LD-Trophy” 2006 - 1 NAT. Ace LD “ Les Amis du Grand Fond” 2006 - 1 NAT. Z.  Bourges 2001 - 1 NAT. Z. Limoges 2006 - 1 Prov. Champ. LD Youngsters “KBDB East-Fl.” 2000 - 1 NAT. Champ. LD “Belg. Verstandhouding - Ent. Belge” 2003 - 1 Prov. Champ. LD “FVOV” 2003 - 1 Champ. Europacup Barcelona 2000 - 1 Champ. 2-years classification Golden Wing Barcelona 2000 - 1 Criteria of Aces “Belgische verstandhouding” 2006 - 1 Champ. “Tierce” of the LD “Belgische verstandhouding” 2006 - 1 Quarté “Belg Verstandhouding - Ent Belge” 2011 - 2 NAT. Ace LD “KBDB” 2006 - 2 NAT. Champ. LD “KBDB” 2003 - 3 NAT. Champ. LD Youngsters “KBDB” 2000 - 3 NAT. Ace LD “Belg verstandhouding - Ent Belge” 2006 - 3 NAT. Champ. LD “Belg. Verstandhouding - Ent. Belge” 2006 - 3 NAT. Ace “De Duivenkrant” 2006 - 5 Prov. Ace LD “KBDB East-Fl.” 2011...


Jozef Bracke

Een topkolonie, die in 2004, de 1 NAT As Fond KBDB behaalde met zijn Full Try 4443884-00, … een ware topduif. De vader van de Full Try was een directe Carteus doffer, kleinzoon van de Perpignan’71, deze won 2 I.Nat Perpignan.. De Full Try won 1 Prov Souillac 483 p - 38 NAT. Barcelona 12275 p - 91 I.Nat. Barcelona 24914 p - 37 NAT. Montauban 6901 p - 49 I.Nat Perpignan 18192 p - 125 NAT Cahors 7340 p - 137 I.Nat. Barcelona 26928 p... De duiven in deze verkoop zijn vaak van de lijn van deze "Full Try". Ook afstammelingen van de "Agen" 33 Nat. Agen 5283 p - 82 INat. 10579 p ; "Nougat" 28 Nat. Montélimar en "Salinas" 78 Nat. Perpignan 7603 p zitten in deze topverkoop!

Machiel Buijk

Machiel Buijk started pigeon fancy in 1970. From the beginning of his carreer Machiel was only fascinated by long distance pigeons. 10 Years after his start as a pigeon fancier, Machiel started working for pigeon magazines in Belgium and Holland. In those days he visited many lofts in Europe and bought many excellent pigeons from those champions. Machiel only wanted the best Jan Aarden pigeons and bought them on several lofts, such as Antoon Aarden, Lazeroms, Sprenkels, Vroegindeweij, Van der Wegen, and last but not least at Marijn van Geel from Nieuw Vossemeer. 
Machiel Buijk has always been very impressed by the 'Dolle', not only for its perfect results on the long distance races, but even more by the unique breeding eyes of this bird. The 'Dolle proved to be one of the best breeding birds of the Jan Aarden strain. The 'Dolle' is without any doubt the best long distance pigeon ever. The 'Dolle' participated in 17 long distance races and won 17 prizes. Buijk has had 13 children of the 'Dolle' at his own loft, more tan anyone has ever seen together. Also at his loft there have been 14 children of the famous 'Vlekje', the car winner from Dax. 'Vlekje' was a grandson of 'Dolle'. Most of the pigeons in this auction are descendants of these famous pigeons.


Martin Dhooge

Martin Dhooge is geen nieuw geluid in de Vlaamse duivenwereld. Al jaren beukt hij op de poort die toegang geeft aan de nationale top. Wel, als je in één seizoen viermaal je naam in de top 20 van de nationale uitslag kan lezen ben je gewoonweg top! Zeker als je weet dat Martin niet de man is die met veel duiven naar een wedstrijd komt. Kritische lezers zullen daarop antwoorden, oké het is maar een momentopname. Maar als ik de hoogtepunten van de laatste vijf jaar opsom zullen deze met verstomming staan kijken: 2de Nationaal Bourges 2013 (1ste provinciaal) - 4de Nationaal Montauban 2015 - 4de Nationaal Narbonne 2011 - 15de Nationaal Libourne 2015 - 18de Nationaal Cahors 2015 - 19de Nationaal Pau 2015 - 20ste Nationaal Cahors 2010 - 40ste Nationaal Chateauroux 2012 - 41ste Nationaal Cahors 2010 - 50ste Nationaal Tulle 2010 - 51ste Nationaal Montauban 2011 - 53ste Nationaal Montauban 2014 - 56ste Nationaal Brive 2014 - 72ste nationaal Argenton I 2015 - 74ste Nationaal Pau 2013 - 79ste Nationaal Tulle 2014 - 85ste Nationaal Pau 2013 - 94ste Nationaal Montlucon 2014 - 97ste Nationaal Libourne 2015...


Ronald Lodewijckx logo


What a prize list!

In only a few years time, Ronald Lodewijckx succeeded to win 3 top victories; 1 S/Nat Chateauroux’01 - 22464 p - 1 Nat Limoges’10 - 14211 p - 1 Nat + 1 I.Nat Marseille’14 - 12054 p. Here by, he belongs to the top of the pigeon sport. He does it all in a very simple way but all in a well-considered way.  He keeps his birds as close to nature as possible though severely selected, via strain breed to the old base, reinforced with the strain of the Golden Pair, Inbreed Kleine Didi of Etienne Devos, via Ivan Vanvuchelen and for the very hard work, the iron pigeons of Remy Speltdoorn, with most of all the strain of the Super 42, a cock with 6 x Barcelona on his prize list and 2 x 2° Pr. I Pares Barcelona but also 46 Nat 12612 p’07 - en 72 Nat - 12245 p’04 ……. 14 x Long Distance !!!!

A superior breeding hen is the basic hen 2103636-05, which we find in the numbers 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 56, 84, 85 and 86 in this auction…. She’s mother of the Limo 2075766-07, which won  8 NAT Limoges 16012 p - 113 Nat C Limoges 2429 p - 109 Nat C Brive 5934 p - 56 Nat C Tulle 2077 p - 654 Nat Cahors 8105 p - 143 Nat C Souillac 1708 p - 188 Nat C Tulle 2090 p - 535 Nat C Brive 6567 p…. or 8 x minimum per 10 on the LD-races from 625 till 755 km … the basic hen was a direct Remy Speltdoorn, out of his Vale Super, which won 1516 Nat Brive 20310 p - 31 Nat Bordeaux 5344 p - 175 Nat Cahors 9275 p - 29 Nat Narbonne 9224 p …. Brother of Mister Rhône - ½ brother of the New Remy – or the 1 NAT Barcelona !!!!

What a richness of top material!


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