Buying & bidding

In "Buying & bidding" you will find everything concerning buying and selling of pigeons.
Below is a list to guide you:

  • Top Pigeons For Sale: buy pigeons at a fixed price via the internet
  • Pigeon Bids: internet sales (through bidding) of carefully selected top pigeons. No more auction sale afterwards!
  • Public auctions: auction sale with internet pre-bidding
  • Future auctions: stay informed of all future auctions that are on the program
  • Buy pigeon lot: here you can buy pigeons that are offered in package, check regularly for the offers
  • Offer your pigeon?: if you have one or more pigeons for sale, you can offer it here
  • Wanted pigeons: here you can find a list of pigeons of a particular breeding line or variety sought by the family Herbots for its customers
  • Herbots Animal Products: the well-known Herbots products very much appreciated by champions

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